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The triad alliances fleeing Ancestors were all eliminated by the City of Eternity or the Heavenly Hall without exception.

This scene only made the others fall further into the abyss of despair.

“Your Majesty, the Nether King, my Gu Family is willing to submit to Your Majesty!” At one point, the Gu Family Patriarch Gu Chen pleaded to Huang Xiaolong for clemency and was willing to be a vassal to Huang Xiaolong.

“Your Majesty, I, Liu Xuan, represent the Black Ant Clan, and I am willing to submit!”

It didnt take long for other super forces to follow and plead for clemency, shouting to submit to Huang Xiaolong.

Towards all these, Huang Xiaolong remained indifferent.

He spoke icily, as he stared at the Gu Familys Patriarch Gu Chen, “You want to submit now Its too late.”

Had the Gu Family and the others announced their loyalty the moment they learned of his Nether Kings identity, perhaps, he would have spared the Gu Family, but now...

“Kill!” Huang Xiaolongs voice sent a chill down their spines, and the killing intent solidified the air.

Gu Chen, Black Ant Clan, Demonic Bone Clan, and the others faces were petrified with fear.

These people had thought that as long as they werewilling to submit to Huang Xiaolong, he would surely spare them.

After all, many of them were Emperor Realm Ancestors, Emperor Realm experts ah.

They were famous people that any super forces would want to recruit.

But Huang Xiaolong had ordered to kill them!

“I forgot to tell you that I am Duwei, whom you have been searching high and low for.” While Gu Chen paled, Huang Xiaolong added another sentence in a mirthful tone.

“Its you!” Gu Chens expression changed again.

, The Gu Family had searched for the Asura noble called Duwei, ever since their Grand Elder Gu Cheng was killed by the Netherkings Organisations Senior Commander Jiao Qingshan because of Huang Xiaolong on the Brookspring Plane.

Gu Chen had been putting pressure on the people below to find out the connection between the Asura noble Duwei and Jiao Qingshan.

Once, Gu Chen had even suspected that Jiao Qingshan had secretly accepted the Asura noble Duwei as his personal disciple.

He finally understood now.

Desolate Giant Tai Yue made his move right at this moment.

He appeared in front of the Gu Familys Patriarch Gu Chen in a flicker, and his palm struck accurately on Gu Chens chest.

Gu Chen exploded to his death.


The large scale siege did not go on for long and ended a little over an hour later.

Faraway, Misty Palaces He Jingyi, Fengdu Citys Qin Huangzhong, and others looked paler by the second as they watched Gu Familys Patriarch Gu Chen, the triad alliances increasing number of casualties.

No matter how powerful or stable the Misty Palace or Fengdu Citys Ancestors were, their state of mind was affected by this sight.

This was a one-sided slaughter!

And the majority of this slaughter was targeted at all the Emperor Realm Ancestors from the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe, Massacring Gods Gate, and Howling Moon Wolf Race!

At any other times, the death of a Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe or Massacring Gods Gates Emperor Realm Ancestor was news that would alarm the entire Asura World and Spirits World.

But today, these Ancestors were killed by the batches!

Other forces Ancestors watching from far away felt their knees weakened, and they almost pissed themselves.

A large part of the Nethersea below was dyed red with blood.

No one could differentiate whether the water was seawater or those Ancestors blood.

He Jingyi and Qin Huangzhong watched Huang Xiaolong with dread in their eyes.

When the last Massacring Gods Gates Ancestor died, Huang Xiaolong put away the City of Eternity and Heavenly Hall.

The Undead Netherguards silently disappeared.

Huang Xiaolong then turned his attention to the Jia Demonic Cult Leader Mao Shu, Six Eyes Sect Chief Liu Yue, and the others.

They were all standing respectfully in front of him.

He nodded with satisfaction and commented, “You all performed well.”

The Jia Demonic Cult Leader Mao Shu, Six Eyes Sect Chief Liu Yue and the others were overjoyed by Huang Xiaolongs compliment.

They respectfully replied, “Its our honor that we were able to serve Your Majesty!”

“Alright, stand up now.

Well return to Nirvana City first.

There, well tabulate the number of high-level and mid-level Emperor Realm experts, every sect has killed, for the low-grade chaos spirit stones reward.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Huang Xiaolong, Tai Yue, and the rest sped away in the direction of Nirvana City with Jia Demonic Cult Leader Mao Shu, and the others followed behind them with their own groups.

