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“Are you the so-called Vientiane Worlds Fortune Gate number one genius, Huang Xiaolong” Jiang Feng looked loftily, and a cold sneer rose at the corner of his mouth as he went on, “I have also heard that you have never been defeated.

Even an early Tenth Order Ancient God Realm master is not your opponent, is that correct” 

As Jiang Feng went on, his voice became elongated, “But, honestly, I have reservations, and wonder if your True Dragon Physique is really that strong!”

His words were naked satire.

Reservations Thats equivalent to saying that Huang Xiaolongs reputation precedes him.

Moreover, Jiang Feng had deliberately named Huang Xiaolong as the Vientiane Worlds number one genius, this had inevitably roused other Vientiane Worlds geniuses dissatisfaction towards Huang Xiaolong.

The Vientiane World had both the human race forces as well as the sea tribe.

As expected, even before Jiang Feng had finished speaking, the top ten sea tribes disciples and other forces disciples were glaring daggers at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong remained calm as he looked at Jiang Feng with indifference.

It was as if he was watching a clown performing a solo act on the stage.

Seeing Huang Xiaolongs indifference, anger rose to Jiang Fengs head.

On an impulse, Jiang Feng pointed the tip of his sword at Huang Xiaolong and challenged, “Huang Xiaolong, a few days back you heavily injured my Junior Brother Wang Yu.

Today, on this stage, I challenge you to a battle!” 

“Challenge you to a battle!”

Jiang Feng deliberately emphasized the latter part of his sentence.

Everyones attention fell on Huang Xiaolong.

Feng Yingying was loftily watching Huang Xiaolong with a great interest from her throne, waiting to see what he would do.

Just as Huang Xiaolong was about to walk towards the battle stage, Jiang Fengs voice rang again as he couldnt wait to insult Huang Xiaolong, “Huang Xiaolong, you dont even dare to come up to the battle stage.

Are you wimp with false fame In that case, roll back to your Vientiane Worlds Fortune Gate and cultivate for a few hundred years, and drink more milk before coming out to disgrace yourself.”

Most of the sects disciples on the square burst into laughter.

Those laughing the loudest were naturally the disciples of Black Region Worlds Fortune Gate.

“Snot-nosed brat, roll back to drink your mommys milk, dont come here and disgrace yourself!”

“A brat who still drinks milk, came out to make a fool of himself!”

Some of the ill-willed Golden Phoenix Pavilions disciples also threw out insults.

Huang Xiaolong had only entered the Vientiane Worlds Fortune Gate for a decade or so.

Therefore, compared to the other disciples who had cultivated for several hundred to thousands of years, Huang Xiaolong was really asnot-nosed kid.

Listening to the harsh clamors from the Golden Phoenix Pavilion and Black Region Worlds Fortune Gates disciples, Blood Knife Ancestor coldly said two words, “Waste him.”

Huang Xiaolong respectfully acknowledged Blood Knife Ancestors order.

He looked coldly at Jiang Feng on the stage, and in the next second, he disappeared in a flicker to appear on the battle stage. 

Jiang Feng sneered seeing Huang Xiaolong on the stage, “You actually have the guts to come up.

Thats good, now I can cripple you to avenge my Junior Brother Wang Yu!”

You probably don\'t know, so, let me tell you, I have only used half of my strength until now.

I will show you how strong I really am! 

Jiang Fengs momentum soared as he said this, shocking the four corners of the square.

The pressure from his body was two times stronger than before.

Seeing this, disciples of Black Region World\'s Fortune Gate clamored even more excitedly, Senior Brother Jiang, cripple him!

Cripple him, make him roll back to his mother\'s side to drink milk!

Huang Xiaolong was standing opposite to Jiang Feng, and he suddenly vanished.

When he appeared again, everyone saw Huang Xiaolong clutch Jiang Fengs neck with his left hand.

At this time Jiang Feng was still proudly releasing his momentum. 

The Black Region World\'s Fortune Gates disciples\' voices choked in their throats.

“You are very strong, are you” Huang Xiaolong looked frostily at Jiang Feng, then, his right hand clenched into a fist and struck at Jiang Fengs chest.

The sounds of breaking bones crackled in the air like firecrackers.

Jiang Feng let out a blood-curdling scream.

“Roll back to drinking my mommys milk” Huang Xiaolong said as his right fist punched again.

