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Chapter 1434: Seventh Order Ancestor God Realm!


That night, Yao Chi and Li Lu slept in one room, while Huang Xiaolong was left counting sheep, all by himself.

The next morning, Huang Xiaolong fed Li Lu a high-level God King Realm’s Buddha Pellet and used his supreme godheads’ godforce to help her suppress the evil spirit inside her body while she refined the Buddha Pellet.

As a precaution, Huang Xiaolong fed Li Lu the two remaining high-level God King’s Buddha Pellets as well.

After all, the Buddha Pellets’ medicinal energies were robust but gentle, not to mention he was there to assist Li Lu, so there was no chance of an accident.

Several days later, the two Buddha Pellets integrated with Li Lu’s godforce, thus completely suppressing the evil spirit inside her body.

Huang Xiaolong continued staying at Yao Chi’s place even after the evil spirit in Li Lu’s body was suppressed.

He soon fell into a routine of cultivating at night and spending the day with Li Lu and Yao Chi.

With the Dragon Shark Flying Ship, they were able to reach any part of the Vientiane World in a day’s time or less.

This made it extremely convenient for them to travel to different parts of the Vientiane world.

When Huang Xiaolong took Li Lu and Yao Chi to the Primal Chaos Mainland, he spent some time to settle the Devil Restraining Sect’s vengeance.

In the past, when he was still at the Barbarian God Sect, he had obtained the Devil Restraining Tablet and the heritage within it.

Due to various reasons over the past years, he had been able to visit the Primal Chaos Mainland to avenge the Devil Restraining Sect.

Now that this matter had been dealt with, it was one less fetter in his heart.

Huang Xiaolong also made a trip to the Ghost Buddha Sect with the resurrected Ghost Buddha Sect Chief.

With his current cultivation, it was more than sufficient for him to resurrect the Ghost Buddha Sect Chief with the Grandmist Parasitic Medium.

With the Ghost Buddha Sect Chief’s resurrection and Huang Xiaolong’s backing, it was only a matter of time that the Ghost Buddha Sect became one of Vientiane World’s super forces.

Time flowed and half a year went by.

With his two beauties accompanying him, Huang Xiaolong’s days were idyllic, carefree, warm, and comfortable.

After all, there were still eighteen years until the deadline for Fortune Gate headquarters’ recruitment for emperor rank godhead disciples, therefore Huang Xiaolong was in no hurry.

Before that, he was planning to break through to the Seventh Order Ancestor God Realm, and break some of the Netherworld King’s Jade’s restrictions with the help of the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pool.

As long as he could break through to the Seventh Order Ancestor God Realm, he’d be able to control the Golden Dragon Lightning Pool’s chaos lightning qi to help Li Lu expel the evil spirit from her body.

Huang Xiaolong still hadn’t broken through to the Seventh Order Ancestor God Realm as half a year went by, but his strength had risen significantly.

Based on Huang Xiaolong’s three supreme godheads’ devouring speed, he could now absorb five thousand top-grade chaos spiritual pills in a single night.

That was almost a million top-grade chaos spiritual pills in half a year.

Fortunately, Huang Xiaolong had bought a large amount of top-grade spiritual herbs when he was at the High Martial World and Royal Buddha Great Worlds.

If he wouldn’t have done that, he would have run out of the chaos spiritual pills a long ago, due to his high consumption speed of the chaos spiritual pills.

On this day, Huang Xiaolong retreated from his cultivation, and shook his head wryly as he saw the rapidly diminishing amount of top-grade chao spiritual herbs. 

Despite his mad shopping spree at the High Martial World and Royal Buddha Great Worlds, there weren’t many of these top-grade chaos spiritual herbs left inside the Golden Dragon Lightning Pool’s space.

The top-grade chaos spiritual herbs left inside the Golden Dragon Lightning Pool’s space could barely support his cultivation needs for a year.

In other words, if he still couldn’t breakthrough to the Seventh Order Ancestor God Realm within the year, he would have to go look for more top-grade chaos spiritual pills in other world surfaces.