Before leaving, unintentionally or otherwise, Huang Xiaolongs gaze swept over the Misty Palaces He Jingyi and Fengdu Citys Qin Huangzhong.

That look nearly made the two of them jump out of their skins.

As their hearts palpitated, Huang Xiaolong, Tai Yue, Jin Yuan, and the rest had already flown out of sight over the horizon.

The Misty Palaces He Jingyi and Fengdu Citys Qin Huangzhong only dared to sigh in relief when Huang Xiaolongs group was entirely out of sight.

They felt as if they had just escaped death.

Both of them were really afraid that Huang Xiaolong would deal with them after resolving the Massacring Gods Gates triad alliance.

After all, Huang Xiaolong had killed Song Litao, Peng Zhengfei, and Yi Qing.

The triad alliance of Massacring Gods Gate, Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe, and Howling Moon Wolf Race had joined hands to kill Huang Xiaolong, while the two of them had merely stood watching on the side.

This reason was enough for Huang Xiaolong to harm them!

“Lets go!” Qin Huangzhong said to the Ghost World Fengdu Citys experts after Huang Xiaolong was long gone.

He didnt want to stay another second at the Nethersea.

He wanted to return to the Ghost World, and Fengdu City at the earliest!

At the same time when Qin Huangzhong turned to leave, He Jingyi also led the Misty Palace group away in a fluster.

Other forces experts also sped away quickly.

They left in the exact opposite direction from Huang Xiaolongs.

The farther away they were from Huang Xiaolong the better it was for them.

While Huang Xiaolongs group made their way back to Nirvana City, the happenings from above the Nethersea swept the four corners of Hell, like a great flood.

The first one to hear the news was Nirvana City, the city closest to the Nethersea.

Then the word spread to the surrounding planes, the entire Asura World, Spirits World, and Ghost World!

“What The Lord of Hell! The Netherworld Kings Organisations master, the new Lord of Hell!”

“Song Litaos dead!”

“Peng Zhengfei, the Howling Moon Wolf Races Young Lord Yi Qing are also dead!”

“Over four hundred Emperor Realm experts from the Massacring Gods Gate, Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe, Howling Moon Wolf Race, Gu Family, Black Ant Clan, Demonic Bone Clan were killed! Only the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Patriarch Shi Wushuang and Young Lord Shi Yinyu escaped!”

This piece of news sent waves of shock throughout Hell, raising an uproar.

Whether it was about the new Lord of Hell, or Song Litao, Peng Zhengfei, and Yi Qings deaths, each news was shocking enough on its own.

Of course, the hottest topic was the new Lord of Hell ascending all the Holy Mountain floors.

“Ive heard that the new Lord of Hell is called Duwei!”

In the meantime, as every corner of Hell was in a furor, Huang Xiaolongs group reached Nirvana City.

Back in Nirvana City, the city was much quieter than before.

But Huang Xiaolong didnt mind it at all.

He guessed that the word about the events at the Nethersea had already spread to Nirvana City.

And since they knew that he was headed their way, they had made a run for it.

Huang Xiaolong headed straight to the Netherworld Kings Organisations Nirvana City branch.

Since his identity was already exposed, there was no need to conceal it anymore.

Inside the main hall of the Netherworld Kings Organisations branch, the Jia Demonic Cult Leader Mao Shu, Six Eyes Sect Chief Liu Yue, and the rest gathered.

Then, according to each forces kill count of high-level and mid-level Emperor Realm experts, Huang Xiaolong distributed the corresponding amounts of low-grade chaos spirit stones.

When all the rewards were distributed, Huang Xiaolong had them make a heaven oath that they were absolutely loyal to him.

With the heaven oaths constraint, it would be harder for these people to betray him.

The Jia Demonic Cult Leader Mao Shu and the others did not show any hesitation or dissatisfaction.

All of them made a heaven oath on the spot.

After all, they were willing to submit to Huang Xiaolong to begin with.

Not to mention at this point, they had killed more than a few Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe, Massacring Gods Gate, and Howling Moon Wolf Races Emperor Realm experts, completely offending the three forces.

In another word, they had no way out but to be loyal to Huang Xiaolong and receive the Nether Kings protection.

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