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Li Shan and Cheng Yirong frowned when they saw the raging Zhou Chen.

If it was really as he said, Huang Xiaolong was going overboard.

No matter how talented he was, Huang Xiaolong was a disciple of the Fortune Emperor Palace.

As an elder of the Fortune Emperor Palace, Zhou Chen had all the rights in the world to order Huang Xiaolong for a meeting.

Instead of agreeing, Huang Xiaolong had even injured the disciples he sent over!

Even though Huang Xiaolong wasnt the one who had made the move and Xiang Xun had done the dirty job for him, there was no difference.

Zhou Chens rage smoldered in his heart and he said coldly, “The disciple of the disciplinary hall went to invite Huang Xiaolong on my order but he was injured by Huang Xiaolongs demonic beast instead! It seems like the elders from the Brightness Emperor Palace are telling the truth! Huang Xiaolong definitely ordered them to rob the low-grade chaos spiritual veins from them!”

Li Shan shook his head, “We havent got to the bottom of the matter and we cannot pin the crime on Huang Xiaolongs head.”

He knew that his disciple, Peng Xiao, was extremely close to Huang Xiaolong and he wasnt going to go against him for no reason.

Chen Yirong asked all of a sudden, “Where is Huang Xiaolong now”

Zhou Chen sneered, “According to the disciple I sent out, he went to look for Zhao Lei.

As for whether or not he actually went there, no one knows.”

“Lets invite the Fortune Emperor Fan Gan to head over to Zhao Leis place together.

Once were there, we can question Huang Xiaolong about the validity of the Brightness Summoning Signal.” Li Shan muttered.

Chen Yirong didnt hesitate to nod his head.

“That sounds like a good plan.”

Zhou Chens face turned a shade darker.

“Nonsense! Why will the three of us elders bring the Fortune Emperor along to look for him What rights does he have! Hes just a mere disciple of our Fortune Emperor Palace!”


For three elders and the Fortune Emperor himself to personally look for Huang Xiaolong was a little too unbefitting of their status.

If word were to get out, they would turn into a joke!

However, Li Shan shook his head.

“Even though he is a disciple of our Fortune Emperor Palace, he isnt an ordinary disciple.

I heard that he was received by the president of the Silver Fox Commerce the last time he arrived at Heaven Worlds Heavens Avenue.

Even with our identity as elders of the Fortune Emperor Palace, the president of the Silver Fox Commerce wouldnt bother entertaining us.

As such, we need to look at this problem from a different angle!”

Zhou Chen argued, “Thats just a rumor! It doesnt have to be real.

Do you really think that the president of the Silver Fox Commerce will bother meeting that brat Its definitely fake! Even if the president were to make an appearance, it would be because his daughter, Bei Xiaomei, begged him to.” A sneer appeared on his face as he continued, “This guy has some pretty good luck… There are so many girls around him and he even managed to gain the admiration of the Young Miss of the Silver Fox Commerce.”

All of a sudden, a figure shot towards them.

When his shadow arrived before the main hall, his appearance was revealed.

Fang Gan slowly made his way inside.

Looking at the three of them in heated discussion, he became curious as to what was going on.

Li Shan quickly went through their entire conversation with Fang Gan.


Since Xiaolong is at Zhao Leis place, we shall look for him.

We should clear up the problem with the Brightness Emperor Palace right now.”

Li Shan and Chen Yirong quickly nodded their heads.

Seeing as Fang Gan had already made the decision, Zhou Chen knew that he wouldnt be able to cause any more trouble.

He could only nod his head in affirmation.

As such, the four of them flew out of the main hall and headed towards Zhao Leis palace.

As the four of them were making their way there, another scene was playing out over at Zhao Leis palace.

Under Chen Haos escort, Huang Xiaolong quickly arrived before Zhao Lei.

He quickly bowed to pay his respects.

Zhao Lei didnt bother about the issue with the Brightness Emperor Palace and he merely laughed and chatted with Huang Xiaolong about his experiences in the past ten years.

He was like a mother hen who chirped non-stop.