During his travel with Li Lu and Yao Chi, he had probably swept all the available top-grade chaos spiritual pills in the Vientiane World.

Of course, there were not many top-grade chaos spiritual pills that he could buy in a remote world surface like the Vientiane World.

In the blink of an eye, another half year went by.

Huang Xiaolong, Li Lu, and Yao Chi had toured almost every corner of the Vientiane World during this half year’s time.

After that, neither Li Lu nor Yao Chi entangled Huang Xiaolong to spend more time with them as both of them knew that Huang Xiaolong was trying to break through to the Seventh Order Ancestor God Realm.

Therefore, they left Huang Xiaolong alone to enter seclusion for cultivation.

Huang Xiaolong and his three avatars sat cross-legged inside the Dragon Shark Flying Ship’s cultivation room number one.

Consecutive top-grade chaos spiritual pills exploded softly in the air, turning into a river of medicinal energies that circled around Huang Xiaolong and his three avatars.

With every complete circle, the four of them swallowed a portion of the medicinal river.

By the time this river of medicinal energies shrunk down by half, golden ribbons of lightning flashed from Huang Xiaolong’s forehead as several thousand top-grade chaos spiritual pills flew out, exploding and merged with the existing river of medicinal energies.

One day, two days, three days....

Huang Xiaolong’s three supreme godheads were emitting radiant rays of lights.

Within his three supreme godheads, godforce was abundant and robust like the morning sun, rising higher and shining brighter, threatening to spill out from his three supreme godheads.

Huang Xiaolong was bathed in a bright flickering light as various elements of godforce swirled around him.

As time passed, Huang Xiaolong entered an ethereal state.

The river of medicinal energies shrunk as Huang Xiaolong and his avatars absorbed its energies, then enlarged again when it was supplemented by top-grade chaos spiritual pills from the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pool’s space.

The cycle kept repeating for five months, until one day...

Suddenly, a blinding light exploded from Huang Xiaolong’s body.

Initially, it was only a small dot of light about the size of a grain of sand.

But then this dot enlarged at a rapid pace into a whirlpool of light that started devouring the surroundings' spiritual energy and light frenziedly.

This light covered Huang Xiaolong’s body entirely, seemingly reaching its limit, and exploded.

A resounding boom shook the cultivation room!

Subsequently, consecutive cracking noises sounded from Huang Xiaolong’s body akin to lightning strikes, as if cracks were appearing in the depths of the chaos.

Huang Xiaolong’s momentum continued to rise, climbing higher.

Tempestuous godforce of different elements clashed in his surroundings.

And this went on for half a month before the cultivation room number one was peaceful again.

Seemingly, the tempestuous godforce was an illusion.

Huang Xiaolong threw his head back and let out a roar, his roar reverberated in the air, crossing ten thousand li radius space.

As the Dragon Shark Flying Ship was anchored in space outside of Vientiane World, Huang Xiaolong was not worried about alarming the people of Vientiane World with his roar.

He had finally broken through to the Seventh Order Ancestor God Realm! 

Huang Xiaolong couldn’t control his laughter as he felt the vigorous and startling energy coursing through his body.

Every part of his body felt comfortable, and his heart and mind were buzzing with energy.

He had felt so vibrant before.

After venting out some of his euphoria, Huang Xiaolong became a little calmer.

As an afterthought, he took out the Netherworld King's Jade.

Since he had broken through to the Seventh Order Ancestor God Realm, his preliminary goal was to refine the Netherworld King's Jade before exiting his seclusion.

Looking at the Netherworld King's Jade in his hand, his excitement boiled up once again—this was the Netherworld King's Jade! An item born together with the Lord of Hell.

This Netherworld King's Jade could possibly contain the Lord of Hell's heritage!

When his turbulent emotions truly calmed down, he tried activating the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pool's formation.

When his three supreme godheads' godforce entered the Golden Dragon Lightning Pool's core formation, the core formation began to turn slowly, which he had never been able to manipulate before.

Huang Xiaolong was delighted at this result.


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