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Guo Familys Ancestor Guo Da, Guo Family\'s Patriarch Guo Shi, and other Guo Family\'s experts were clearly relieved seeing Guo Jun back on his feet once again.

Wangu Ziyi\'s tone was full of mockery, “For a second, I really thought Huang Xiaolong is very powerful, but it seems this is as far as he goes.

Thirteen consecutive punches, yet Guo Jun is still dandy and fine, it seems to me that his fist is comparable to soft tofu; strong in appearance, but weak in reality!”

Wangu Rui frowned slightly at Wangu Ziyis mockery, but did not say anything.

“Thats right, a mere Seventh Order Ancient God Realm, pretending to be tough.” Golden Phoenix Pavilions disciple Li Zhi echoed Wangu Ziyis words.

Other Black Region Worlds Fortune Gate and Blood Imperial Sects disciples followed Wangu Ziyis lead and began throwing insults at Huang Xiaolong.

In the blink of an eye, undulating waves of ridicule filled the square.

Huang Xiaolong was suddenly reduced to a juggling clown.

Huang Xiaolong listened to Wangu Ziyi, Li Zhi, and others ridicule without any ripples of emotion.

He sneered while looking at Guo Jun, while Guo Jun was enshrouded in a sphere of radiant silver light.

Huang Xiaolong knew very well that his thirteen punches were not asrelaxing and refreshing as Guo Jun had claimed. 

Otherwise, would Guo Jun have been left sprawled on the stage for so long

Still, Huang Xiaolong was surprised by Guo Juns ability to recover this quick and flawlessly.

He could see that Guo Jun\'s speedy recovery was related to his bloodline.

The Silver Whale\'s bloodline was worthy of its reputation, as one of the sea tribe\'s most powerful and noble bloodlines.

The silver light spread outwards from Guo Jun\'s chest to his entire body.

From afar, he looked like an iron man that was painted with a layer of silver light.

His momentum burst and soared, and it was many times stronger than earlier, from when he attacked Huang Xiaolong.

Now, I am going to let you experience the true power of my Guo Family\'s Silver Whale\'s bloodline! Guo Jun stared venomously at Huang Xiaolong.

Suddenly, Guo Jun\'s palms expanded, and the rest of his body began to change as well.

A sharp long blade grew out and curved all the way to his hip from the back of his head.

Subsequently, silver lines appeared on his face.

Then, silver-colored skin that resembled beast skin grew over his chest.

Silver spikes grew out on his arms and legs, and even more amazing was the eight silver-colored whale tails that grew out from Guo Juns spine!

Every silver tail was about six meters long, profound silver symbols littered the tails\' surfaces.

Even though these eight tails were whale tails, they looked more like silver fox\'s tails.

Eight silver tails danced in the air behind Guo Jun which added a mysterious air as well as a majestic appearance.

“The Silver Whale\'s true body!”

Guo Jun\'s Silver Whale\'s true body actually has eight tails! Eight tails ah, so many million years have passed since an eight-tailed silver whale disciple has appeared in Guo Family!

Guo Family\'s founding Ancestor was an eight-tailed silver whale genius disciple, now, a disciple at the same level of the Guo Family\'s founding Ancestor has appeared!

The crowd broke into an uproar.

Guo Family\'s Grand Elders and Elders jumped up from their seats in excitement.

An eight-tailed Silver Whale true body!

This was a legend within the Guo Family!

All of the Guo Familys core disciples could transform into their true Silver Whale form, but most of them merely had three tails or four at the maximum, in fact disciples with five tails were scarce.

Above that, six tails were rare, and only a handful of disciples had seven tails.

In Guo Family\'s several hundred years of history, only the Guo Familys founding Ancestor was an eight-tailed Silver Whale.

Their hopeful gazes fell on Guo Jun, as an eight-tailed Silver Whale had appeared again in the Guo Family.

Guo Familys Ancestor Guo Da and Guo Familys Patriarch Guo Shi were trembling with excitement, but they were not surprised at all.

Clearly, the two of them had already known about Guo Jun being an eight-tailed Silver Whale.

“Big brother Guo Da, congratulations ah, congratulations.

Guo Jun\'s true body is actually an eight-tailed Silver Whale! Feng Family\'s Ancestor Feng Jingxi couldn\'t help sighing enviously to Guo Family\'s Ancestor Guo Da.