Chen Hao looked at Huang Xiaolong who was growing more and more uncomfortable by the second and a trace of delight appeared in his heart.

After a short chat, Zhao Lei finally cleared his throat and asked, “There are only four months left until the selections.

Now that youre back, you can observe the selection process.”

Is he asking me to be a spectator

Huang Xiaolong was shocked for a second but he quickly snapped back to his senses.

It seemed as though his master wasnt confident in his abilities…

“Master, now that Im back, Im definitely going to join the selections.”

It was Zhao Leis turn to feel shocked.

Chen Hao stared at Huang Xiaolong with his mouth agape.

In the next instant, Zhao Lei broke into laughter.

“I know that you experienced a leap in cultivation during your adventures, but the selections arent as simple as you think it is.

Are you in the late-Second Order God King Realm now Out of the more than three thousand disciples taking part in the selection this time, there are at least 1200 of them with combat strength at the Sixth Order God King Realm!”

“Even someone at the mid-Sixth Order God King realm would find it difficult to pass the selections!” Zhao Lei continued, “I know that you really wanted to take part in the selections, but things wont always go your way.

Since you have a King of Supreme Godhead, your prestige will take a hit the moment you suffer a defeat during the selections.”

Is Master Zhao Lei asking me to forfeit the chance to take part

A bitter smile formed on Huang Xiaolongs face.

Late-Second Order God King Realm

Well, Master cant be blamed for thinking this way…

After all, even if he had a King of Supreme Godhead, it would be a spectacular feat to break through into the late-Second Order God King Realm in several tens of years from the peak late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm.

Just as Huang Xiaolong was about to explain himself, Zhao Lei asked, “Whats going on with the Brightness Emperor Palace Their elder said that you ordered your demonic beasts to rob their low-grade demonic chaos spiritual vein.

Did that happen”

Huang Xiaolong could only change the topic.

“Xiang Xun and the others made a move to injure Tian Ziyi and Bai Yunxiang.

However…” Before Huang Xiaolong could finish his sentence, a cold laugh echoed through the air, “All of you heard it for yourselves.

I said that the Brightness Emperor Palace wouldnt smear the name of our disciples for no reason.

Right now, he admitted that his demonic beasts attacked Tian Ziyi and Bai Yunxiang.

Moreover, he snatched their low-grade demonic chaos spiritual veins.”

The void broke apart and the party of four appeared before Huang Xiaolong and Zhao Lei.

“Fortune Emperor!”

Seeing that Fang Gan was present, Zhao Lei quickly got to his feet.

He greeted the Sect Master respectfully.

Fang Gan received the greeting and he turned to ask Huang Xiaolong, “Did you speak the truth”

“All of us heard it! He admitted to the crime of injuring the elders of the Brightness Emperor Palace! What more do we need” Zhou Chen quickly pressed Huang Xiaolong for an answer.

Huang Xiaolong stared at Zhou Chen in the eye and said indifferently, “I did allow Xiang Xun to injure Tian Ziyi and Bai Yunxiang.

However, which part of my sentence stated that I snatched their low-grade chaos spiritual veins”

A cold light flashed through Zhou Chens eyes.

Huang Xiaolong no longer bothered with Zhou Chen and he turned to speak to the other elders and the Fortune Emperor, “That day, Tian Ziyi, Bai Yunxiang, and the members of the Brightness Emperor Palace were looking for low-grade demonic chaos spiritual veins in the Heaven Eye Mountain Range and they found nothing.

They saw me in the vicinity and ordered me to hand over the chaos spiritual veins Ifound.

They even wanted to search my spatial ring.”

When they heard Huang Xiaolongs recount, a clearer image formed in their mind.

“What happened next” Chen Yirong asked.

“They wanted me to hand over the low-grade chaos spiritual veins that I had obtained from the Fiend God Emperor Palace!”

Zhao Lei no longer controlled his anger and Fang Gan, Li Shan, Chen Yirong, all erupted in anger.

However, Zhou Chen sneered coldly at the side.


Thats what you say.

Who knows if its real”

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