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Chapter 135: Lock Up

The Clear Cloud Pavilion crowd watched warily as Huang Xiaolong approached Mei Pengliang with malice, and all of them quickly surrounded Mei Pengliang in a protective circle.

Seeing their reaction, Huang Xiaolong let out a cold smirk.

With a flash, he appeared in front of the Clear Cloud Pavilion crowd and struck out a palm, instantly smacking one of the experts in their group away.

Huang Xiaolong continued, and every palm and fist he attacked with caused one disciple of Clear Cloud Pavilion to be sent flying.

In a short time, other than Mei Pengliang, over twenty Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples ended up on the floor.

However, Huang Xiaolong did not kill these Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples because his purpose was only to injure them, and seriously injure them at that.

Cold sweat broke out on Mei Pengliang’s pale white face after watching all the Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples groaning in pain on the hall floor.

“Huang Xiaolong, you… what do you want to do” Mei Pengliang stumbled backwards in fear again and again until his back hit the wall.

With no path of retreat, Mei Pengliang looked at Huang Xiaolong as he stammered out the question the best he could.

“What do I want to do” Huang Xiaolong’s cold voice caressed the question, as his right hand formed claws and a great suction force pulled Mei Pengliang away from the wall.

Then the claw extended into a palm, heavily striking Mei Pengliang’s chest.

A frigid cold qi spread throughout Mei Pengliang’s body starting from his torso.

This frigid cold qi was like a horrifying, poisonous worm, biting and swallowing every corner of Mei Pengliang’s body from within.

A miserable scream escaped Mei Pengliang’s throat as he fell to the floor, jerking in spasms due to the piercing pain.

This frigid cold qi came for the Asura Demon Claw battle skill, but the move just now wasn’t a move of the Asura Demon Claw.

Otherwise, Mei Pengliang could have died more comfortably.

Seven years of practicing the Asura Demon Claw skill meant that Huang Xiaolong could already effortlessly apply the Asura frigid cold qi into any form of attack that he wished.

Although the power wasn’t on the same level as the real Asura Demon Claws, it was enough to torment someone, making them feel that death was a better option.

Li Bin and the Nine Tripod disciples broke out in cheers watching the miserable endings of the Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples.

The stuffiness and hatred pooled in their hearts lightened, and for most of them, the awe and worship they held towards Huang Xiaolong increased monumentally.

While Mei Pengliang was rolling around and jerking in pain across the floor, another group of people suddenly rushed into the hall through the Nine Tripod Commerce’s entrance.

The several people in front were all dressed in Clear Cloud Pavilion’s robes and there was a large group following behind them consisting of more than sixty people.

All of the people following behind had Big Dawn County City Guards uniforms on.

The several Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples that broke into the hall noticed Mei Pengliang at the same time.

Their expressions turned ugly seeing their Young Lord twitching on the floor.

“Young Lord, Young Lord!”

“Young Lord, what is wrong”

Several of them hurried to Mei Pengliang’s side, and one of them, a middle-aged man, quickly initiated his battle qi.

A fire-red palm fell on Mei Pengliang’s back.

Clearly, this person had seen through the frigid cold qi wreaking havoc inside Mei Pengliang, and he wanted to use some fire type cultivation technique to disperse the frigid cold qi in Mei Pengliang’s body.

However, the moment his palm touched Mei Pengliang’s skin, he noticed a trace of dark blue qi actually wanting to invade his body from his palm.

Terrified, he swiftly removed his palm from Mei Pengliang’s back without hesitation.

He tried to circulate his battle qi to force the little amount of dark blue qi out of his body.

Succeeding, the middle-aged man let out a big breath of relief.

He turned around, focusing a deadly glare at Huang Xiaolong, Fei Hou, and the Nine Tripod Commerce’s disciples.

When he spoke, it was directed at one of the City Guards, “Captain Wu, the Big Dawn County forbids fighting and killing within the County City.

Now you have witnessed it for yourself; the disciples of Nine Tripod Commerce attacked my disciples of Clear Cloud Pavilion.

They’re suffering from severe injuries, and by breaking Big Dawn County’s regulations, aren’t they acting in contempt with regards to the Luo Ting Kingdom’s law Why aren’t you locking these people up!”

Hearing this, the City Guards Captain had a difficult expression on his face.

True, he had accepted many benefits from the Clear Cloud Pavilion, but was Nine Tripod Commerce a force he could provoke

“What Why aren’t you moving” The Clear Cloud Pavilion’s middle-aged man hollered at the top of his lungs while looking at the stationary city guards.

