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Everyone fell silent.

They were all too stunned to speak, even Yan Kang was speechless.

Zhou Kefan and several others had guessed the true identity of the little cow, which dumbfounded those present.

Back in the day, this Azure Cow was the cause of the Ancient Heavenly Emperors headaches! Even the Archdevil Lord wasnt spared!

The lords of various world surfaces had all been ravaged by the Azure Cow!

The long spell of silence was finally broken by Peng Yi, the Palace Mater of the Magic Shaman Emperor Palace.

He exclaimed, “In the future, Huang Xiaolong will surely be an exceptional and peerless individual...”

Huang Xiaolongs innate talent needed no introduction, it was a well known fact that it was on a god-like level!

Now, with the Grandmist Emperor, Jiang Hong and the little cow standing behind him, no one in the world would dare to oppose him.

“A few years ago, Wang Yongsen, a disciple of the Fiend God Emperor Palace, lost at the hands of Huang Xiaolong.

The Fiend God Emperor Palace wont rest till Huang Xiaolong is dead.” Yan Kang retorted.

“In the past, the Fiend God Emperor Palace wanted to conquer and unify all the Emperor Palaces.

The Divine World was washed in blood and even the skies were dyed red.

Dont tell me that the Fiend God Emperor Palace is planning to do the same now that Wang Yongsen is going to make another appearance!” Zhou Kefan said as he furrowed his brows.

Mo Xiao laughed coldly, “In the past, the Fiend God Emperor Palace was able to rampage about as they liked as the Grandmist Emperor couldnt be bothered with them.

Now that the Grandmist Emperor has made a comeback, the Fiend God Emperor Palace has no choice but to keep their arrogance in check! That old guy, the Fiend God Emperor, should be unaware of Huang Xiaolongs identity.

If he were to go and provoke that little guy, hehe…”

It was Peng Yis turn to laugh loudly, “Theyll be courting death if they were to provoke him!”

Regardless of whether it was the Grandmist Emperor, Jiang Hong or the little cow, any one of them would be enough to give the Fiend God Emperor Palace a hard time.

“Lets head back!” Mo Xiao muttered to himself.

Bidding each other farewell, Mo Xiao and Peng Yi cupped their hands at each other before breaking into the void.

At the same time, in the main hall of Martial Demon Emperor Palace, Zhang Lu, Zhao Mingchen and the other elders were eagerly awaiting the return of the trio, together with Wang Shuchen and the other hall masters.

Even the Great Elder was present.

The atmosphere in the main hall was tense and quiet.

The forehead of the elders were locked in a constant furrow.

“Zhang Lu, given the strength that they possess, you need not worry about their well-being! Who knows, they might have already captured the disciple of the Fortune Emperor Palace and are currently on their way back!” Zhao Mingchen said as he noticed the worried look on Zhang Lus face.

“Thats right! The Sect Chief will surely be victorious!” Chen Haixin chuckled.

At that moment, the door to the main hall swung open and brilliant rays of light entered the room.

When the radiance finally dimmed, the three of them appeared before everyone in the hall.

Zhang Lu, Zhao Mingchen, and Chen Haixin shot up as soon as they saw that the trio had returned.

“I told you that there was nothing to worry about!” Zhao Mingchen said as a wide beaming smile formed on his face.

Seeing that the three of them had returned safely, Zhang Lu heaved a sigh of relief.

He felt that his worries all this while had been unfounded.

The people in the main hall all rushed forward in unison to provide a warm welcome.

“Congratulations on Sect Chiefs victorious return!” Zhao Mingchen exclaimed as he went up to them.

Afterwards, it was Chen Haixins and Wang Shuchens turn to shower them with praise.

A joyous atmosphere filled the room as everyone was oblivious of the events that played out during the confrontation.

A victorious return The phrase caused Mo Xiaos face to twitch.

Even Yan Kang and Chen Kaiwen had strange expressions as they stared at everyone in the room.

They couldnt be blamed for their ignorance as Mo Xiao and Chen Kaiwens wounds were already healed.

Without a closer inspection, it would be difficult to notice anything wrong with them.

Mo Xiao remained silent as he strode into the main hall.

