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The little cow was right—there were still petrification seals inside the divine elephant Xiang Xuns body, which were suppressing a large part of his strength. 

Hence, the divine elephant Xiang Xun felt excited when the little cow mentioned the petrification seals inside his body.

“Of course I know how to resolve those petrification seals.” The little cow said, swinging her tail.

Divine elephant Xiang Xuns face lit up with joy.

“For real! Then, Senior Xiaoniu, how should we resolve the petrification seals inside my body” He had learned about the little cows identity from Huang Xiaolong, and the others, hence, he absolutely trusted the little cow.

Huang Xiaolong, void devil beast Xu Baisheng, Feng Er, and the rest also looked at the little cow, as they too were curious about the method. 

However, the little cow looked at Huang Xiaolong instead.

She grinned at him and said, “Master, you can resolve the petrification seals.”

Everyone was baffled by her answer.

Especially Huang Xiaolong; he asked, “Me” Even though he had broken through to Ancestor God Realm, he was still just a late-First Order Ancestor God Realm cultivator.

From where could he have gotten the ability to resolve Xiang Xun\'s petrification seals

Even when Xiang Xun was not able to resolve his own petrification seals despite his current cultivation realm, then how could he possibly break those seals.

“The chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pool is one of the nine great lightning pools between heaven and earth.

Therefore, the Master can easily break and completely resolve the petrification seals.” The little cow explained.

The chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pool! The rest finally understood what the little cow meant.

“But…” The little cows tone changed.

“But what” Huang Xiaolong urged.

“Master, youre still unable to control the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pools core formation, right” The little cow asked in return.

Huang Xiaolong was a little embarrassed as he answered, “Wait until I break through to high-level Ancestor God Realm; Id be able to control the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pools core formation.

Are you saying that I can resolve the petrification inside Xiang Xuns body, if I can control the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pools core formation” asked Huang Xiaolong.

The little cow shook her head, “Although the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pool is amazing, It wouldnt be that easy to resolve the petrification seals inside kiddo Xiang Xuns body.

There is only a fifty percent chance of successfully resolving the petrification seals.

For that will need to break through to God King Realm and borrow the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pools power!”

Only a fifty percent chance...! Huang Xiaolong was a little speechless.

Divine elephant Xiang Xun suddenly felt dejected.

Since Huang Xiaolong was still a late-First Order Ancestor God Realm, he would have to wait for a long time before Huang Xiaolong would break through to God King Realm! Would it be a hundred thousand years If a little less, maybe fifty thousand years As far as he knew, even a peerless genius from the desolate era would take at least thirty to forty thousand years to achieve this feat.

Thirty to forty thousand years…!

On top of that, there was only a fifty percent chance of resolving the seals, even after Huang Xiaolong advanced to the God King Realm!

“Fret not, the chances would rise to ninety percent for resolving Xiang Xuns petrification seals when your cultivation would reach the high-level God King Realm.” The little cow said as she looked from Huang Xiaolong to dejected Xiang Xun.

“In truth, you dont need to feel dejected.

Based on Masters cultivation speed, breaking through to the God King Realm is simply a matter of two to three thousand years.”

“What Two to three thousand years!” Divine elephant Xiang Xun looked at the little cow, and his eyes wide in disbelief.

Void devil beast Xu Baisheng interjected, “Thats right.

When Master entered the Vientiane Worlds Fortune Gate three decades ago, he was merely a peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm cultivator, but now, he is already a late-First Order Ancestor God Realm master! Thus, with Masters cultivation speed, he should be able to break through to the God King Realm in two to three thousand years!”

Three decades! From the peak late-Heavenly God Realm to late-First Order Ancestor God Realm!

Divine elephant Xiang Xun looked at Huang Xiaolong with sparkling eyes that seemingly asked,Is that true!

Although Xiang Xuns soul had successfully awakened and merged with his body through Huang Xiaolongs grandmist worm, he still didnt know very much about Huang Xiaolong.