However, just as he finished his question, a palm flew towards him like a gale.

Sensing danger, he quickly raised his arms in panic to defend himself.

Despite his fast response, it was a step too late.

The palm struck and he was sent flying out.

The other Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples that arrived with the middle-aged man were greatly startled.

Without exception, all of them were also slapped away by Huang Xiaolong with one palm strike.

The expression on that Captain Wu’s face became slightly warped.

In his opinion, Huang Xiaolong’s actions were arrogantly insolent.

He, the City Guards’ Captain, was standing right in front of him and yet he still dared to strike the Clear Cloud Pavilion’s disciples.

His anger overshadowed the fact that Huang Xiaolong’s strength surprised him.

Instantly, Captain Wu’s face sank and he bellowed at Huang Xiaolong: “Little punk, you’re too impudent, does the law still exists in your eyes”

“Law” Huang Xiaolong slowly turned around, facing that Captain Wu, a sharp light gleamed in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes.

Without warning, a palm shot out, landing a resounding slap right across Captain Wu’s face, causing him to spin from the force.

A few circles later Captain Wu finally managed to control himself, albeit a little dizzy.

Although he was a City Guards Captain, he was merely a Seventh Order warrior.

In front of Huang Xiaolong it bore no difference to that of a little kid.

“Captain Wu!”

“Captain Wu, are you okay!”

The surrounding guards were stunned, bursts of shouts sounded from different corners.

Finally stopping himself, the Guards Captain Wu clutched the burning right side of his face with a look of disbelief as he stared dumbly at Huang Xiaolong, “Little punk, you, you dared to hit me”

“So what if I hit you” Huang Xiaolong’s cold voice rebuffed.

Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples came to make a mess here in the Nine Tripod Commerce every day, and the Nine Tripod Commerce disciples were beaten every day by Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples.

How was it that these City Guards disappeared without so much as a shadow at those times Now that Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples were injured, they appeared so efficiently

Moreover, before Huang Xiaolong arrived, he did some checking and found this Big Dawn County’s Castellan was Prime Minister Wu Feng’s student.

This point further explained why the Clear Cloud Pavilion could harass and beat up the Nine Tripod Commerce disciples without facing repercussions for the past month.

And on top of that, none of the Big Dawn City guards made an appearance.

That Captain Wu was so angered by Huang Xiaolong’s rebuff, especially that sentence, ‘so what if I hit you’, that it made the green veins on his forehead twitch uncontrollably.

His heart was aflame.

Any hesitation he had towards offending the Nine Tripod Commerce was burned to cinders.

“You! Go catch this little punk and lock him up!” Captain Wu pointed a finger at Huang Xiaolong, shouting angrily at the guards hovering behind him while the other hand indicated with a wave.

“Yes, Captain Wu!”

The City Guards received their orders and swiftly surrounded Huang Xiaolong in a circle.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette retreated, and Fei Hou who had been watching closely at the side swept his palms out vertically.

The force blew away all of the guards within the blink of an eye.

Looking at all the city guards groaning in pain on the floor, Captain Wu stared aghast at Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou: “You two, dare to resist arrest”

With a flick of his wrist, a shiny golden token appeared in Huang Xiaolong’s hand.

From the golden token, a spirited image of a dragon and a phoenix winding around the character ‘Marshal*’ broke into Captain Wu’s line of sight.

Seeing that golden token, Captain Wu’s legs lost their strength and they trembled as he knelt down in salute.

His shaky voice sounded: “Big Dawn County’s Third Squad City Guards Captain Wu Xiaodong greets Lord!”

The golden token in Huang Xiaolong’s hand was Marshal Haotian’s Marshal token.

Seeing it was equivalent to seeing Marshal Haotian in person.

At the start of the journey, thinking of the possibility of such circumstances arising, Huang Xiaolong brought the matter up and borrowed the Marshal token from Marshal Haotian.

Watching the trembling Captain Wu kneeling on the floor, Huang Xiaolong gaze was extremely cold, he only spat out one word: “Roll!”

Captain Wu looked up dumbly as if he did not expect Huang Xiaolong would let him off so easily.

“What You don’t want to roll” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Yes, yes Lord, I’ll roll, rolling now, I’m rolling away this instant!” That Captain Wu nodded his head with vigor, getting up from the floor as he escaped towards the exit with all the city guards trailing behind him.

After Captain Wu and the city guards fled, Li Bin came beside Huang Xiaolong, asking cautiously, “Young Lord, what do we do with Mei Pengliang and these Clear Cloud Pavilion’s people”



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