Finding a place to sit, he sat down with aplop.

“Sect Chief, wasnt there a Divine Beast How are we going to deal with it” Zhao Mingchen asked, not noticing the trios strange behavior.

According to him, Huang Xiaolong and the Divine Beast were definitely in their custody now that their Sect Chief was back in one piece.

Moreover, they didnt suffer any casualties...

Zhao Mingchen then whipped his head to look at Yan Kang.

“Yan Kang, where is the Divine Beast”

Yan Kang didnt know where to start and he looked at Mo Xiao with a helpless gaze.

Mo Xiao let out a sigh and caught the attention of everyone present.

“We shall no longer talk about it.

This matter is over.”

The matter has concluded!

What does that even mean!

Zhao Mingchen and Chen Haixin had blank expressions on their faces and stood rooted to the ground.

“Sect Chief, what do you mean by that” Zhang Lu asked with great curiosity.

Mo Xiao hesitated for a moment before continuing, “Huang Xiaolongs identity is not as simple as it seems.

After this, all of you are to order the disciples not to provoke him.

Even the elders are to avoid him if you see him.

If any disciples are found disobeying my order, they shall be punished accordingly.

According to the rules of my Martial Demon Emperor Palace, they shall all be sentenced to death!”

“What!” Zhao Mingchen, Chen Haixin and Wang Shuchen cried out in shock.

The death sentence for provoking Huang Xiaolong!

This… Huang Xiaolong… Dont tell me that he has more to his identity other than being the disciple of the Fortune Emperor Palace and Zhao Lei Even the Sect Chief is so wary of him!

Didnt that mean that their Sect Chief was unable to capture Huang Xiaolong

“Sect Chief, who is Huang Xiaolong exactly” Zhao Mingchen asked cautiously.

Mo Xiao shot him a dirty look and looked him straight in the eye, “Dont bother guessing Huang Xiaolongs true identity! I hope that none of you will say a word regarding the matter of Huang Xiaolongs appearance in the Floating Twilight Land! Just take it that none of this ever happened!”

Zhao Mingchen, Chen Haixin, and the other hall masters were shocked beyond compare.

Even the Great Elder was at a loss for words.

Even Huang Xiaolongs appearance had to be kept a secret! Whats going on

“Do you remember my orders” Mo Xiao asked in a grave tone as he swept his gaze through all the elders and hall masters present.

The expression on his face made it obvious he wasnt playing around.

Zhao Mingchens heart was pounding in his chest as he hurriedly bowed in agreement.

However, Mo Xiao was not convinced and he made them swear in the name of The Heavenly Dao not to disclose anything about Huang Xiaolong.

All of them only realized the gravity of the situation when Mo Xiao made them swear in the name of The Heavenly Dao.

When they were finally done, Mo Xiao revealed a weary look and he waved his arm.


You can leave.” The injuries he suffered during thebattle with Jiang Hong wasnt going to heal itself in a day or two.

He knew that he had to enter seclusion in order to get rid of all the hidden injuries in his body.

A similar scene was unfolding at the Magic Shaman Emperor Palace.

Just as members of the two Emperor Palaces were still reeling from the shocking news, Huang Xiaolong was already making his way to the Scarlet Blood Mountain Range.

This time, no one from the Martial Demon Emperor Palace and the Magic Shaman Emperor Palace came to obstruct their path.

As they continued their journey, the little cow was humming a nameless tune and she was munching on mid to top-grade spiritual pills.

In fact, she ate them like snacks.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the little cow and didnt know what to say.

Even if the spiritual pills arent ours to begin with, isnt this a waste...

A few days later…

Huang Xiaolongs partys footsteps came to a pause.

A mountain range stretching past the horizon stood before them.

A dense fog the color of blood enveloped the entire mountain, and despite the fact that they were still quite a distance from it, an unbearable stench assaulted their noses.

“Is this the Scarlet Blood Mountain Range” Huang Xiaolong asked.

The little cow nodded and replied, “Thats right, however, you have to be careful as there are many Demonic Blood Beasts lurking in the Scarlet Blood Mountain Range.

With Kiddo Grandmist by your side, there isnt much to worry about…”

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