With his eyesight, he could see that Huang Xiaolong possessed the True Dragon Physique, and his godhead ranked at the top level.

But he could merely guess the other.

And now, he was genuinely astonished to learn that Huang Xiaolong could breakthrough to the God King Realm in three thousand years or less!

Didnt that mean that his Master Huang Xiaolong, had a ten times higher talent as compared to a desolate eras peerless genius! Maybe even twenty times higher!

Huang Xiaolong inwardly shook his head as he saw the astonishment on Xiang Xuns face.

Based on his cultivation so far, the little cow and the void devil beast Xu Baisheng had predicted that Huang Xiaolong would break through to the God King Realm in two to three thousand years.

However, they were unaware of his avatars who possessed supreme godheads!

The crucial point was, he and his three avatars with the supreme godheads could form a four-colored spiritual energy gathering formation that exceptionally increased his cultivation speed.

At the very least, Huang Xiaolong was confident that he could break through to high-level Ancestor God Realm within a hundred years!

High-level Ancestor God Realm within a hundred years, thus reaching high-level God King Realm would take less than a thousand years!

Huang Xiaolong roughly estimated himself to break through to the God King Realm in four hundred years, with the help of four-colored spiritual energy gathering formation.

‘Four hundred years Its still too long. Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

Then again, he could only take one step at a time.

Breaking through to the God King Realm was not something that could be done overnight.

If his group could have heard Huang Xiaolongs ambitious thoughts, they would have surely hit their heads on a wall.

How could he even think that achieving the God King Realm in four hundred years is slow Huang Xiaolong would be the only person to think so in the entire Divine World.

Whereas, divine elephant Xiang Xun\'s eyes were sparkling with joy when he learned that Huang Xiaolong could break through to the God King Realm in two to three thousand years; the radiant sparkle in his eyes was almost blinding. 

Huang Xiaolong\'s group rushed back to the Fortune Gate, barely stopping to rest.

Two days later, they arrived at Fortune City.

Greetings Senior Brother Huang Xiaolong!

Greetings Senior Huang!

As Huang Xiaolong appeared in the city, Fortune Gate\'s disciples, as well as other sects\' disciples, greeted politely when they saw him. 

Though Huang Xiaolong had been away from the Fortune Mainland for the past twenty years, his feat of defeating Guo Jun at the God of the Sea Grand Ceremony had spread gloriously.

Hence, Huang Xiaolong\'s reputation and influence had surpassed even Zhu Feng who was the Fortune Gate\'s Young Lord.

On the balcony of a certain luxurious manor in the Fortune City, Zhu Feng was entertaining two young men who were exuded nobility.

These two young men were of distinguishing identities, as they hailed from the Fortune Gate headquarters.

At this moment, Zhu Feng saw the disciples respectfully greeting Huang Xiaolong.

Zhu Feng\'s eyes glimmered as he had an idea.

He smiled cordially as he said to the two guests, Senior Brother He Fang and Senior Brother Chen Xuguang, do you see that that black-haired young man He is Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor\'s personal disciple.

His name is Huang Xiaolong, and he is scarily talented.

He managed to defeat the sea tribe\'s late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm genius when his cultivation was merely at peak late-Seventh Order Ancient God Realm!

He defeated a late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm, while still being a peak late-Seventh Order Ancient God Realm! Both He Fang and Chen Xuguang were astonished.

If this was true, then, Huang Xiaolong\'s talent was indeed outstanding.

Such a character was rare, even at the Fortune Gate\'s headquarters.

He Fang\'s curiosity was stoked, and he ordered crisply, Go, summon him over here.

Just tell him that we want to see him. 

Zhu Feng made a bitter expression and sighed heavily.

Both Senior Brothers may not know, but Huang Xiaolong is an extremely arrogant person.

Even if I issue this invitation, he won\'t necessarily come ah. 

Chen Xuguang snorted coldly, Not necessarily come Then tell him to roll over here to meet us!


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