Other families\' Ancestors also congratulated Guo Da and Guo Shi enthusiastically.

Guo Da and Guo Shi\'s faces bloomed as they cupped their fists at them in thanks, but everyone could see the smugness in their eyes.

Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor\'s brows were locked tightly together, it had never crossed their minds that Guo Jun would have an eight-tailed Silver Whales true body.

Whenever a sea tribe\'s disciple would transform into their bloodlines\' true body, their strengths would rise by various degrees.

The strength of the bloodline of the true body was directly proportional to the rise in the disciples strength; in other words, the stronger the bloodline of the true body, the alarming degree of rise in their strength.

For a genius disciple like Guo Jun who possessed the legendary eight-tailed Silver Whales true body, was his strength doubled!

“Xiao Long Long will be fine, right” Although Huang Xiaolong had shown shocking power and defenses, Blood Knife Ancestor couldnt help but feel worried.

“A tie, maybe. Golden Brow Ancestor said solemnly, but he was not confident.

Guo Jun was now a peak late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm, since his transformation to an eight-tailed Silver Whale\'s true body!

Could Huang Xiaolong, a peak late-Seventh Order Ancient God Realm defeat a peak late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm Guo Jun

Zhu Yi spoke when he heard Golden Brow Ancestor\'s reply, Two Ancestors, rest assured.

With the battle strength Huang Xiaolong has displayed so far, he could fight to a tie with Guo Jun.

Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor both nodded, and no longer spoke.

Zhu Feng sneered as he watched Huang Xiaolong\'s figure on the stage.

On the other hand, Wang Wei was expressionless.

At this time on the stage, Guo Jun\'s eyes had completely turned silver, after he had transformed to his eight-tailed Silver Whale body.

The silver light from his eyes was so glaring that the disciples on the viewing platform soon discovered that it could penetrate into their souls and godheads if they stared at it for too long, and suffer pain of being pricked by ten thousand thorns.

Disciples below Ancestor God Realm quickly looked away.

They didnt dare to look at Guo Jun anymore.

But Huang Xiaolong was looking straight into Guo Juns eyes.

He had the Moon Jade Heavenly Spiral Shell, hence, the silver light from Guo Juns eyes was ineffective against him.

Guo Jun was a little shocked as he saw that Huang Xiaolong was unaffected by the silverlight from his eyes, but he sneered coldly a moment later and said, “Huang Xiaolong, are you ready Im gonna help you refreshingly loosen up your muscles and bones!” The moment his sentence ended, he turned into a streak of silver light.

In a split second, his silver-colored fist was already in front of Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong raised an arm, while circulating his three supreme godheads godforce to their limits, and punched out.


Their fists collided into the air, and it was akin to the collision of two planets.

The entire stage shook violently.

Terrifying energy swept out like a million arrows being launched simultaneously in all four directions.

Huang Xiaolong felt a crushing weight smash into him, sending him staggering back uncontrollably.

Guo Juns strength had completely suppressed Huang Xiaolong, after Guo Juns transformation into his eight-tailed Silver Whale\'s true body. 

The faces of Guo Familys higher echelons and disciples eyes lit up.

“Big brother Guo Jun, smash him to death!”

“Shatter his three legs!”

Some Guo Familys disciples began to clamored excitedly.

Guo Jun sneered smugly seeing he had gained the upper advantage.

He then seized the opportunity and punched out for the second time.

In the blink of an eye, the two figures on the stage were swinging their fists at each other.

Guo Juns every punch sent Huang Xiaolong staggering back, completely suppressing him.

A few times, Huang Xiaolong was nearly blasted off from the stage.

Golden Brow Ancestor, and Blood Knife Ancestors hearts tightened nervously.

On the Sea Gods throne, Feng Yingying shook her head.

Disappointment lingered in her eyes.

Originally, she had thought Huang Xiaolong would give her a pleasant surprise, but it looked like Huang Xiaolong wasnt a match against Guo Jun.

If this were to continue, then Huang Xiaolong was bound to lose.

Her eyes glimmered as her gaze fell on Guo Juns eight silver whale tails.

Even she had to acknowledge that amongst her peers, Guo Juns talent was the highest she had seen so far.


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