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Chapter 1669: Send Them On Their Way

Just when everyone thought that the matter would end here, Huang Xiaolong said indifferently, “Who said you can leave”

Everyone was startled.

Yi Qing slowed down his footsteps, turned around, and looked at Huang Xiaolong coldly, “What are you trying to say”

Huang Xiaolong replied calmly, “I have already made it clear—if you and your subordinates ruin my mood, you wont be able to leave even if you want to.”

The surrounding experts looked at each other in disbelief.

Huang Xiaolong had indeed said that, and they had even spat out their wine after hearing it.

Yi Qing laughed in a fit of rage, “In all the three worlds of Hell, I come and go whenever I want.

Are you sure you can stop me from leaving Have you even thought about the consequences to your sect and race”

“Stop you from leaving” Huang Xiaolong smiled indifferently before speaking to Tai Yue, “Send them on their way.”

Before Yi Qing could react, Tai Yue raised his palm and swept out.

Immediately, Yi Qing and the disciples from the Howling Moon Wolf Race felt a terrifying force hit their body.

They turned into human cannonballs one after another.

Just like the Fourth Order Emperor Realm expert, all of them found themselves buried in the walls of Nirvana City in the next moment.

On the second floor of the restaurant, everyone felt their hands tremble as wine spilled from their cups.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the female disciple who had complained about him to Yi Qing.

When the female disciple saw Huang Xiaolong looking at her, all the blood drained from her face.

Huang Xiaolong was amused when he saw how restless the female disciple became.

After retracting his gaze, he turned to look at He Jingyi.

“Come.” Huang Xiaolong raised his wine cup and toasted to Tai Yue and the three Great Commanders before draining the contents of his cup in one gulp.

The taste was indescribable and the wine flowed down his throat like a stream of lava.

In the next instant, it turned into a lake of ice.

As the wine alternated between hot and cold, Huang Xiaolong felt all the pores on his body open up.

It felt like he was in heaven one moment and hell the other.

Furthermore, Huang Xiaolong realized that the Yin Yang wine was able to cleanse his soul and remove the impurities from his body.

He Jingyi, who was sitting opposite Huang Xiaolong, stared at him as a trace of brilliance flashed past her eyes.

She then stood up and said to the other female disciples, “Lets leave.”

It was clear that she was in no mood to stay to enjoy the drinks after seeing what had happened to Yi Qing of the Howling Moon Wolf Race.

However, she was extremely interested in the Asura noble who had the guts to attack Yi Qing in front of so many people in Nirvana City.

When He Jingyi said that she wanted to leave, the other female disciples felt as if they were pardoned and quickly stood up and followed behind her.

It was unknown whether she was flustered or frightened, but the female disciple who had tattled to Yi Qing previously stumbled and bumped into He Jingyi.

Upon seeing this, the various experts sitting on the second floor of the restaurant quickly scattered and fled for their lives.

Huang Xiaolong smiled and didnt pay much attention to it .

At this time, numerous experts gathered below the city walls of Nirvana City and they were pointing towards Yi Qing and the others who were stuck in the wall.

“Its the disciples from Howling Moon Wolf Race!”

“Howling Moon Wolf Race Ive never heard of them...”

“Its normal if you have not heard of the Howling Moon Wolf Race.

They have remained hidden for the past billions of years and only come out once in a blue moon.

The Howling Moon Wolf Race is a race that even the Massacring Gods Gate would be afraid of!”

“Even the Massacring Gods Gate is afraid of No way! Who one earth dares to attack their disciples”

Even though these people knew that they were from the Howling Moon Wolf Race, they were unaware that Yi Qing was the young master of the Howling Moon Wolf Race.

The news of this incident spread like wildfire.

In the front hall of the City Lords residence, two people sat side by side.

One of them was wearing a dark blue robe, and the other was an old man wrapped in red.

The middle-aged man was the City Lord of Nirvana City, Wu Shisi, and the old man was the chief steward of the City Lords residence.

Just as Wu Shisi was instructing the chief steward to strengthen the patrol around Nirvana City, one of the guards outside ran in hurriedly and said respectfully, “Reporting to City Lord, there has been news that someone injured six people from the Howling Moon Wolf Race including Young Master Yi Qing at the Yin Yang Restaurant!”

Wu Shisi was shocked, “Are you sure that Yi Qing from the Howling Moon Wolf Race is the one injured”

“Yes, at that time, both Yi Qing, and young palace master He Jingyi was present at the Yin Yang Restaurant.”

“Speak, what exactly happened!” Wu Shisi asked with a solemn expression.

That guard then reported everything to Wu Shisi down to the last detail.

Wu Shisi slowly got to his feet and he felt his head starting to ache.

When the holy mountain is born, the various forces from the three worlds of Hell would start to gather in the Nirvana Plane.

This was one of the situations he was the most afraid of.

If he refused to stand up for the young patriarch of the Howling Moon Wolf Race, what would the Howling Moon Wolf Race think of him Would they retaliate against the Dark Roc Clan in response!

When he thought about it, Yi Qings opponent was extremely problematic as well.

Despite knowing Yi Qings identity, he still dared to make a move against him.

It seemed as though he wouldnt be able to offend either side.

“City Lord, shall we head to the Yin Yang Restaurant and capture that Asura noble” The guard hesitated and stuttered as he asked.

Wu Shisi shook his head, “Theres no need to capture him for now.

Instead, go and find out his identity and background.

As for Young Patriarch Yi Qing, after treating his injuries, I will ask someone to send him back to the Clear Moon Divine Pavilion.”

“Yes, City Lord.”

In the main hall of the branch sect of Massacring Gods Gate on the Nirvana Plane, Song Litao heard about the event in the Yin Yang Restaurant.

One of the ancestors of the Massacring Gods Gate, Lu Tianyuan, suddenly said, “Young master, this incident reminds me of the incident that took place two years ago at the Asura Gate.”

Song Litao shot upright and his eyes gleamed, “Are you saying that he\'s the Asura noble who destroyed the Asura Gate”

Lu Tianyuan nodded his head, “This isnt impossible.

Even though he doesnt match the description, who knows if he used a face changing technique to hide his appearance”

Song Litaos eyes flickered and no one knew what he was thinking about.

A few hours later...

Huang Xiaolong, Tai Yue, and the other three Great Commanders left the Yin Yang Restaurant.

The moment Huang Xiaolong looked at the darkening sky, he asked, “Have you arranged our residence for tonight”

“Master, our subordinates have already arranged everything accordingly.

Nobody will know that the residence belongs to the Netherworld Kings Organization Chamber of Commerce.” Fan Hui replied.

“Lets go.

Also, find out and collate the names of those supreme geniuses from the three worlds of Hell who will be showing up here.”

“Yes, master.”

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