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As the holy lights energy continued to gather, it rushed into Huang Xiaolongs body, and the light element energy inside his body increased rapidly.

His Innumerable Buddha Supreme Godhead shone with dazzling radiance that no one could see.

After killing thirty thousand Radiance Angels on the Holy Mountains twelfth floor, Huang Xiaolongs cultivation was already close to breaking through to the peak late-Fourth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm, and now, as he absorbed the holy lights energy, his strength increased further, inching even closer to the peak late-Fourth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm.

One, two, three days… and soon half a year went by.

At last, Huang Xiaolong smoothly and easily advanced to the peak late-Fourth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm, and his cultivation was still climbing.

As the holy light energy continued to accumulate in Huang Xiaolongs body, it brought a transformation to his body.

These transformations were detectable to the naked eyes.

Compared to the past half a year, there was a holy aura around Huang Xiaolong.

This holy aura could suppress all darkness, purify all nefarious elements, and disperse every kind of gloomy coldness.

Moreover, this kind of holiness was different from the holy light as it came from Huang Xiaolong himself; it was the integration of Huang Xiaolongs godforce and the holy lights attributes.

A year later...

At one point, it seemed the holy light accumulating inside Huang Xiaolongs body had reached the limit, and he could not accept anymore holy lights energy, but suddenly, popping sounds came from his back.

The light around Huang Xiaolong intensified as a pair of wings grew out from his back!

A pair of wings condensed from the holy lights energy!

At first, this pair of wings was only as big as a palm and a little feeble.

However, as time passed, this pair of holy radiance wings grew bigger and bigger until it reached two meters long, with strong, and dense plumes akin to two lethal holy blades.

The wings were slightly over two meters in length when they stopped growing.

But a few days later, another pair of wings grew out from Huang Xiaolongs back.

This new pair of wings were similar to the first pair in the beginning—palm-sized, feeble and surreal.

As the days passed, they grew bigger and stronger.

When the second pair of wings was close to three meters in length, it stopped growing like the first pair.

A few days later, the third pair of wings began to condense on Huang Xiaolongs back.

Then it was the fourth, the fifth, and the sixth pair...

The seventh pair of wings...

By the time the seventh pair of wings condensed on Huang Xiaolongs back, his aura had completely changed, as if he was the epitome of holiness.

At this moment, Huang Xiaolong was not the Lord of Hell nor the new Netherking of the Netherworld Kings Organisation.

He was light, the Lord of Radiance!

Seven pairs of wings, that was fourteen wings in total!

In the universe, a fourteen-winged angel was an existence that only appeared in legends, and no one had ever seen a fourteen-winged angel in real life.

Huang Xiaolong actually had fourteen wings!

The fourteen wings of legends!

When Huang Xiaolongs seventh pair of wings were completely formed, another burst of light enshrouded his body.

A low crisp noise rang from his body as his momentum soared higher.

Fifth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm!

After Huang Xiaolongs cultivation broke through to the Fifth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm, he was absorbing the holy lights energy at a faster rate.

Inside the spaciousHeaven, holy light rushed towards Huang Xiaolong, entering his body like endless waves.

Huang Xiaolong soon stabilized his newly broken through realm.

Roughly a month later, when the holy light energy accumulating inside Huang Xiaolong reached its limit once again, dazzling radiant light enshrouded him as another pair of small wings grew from his back!

The eighth pair!

Sixteen wings!

Sixteen wings! This was never heard of! Not even in the legends, for fourteen wings was already the highest achievement!

But now, there were genuine sixteen wings on Huang Xiaolongs back!

The eighth pair of wings began to condense like the previous seven pairs of wings, growing bigger as time passed, stopping only after it had grown ten meters long.

The first pair of wings was a little over two meters long, the second pair of wings were close to three meters in length, the third slightly exceeded three meters, the fourth was a little over four meters, and so on...

The length of the wings increased sequentially.

Eight pairs, sixteen wings, spread out on Huang Xiaolongs back.

