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By the time Gu Zheng and Gu Fei emerged from the transmission array, the experts from the Gu Family were waiting for them.

“Greetings to Senior Gu Zheng.

Greetings to the Ancestor.” Seeing Gu Zheng and Gu Fei step out of the transmission array, the expert from the family stepped forward to greet them.

“Be at ease.” Gu Zheng nodded to himself and asked, “Is that brat in Mongolia City”

“Replying to Senior Gu Zheng, he is still in Mongolia City.

Moreover, the residence he bought is pretty near to this place.” One of the experts replied.

“Thats great.

Take us over there right now.” Gu Zheng laughed and continued, “When we capture that kid, I will give you a heavy reward!”

An expression of joy broke out on the experts face and he yelled, “Thank you, Senior Gu Zheng!”

“Oh right, get someone to prepare a feast in the best restaurant Mongolia City has to offer.

We shall celebrate after I personally capture that brat!”

“Yes, Senior Gu Zheng!”

Under the lead of the Gu Family Branch experts in Mongolia City, all of them flew straight towards Huang Xiaolongs residence.

When everyone on the streets saw their formidable line-up, discussions broke out in the crowd.

“Its the people from the Gu Family!”

“Thats the Gu Familys Ancestor! The last time he had appeared was several thousands of years ago! What in the world managed to force him to show his face again”

“Is that the inspector from the Gu Family! Oh my god, it really is him! The aura he emits is really terrifying… All the inspectors from the Gu Family are in the God King Realm.

Its no wonder the ancestor of the branch family is following him around!”

“Things are going to get spicy… Lets follow behind them!”

“Alright, lets go!”

Several experts from other families started to follow behind the people of the Gu Family.

The Gu Family branch was considered one of the top ten families in the Brookspring Plane.

The news of them moving out spread like wildfire and before long, Mongolia City became the center of attention.

As for the person in charge of the Netherworld Kings Organization in the Brookspring Plane, Jia Yuan, he hastily rushed over to Mongolia City.

“Why did the Gu Familys investigator appear in Mongolia City Why is Gu Fei following him!” Jia Yuan frowned and he asked a Netherguard beside him, “Do you know what their business in Mongolia City is”

The Netherguard shook his head and replied, “We have no idea what they are doing here.

However, from the looks of things, someone probably offended the Gu Family and came over to Mongolia City to hide from their pursuit.

If the Gu Familys inspector and Gu Fei are making a move personally, he has to be someone in the God King Realm.

This seems a little odd.

Other than you, Lord Jia Yuan, no one else in Mongolia City is a God King.”

“God King Realm expert!” Huang Xiaolongs figure flashed before Jia Yuans eyes and his expression changed.

“Its him!!!”

Not many people knew about Huang Xiaolongs results in the test, but he happened to be one of the exceptions.

A few days ago, he had sent a report to the higher-ups about Huang Xiaolong.

He had received a reply almost instantly from the commander above his boss.

When he had received a reply from the commander himself, he had cried out in shock and his hands had trembled for half an hour without stopping.

The commanders letter couldnt be taken lightly and he was instructed to protect the Asura noble called Du Wei at all costs.

If he made the slightest mistake or if a hair on Du Weis body was harmed during his stay in Mongolia City, all the Netherguards stationed in the Brookspring Plane would be sentenced to death! Even someone at his level wouldnt be able to avoid death!

“Hurry up! Hurry up and gather the Netherguards Troops! Right now! Gather all of them now!” Jia Yuan seemed to turn hysterical and he screamed in terror at the Netherguards Captains beside him.

They had felt that something was strange when his expression had changed at the start of their conversation.

However, they hadnt thought too much about it.

But when he started yelling at them, all of them jumped in shock.

“Yes, Lord Jia Yuan!” The captains hastily paid their respects and despite having no clue on what was going on, they rushed to gather their troops.

Something big was definitely going down…

They had never seen Lord Jia Yuan lose his cool and right now, he was yelling at them with a terrified expression on his face.

“Gather all the Netherguards!”

With a single order, the captains gathered all the Netherguards present in Mongolia City.

It was too late to gather their army stationed all over the Brookspring Plane and they could only hastily gather their troops present in Mongolia City.

Despite them only gathering the Netherguards present in Mongolia City, the commotion they caused couldnt be considered small.

The second they passed down their order, every single Netherguard present in Mongolia City soared into the sky and gathered together.

Every single one of the captains had four thousand troops stationed in Mongolia City and since there were five captains, an astonishing army of twenty thousand Netherguards was formed.

Even though twenty thousand Netherguards couldnt be considered much, all of them were in the later stages of the Ancestor God Realm!

In the Brookspring Plane, a force like that was terrifyingly powerful!

In an instant, all twenty thousand Netherguards appeared before their respective captains.

“Move out!” Jia Yuan didnt bother explaining anything to them and ordered them to move out immediately.

He charged towards Huang Xiaolongs residence with a formidable army following behind him.

As soon as he moved, all five captains and the twenty thousand Netherguards didnt dare to dally.

They flew behind him in battle formation.

When Jia Yuan led the army of Netherguards through the city, the city instantly broke out into clamor.

With his identity as the person in charge of the Brookspring Planes branch of the Netherworld Kings Organization, Jia Yuans identity was far superior to Gu Fei and Gu Zheng.

His appearance caused waves to sweep through the city.

Not to mention that he had gathered all the Netherguards present in Mongolia City!

What in the world was he going to do!

What was going on!

“Lord Jia Yuan seems extremely impatient… Why did he gather all the Netherguards in Mongolia City Did some reckless idiot offend him!” One of the family heads of the prominent families in Mongolia City cried out in shock.

“Does it have something to do with the Gu Family It cant be a coincidence that Lord Jia Yuan gathered an entire army after the Gu Familys inspector and Gu Fei appeared in Mongolia City, right” Another grand elder suppressed the shock in his heart and he guessed.

“I dont think so… Even though Gu Fei is able to call forth wind and rain in the Brookspring Plane, he wouldnt have the guts to provoke Lord Jia Yuan!”

“Something strange is going on…”

“We wont be able to see something so interesting in ten thousand years! Lets go and check it out!”

All the prominent families in Mongolia City seemed to have thought of the same thing as their ancestors and family heads tore through the skies to follow behind the army of Netherguards.

Even some of the experts living around Mongolia City rushed over the instant they heard the news.

There were even some who used their inherited flying ships to rush over because they didnt want to miss the show.

As for Jia Yuan, he didnt remain idle when heading towards Huang Xiaolongs residence.

When he was flying through the air, he had already made a report to the commander about the Gu Familys actions.

In the past, he had never been able to skip his superior to report directly to the commander himself.

However, due to Huang Xiaolongs identity, the commander himself had passed down the order to allow Jia Yuan to report to him directly.

Before long, he received a reply.

The commander was extremely harsh and in his reply, it stated that if the members of the Gu Family dared to touch so much as a strand of hair on Duweis head, the Netherworld Kings Organization would mobilize their entire force to wipe out all the Gu Familys disciples on the Brookspring Plane.

It didnt matter if their disciples numbers were in the billions.

The Netherworld Kings Organization wouldnt let a single one off.

The commander even stated at the end of his reply that he was already on his flying ship, rushing over to the Brookspring Plane.

Jia Yuan burst out in cold sweat when he read the reply and his heart nearly leaped out of his throat.

Exterminate every single Gu Family disciple in the Brookspring Plane!

The commander who hadnt shown his face in tens of millions of years was rushing to the Brookspring Plane right this instant!

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