Jiang Fengs torso was distorted by Huang Xiaolongs punches.

“You still want to cripple me” Huang Xiaolong\'s third punch landed on Jiang Feng\'s unrecognizable chest.

This punch made no sound when it landed on Jiang Feng\'s chest, however, Jiang Feng screamed, and his eyeballs protruded painfully from his sockets.

Body fluids flowed out from his mouth, nostrils, ears, and eyes.

Stop! The Black Region World\'s Fortune Gates Chief Liu Mengyuan shouted, as could not sit still any longer.

At the same time, a frightening pressure surged out from his body like an erupting volcano.

The sky lost its color.

Other than the Ancestor generation masters, others felt their breaths stagnated as if there was a heavy mountain pressing down on their chests. 

Almost at the same time, another terrifying momentum soared to the sky.

The second pressure exuded savageness, bloodthirst, and an overbearing authority.

The two opposing momentums collided, and booming blasts thundered, turning the air currents chaotic.

Some of the Ancestors and Chiefs were dumbfounded, but reacted quickly to protect their disciples.

Liu Mengyuan, this is the God of the Sea Grand Ceremony, are you disregarding the sea tribe and its rules by interfering with the competition Blood Knife Ancestor harrumphed coldly.

The second force was none other than Blood Knife Ancestor.

If the sea tribe is unwilling to deal with this matter, then I cant help but teach you a little lesson. Blood Knife Ancestor stated.

Black Region Worlds Fortune Gates Chief Liu Mengyuans expression was warped with anger.

But he also understood that reason did not stand on his face, thus, he snorted coldly, and sat down without a word.

He glared venomously at Huang Xiaolong.

His gaze made others shudder, as they could see Liu Mengyuan wanted to kill Huang Xiaolong.

Yet Huang Xiaolong continued as if he did not see the killing intent in Liu Mengyuans eyes; he sent Jiang Feng flying off the stage with another punch.

At this point, Feng Familys Patriarch Feng Kaiyuan stood up and announced, “Huang Xiaolong of Vientiane Worlds Fortune Gate wins this battle.” Then, he looked at the crowd, and added, “I would appreciate it if everyone adheres to our God of the Sea Grand Ceremonys rules.

Dont blame us for being rude, if anyone interferes with the battle competition next time!”

Although he favored the Black Region Worlds Fortune Gate, he had to say this.

After all, Black Region Worlds Fortune Gates Chief Liu Mengyuans interference had indeed disregarded the sea tribes rules, and his action had roused Feng Kaiyuan and the twelve families Ancestors dissatisfaction. 

Huang Xiaolong did not leave the battle stage after defeating Jiang Feng.

He had anticipated that the sea tribes disciples and other sects disciples would eventually challenge him after his first victory.

Therefore, he thought, he might as well wait on the stage and deal with them once and for all. 

“Who else wants to challenge me” Huang Xiaolongs indifferent voice rang in the square.

His robe fluttered.

He stood tall with domineering air, which caused many female disciples within the crowd to stir.

There was a faint smile on Feng Yingying\'s face the entire time, while she sat on the Sea God\'s throne.

She was inwardly interested to the fullest as she watched Huang Xiaolong.

But on the surface, Feng Yingying didn\'t show any astonishment, even though Huang Xiaolong had demonstrated exceptional battle power by easily defeating Jiang Feng.

Was Huang Xiaolong\'s strength ordinary in her eyes

A long time passed, since Huang Xiaolong\'s words had fallen, but no one went up to challenge him.

There were disciples with the strength of late-Tenth Order, even peak late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm among the Golden Phoenix Pavilion\'s disciples, Black Region World\'s Fortune Gate\'s disciples, and other sects\' disciples.

And even though they wanted to go up the battle stage, they could.

Unfortunately, Patriarch Feng Kaiyuan had earlier mentioned the age limit as one of the battle rules.

Those above the acceptable age limit were not permitted to go up to the battle stage. 

No one is going to come up and fight me Huang Xiaolong was still indifferent, but he was looking in the Guo Family\'s direction, especially at Guo Jun, the God of the Sea Grand Ceremony\'s expected first place. 

Everyones gaze followed Huang Xiaolong\'s, as it fell on Guo Jun.

Before everyone\'s anticipation, Guo Jun\'s face darkened as he stood up.


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