Between every breath Huang Xiaolong took, the world was filled with radiance, and numerous tiny angels appeared around him.

When Huang Xiaolongs eighth pair of wings reached ten meters in length, the holy light withinHeaven gradually dimmed.

While Huang Xiaolong was absorbing the holy light energy withinHeaven, six years passed on the outside.

Counting the time since Huang Xiaolong had entered the Holy Mountain, more than eleven years had gone by, almost twelve years.

At this point in time, both Shi Yinyu and Qin Huangzhong were on the Holy Mountains twelfth floor.

However, when the two of them entered the twelfth floor, facing their terrifying hell beasts opponents, Shi Yinyu and Qin Huangzhong could only dodge miserably.

Neither of them managed to kill any hell beasts on the twelfth floor.

In the end, due to time restraint, both of them could only withdraw and retreat to the eleventh floor, and rush to Holy Mountains exit through the entryway on the first floor.

On the other hand, Song Litao who was on the eleventh floor, Misty Palaces He Jingyi, Dark Roc Races Wu Kun, Peng Zhengfei, Ji Chen, and the others also retreated from whichever floor they were on.

So did other geniuses on different floors of the Holy Mountain, they all headed to the exit on the first floor.

The various forces experts rubbed their hands in anticipation, looking nervous, excited, and a little worried as they waited for the geniuses of their forces to come out.

Although the hell beasts on each floor were condensed by the Holy Mountains power, these hell beasts attacks were real.

From past experiences, only less than half of the genius disciples who had gone inside had survived.

It was certain that those who had failed to exit the holy Mountain, had died inside it.

“Its our young lord, our young lord has come out!” Suddenly, one of Asura Worlds Dark Yin Cults Ancestors shouted in joy upon seeing a square-faced young man exiting the Holy Mountain.

Others of the Dark Yin Cult looked over, joyously, and hurried to the square-faced young mans side.

The Dark Yin Cult ranked nineteenth among Asura Worlds forces.

“Welcome back, Young Lord!”

The Dark Yin Cults group reached the square-faced young mans side a moment later, and greeted him before asking, “Young Lord, how was it”

The square-faced young man smiled as he replied, “Not bad, I passed till the eighth floor!”

The Dark Yin Cults group was delighted hearing that.

After all, being able to reach until the eighth floor was considered as one of the top Asura Worlds geniuses.

As various forces geniuses emerged from the Holy Mountain, under the Massacring Gods Gates great anticipation, Song Litao also flew out from the first floor entryway.

Seeing Song Litao, the Massacring Gods Gates experts hastened to his side with joyous expressions.

However, there was not a trace of happiness on Song Litaos face as the group of Massacring Gods Gates experts crowded around him.

He had boasted with absolute confidence that he would clear the twelfth floor, yet in reality, forget about the twelfth floor, he couldnt even clear the eleventh floor.

His achievement was only up to the tenth floor!

On top of that, even though he had reached all the way to the tenth floor, he had failed to collect even one holy fruit! At the thought of the holy fruit, Song Litao felt an urge to vomit blood.

The Massacring Gods Gates experts were happily congratulating Song Litao and wanted to ask how many floors he cleared when they noticed his ugly expression.

Song Litaos icy gaze fell onto Desolate Giant Tai Yues group as he asked coldly, “That punk isnt out yet Have the experts from our headquarters arrived yet”

“Young Lord, the experts from our headquarters have all arrived.

The headquarters even sent an additional thirty high-level Emperor Realm experts.” Massacring Gods Gate Ancestor Lu Tianyuan replied.

“Sent an additional thirty high-level Emperor Realm experts” Song Litao exclaimed in surprise and confusion, “Why Whats going on”

Ancestor Lu Tianyuan exchanged a doubtful glance with other Ancestors at the coldness coming from Song Litao.

Lu Tianyuan braced himself, answering Song Litaos question in a low voice, “Emm, that, Young Lord, that Asura noble, he passed the twelfth floor, right now, hes inHeaven!”

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