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“Thats right, hurry, rush to Heaven to grab it.

Those grandmist treasures and top-grade grandmist spiritual pills are ours!”

“Quick, there wont be anything left otherwise!”

Other Ancestors snapped to their senses and made a mad dash towards the slowly descending Heaven.

When the very first Ancestor, who had shouted earlier, reached underneath the Heaven.

An enormous golden rune emerged underneath it, forming a hexagon-shaped rune pillar.

As the hexagon rune pillar rotated, overwhelming destructive power surged out.

Swept by this destructive force, that mid-level Emperor Realm Ancestor was annihilated in an instant, so fast that he didnt even have the chance to scream.

Other Ancestors following him met with the same fate, and they were annihilated in a split second.

No traces of them remained.

In less than a second, over a dozen Emperor Realm Ancestors were erased from the world.

Seeing this, some of the Ancestors further behind quickly leaped back in dread.

Even so, many Ancestors were affected by the aftershock waves.

Tragic screams reverberated in the air.

Hit by the wave of aftershock, some of the Ancestors only had half of their bodies left, either horizontally or vertically.

The lighter injuries involved losing a leg or two.

The body parts that were destroyed by Heaven\'s destructive power vanished completely, except for splatters of blood falling into the Nethersea, below.

“My arm! Whats going on My arm cant be regrown!” One of the Emperor Realm experts who lost his arm, yelled in horror.

Upon advancing to the Emperor Realm, even if their flesh was entirely destroyed, it could regrow in a short time.

But now, these Emperor Realm experts arms, legs, upper or lower torso could not be regrown!

These were permanent injuries!

These injuries would never heal!

Those Ancestors who only had half of their bodies left were howling with grief, close to running amok.

Their internal organs were exposed to everyone, and it looked bloody and gory.

Other Ancestors who had wanted to rush into Heaven immediately halted after witnessing this sight, quivering slightly in fear.

Their faces were deathly pale.

Several Ancestors managed to dodge the destructive power, but they nearly lost their souls after seeing the gory ending of those half a meter in front of them.

In the far distance, Desolate Giant Tai Yues group was delighted at this sight.

Amongst those Ancestors injured by the Heaven, more than a dozen of them belonged to the Massacring Gods Gate and Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe.

The Massacring Gods Gate and Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe losing more than a dozen Emperor Realm Ancestors was good news for them.

“Retards, did they really think that the grandmist treasures inside the Heaven are up for them to grab If that was true, who would go climb the Holy Mountains twelve floors.” The Demon King Fan Hui sneered.

“Well, cant blame them for being tempted, were talking about grandmist treasures after all.

Who wouldnt be tempted Even I was tempted just now.” The Golden Lionman Wan Yutian laughed jokingly.

“Being tempted is one thing, but being stupid is another.

It doesnt matter if youre stupid, but dont be stupid to the point of losing your life.” Tai Yue snickered disdainfully.

During this time, the entire Heavens building had come out from space rupture, standing tall in front of everyone.

ThisHeaven was like an ancient temple that stood above the ninth heaven, like a supreme existence, or the lord watching everything from high above.

Everyone looked warily atHeaven, and their chests filled with indescribable frustration at this moment.

“Look over there!” Suddenly a door opened from theHeaven, and a golden pathway shot out straight towards a point at the peak of the Holy Mountain.

The golden light pathway was like a tunnel that connected theHeaven and the peak of the Holy Mountain.

Thats it—a tunnel!

It was a tunnel that connected an unknown exit on the Holy Mountains twelfth floor to theHeaven. Only through this tunnel, one could reach theHeaven without being annihilated by the hexagon rune pillars destructive power.

As everyone stared intently, a figure appeared at the top of the Holy Mountains end of the golden light tunnel.

“Its that mysterious genius, the one who has cleared the twelfth floor!”

“Who could that mysterious genius be!”

Undulating waves of exclamations sounded above the Nethersea.

In the last few years, everyone had been trying to guess the identity of the mysterious genius.

They had speculated about which family or super force had cultivated such a genius young lord.

This mystery was about to be unraveled.

The experts of Massacring Gods Gate, Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe, Howling Moon Wolf Race, Fengdu City were all staring at the exit on top of the Holy Mountain with wide eyes.

All of them wanted to see who that mysterious genius.

So were Tai Yue, Jin Yuan, Fan Hui, and Wan Yutian.

It was completely quiet above the Nethersea, and only those who were present knew the surging undercurrents.

Finally, that person had completely stepped out from the exit, standing in plain view.

At this point, everyone knew who the mysterious genius was.

“Its, its, actually, actually him!”

Gasps and whispers of shock sounded all around, and faces stiffened with shock.

But there were four people trembling with excitement, thrilled beyond words.

“Who is he”

“Its that Asura noble! That Asura noble who bought the Scarlet Flame Dark Qilin at the auction.

He is the same Asura noble who also injured the Howling Moon Wolf Races Young Lord Yi Qing, and also crippled the Black Ant Clans Young Lord Liao Chengkun! How could it be him This is too, too, too…!”

A great wave of shock swept over the various forces experts.

The Massacring Gods Gate, Nine Yin Giant Corpse tribe, Howling Moon Wolf Race, Gu Family, Black Ant Clan, Demonic Bone Clan, and other forces who had planned to besiege and kill Huang Xiaolong after the matter of the Holy Mountain was settled, were looking extremely ugly right now.

It turned out to be him!

Before this, the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Old Ancestor Shi Ming was keen on winning over Huang Xiaolong to his side, and he had even promised the position of Lord Ancestor, and four treasures from the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes treasury...

“Why is it like this Why Why!”

The Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes experts bellowed in anger.

“Really, it really is our Master! Its Master, its our Master!” Tai Yues eyes reddened with tears, out of joy.

“Haha, didnt I say it, it had to be our Master! Only our Master would clear the Holy Mountains twelfth floor!” Fan Hui guffawed.

“I remember someone saying its probably not Master, you said that.” Jin Yuan burst Fan Huis bubble.

Fan Hui blanked for a second, then pretended, “Is that so Why dont I remember You must have remembered it wrongly.”

Tai Yue, Jin Yuan, and Wan Yutian exchanged a glance, then shook their heads in speechlessness.

This was the first time they had discovered Fan Huis thick face.

Inside the golden light tunnel, Huang Xiaolong walked step by step towards the other end, towards theHeaven.

And the news that Huang Xiaolong was the mysterious genius spread like a whirlwind.

The Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe and other super forces soon heard about it.

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