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Chapter 130: Running into Big Sword Sect Disciples

There was an ugly expression on Huang Xiaolong’s face as he sensed the numerous Iron Crocodiles swimming his way from all directions.

Amongst these Iron Crocodiles, there were some who exuded a powerful aura that was exceedingly close to advancing into the Xiantian realm.

Before Huang Xiaolong made the next move, an abrupt whistling sound pierced through the air, and the little violet monkey reached Huang Xiaolong’s side in a flash.

Its monkey paws swatted out in four directions.

Striking down, swamp water whirled up from all four directions, spinning endlessly as it transformed into a wall of wind.

At the same time, a strong suction force swept out, lifting the Iron Crocodiles high above the air, and then crashing them down.

In that moment, the swamp was a huge mess and it was chaos.

Huang Xiaolong was delighted, and quickly slashed his Blades of Asura across the Iron Crocodile’s body.

A sucking force gushed from his palm and an emerald beast core fell into his hand.

“Let’s go!” Huang Xiaolong grabbed the little violet monkey and flapped his wings towards the banks.

Just as Huang Xiaolong and the little violet monkey were about to land, all of a sudden, from the swamp beneath, a huge Iron Crocodile flew out of the water.

This particular Iron Crocodile actually grew over two hundred meters in length, akin to a small hill.

Four short, tyrannical claws sprung forward, lunging onto Huang Xiaolong and the little violet monkey.

A powerful force instantly impacted Huang Xiaolong and the little violet monkey from behind.

Given the nature of the capricious attack, Huang Xiaolong and the little violet monkey still had enough time to dodge.

Suddenly, the two silhouettes disappeared.

Hence, the Iron Crocodile pounced onto empty space, splashing into the swamp below, muddy swamp water splattered everywhere.

While the Iron Crocodile was still in confusion, Huang Xiaolong and the little violet monkey appeared on the banks.

Seeing this, the Iron Crocodile let out a furious roar.

Its body twisted around, and once again lunged towards the two on the banks.

As if they received a command, all the nearby Iron Crocodiles also swarmed towards the shore.

Both Huang Xiaolong and the little violet monkey’s silhouette flashed, and avoiding these Iron Crocodiles, they reappeared more than a hundred meters away in one breath’s time.

However, they did not stop.

Huang Xiaolong and the little violet monkey continued to flash away, leaving the swamp.

Watching as the two got further and further away, the Iron Crocodiles’ angry roars echoed throughout the swamp area.

Not long after, all the Iron Crocodiles returned to the water.

Watching the swarm of Iron Crocodiles retreat, Huang Xiaolong let out a sigh of relief.

Only now did Huang Xiaolong put the emerald beast core into the Asura Ring.

He acquired the Iron Crocodile’s beast core, so the Academy’s assessment test could be considered as a success.

Thus, Huang Xiaolong and the little violet monkey traveled back the way they came.

But, not long after they left the swamp, sounds of fighting emerged in front of them.

Angry voices and complacent snickers traveled with the wind.

“Your Big Sword Sect disciples are all rotten people! Heartless and cruel, you even killed a three-year-old child!”

“We’ll fight you!”

Then, miserable cries ensued.

Big Sword Sect Huang Xiaolong’s pupils turned cold.

He and the little violet monkey headed towards where the sounds of fighting came from, and they arrived at the fighting place.

When Huang Xiaolong saw the scene before him, the anger in his heart erupted.

Not far from him, corpses laid in pools of blood and many of them were those of the elderly or little children.

Most of these elderly people were in their seventies and eighties, whereas the children were only two to three years of age.

There were also the bodies of infants.

More than a dozen Big Sword Sect disciples were in a mad frenzy, slashing their swords on a group of people.

These people are probably tribes that live around the Southern Cliffs Marsh.

Watching those Big Sword Sect disciples still immersed in slaughter, a sharp light glinted in his eyes.

In a blink, he disappeared from the spot he was at before reappearing almost instantly next to a Big Sword Sect disciple that was slashing his sword down on a pregnant woman.

The pregnant woman closed her eyes, screaming in fear and despair.

However in the next moment, the pregnant woman heard a scream from the Big Sword Sect disciple instead.

Surprised, the pregnant woman opened her eyes cautiously and saw the Big Sword Sect disciple thrown away, and standing in front of her was a young man about sixteen to seventeen years old.

The people around were caught by surprise by the scream of the Big Sword Sect disciple and turned around to look.

At this point, the frenzied Big Sword Sect disciples stopped their actions and looked over as well.

“Punk, are you tired of living! Not only do you dare to nose into our Big Sword Sect’s affair, you even killed our disciple!” Spat a pinched-face Big Sword Sect disciple coldly as he glared at Huang Xiaolong.

Just as the pinched-face disciple said that, another Big Sword Sect disciple appeared behind him, and his voice shook as he said: “Senior Brother Zhu, he, he is Huang, Huang Xiaolong!”

Obviously, that Senior Brother Zhu had yet to connect the meaning behind the reminder, blurting out: “What yellow dragon or white dragon[1], I couldn’t care less what dragon he is!” But, as his words fell, he suddenly paused, and then, his eyes widened in shock looking at Huang Xiaolong, and he was filled with fear.

“Huang, Huang Xiaolong!”

“He is Huang Xiaolong!”

The rest of the Big Sword Sect disciples exclaimed aloud and quickly retreated a safe distance away from Huang Xiaolong.

Ever since the Enlightenment Lake’s incident, every time Huang Xiaolong’s name was mentioned in Big Sword Sect its disciples’ faces would change for the worse.


Suddenly, all the Big Sword Sect disciples flew off, fleeing without a fight.

Watching the Big Sword Sect disciples flee like a flock of birds, Huang Xiaolong sneered.

The Blades of Asura in his hands swung out, and two wind tempests spun out, catching the disciples in no time.

The little violet monkey wasn’t idle either, and its little body flickered away.

Two small paws clawed out, and the Big Sword Sect disciples fell down one by one, screaming tragically.

Less than twenty breaths later, these Seventh and Eighth Orders Big Sword Sect disciples laid lifeless on the ground.

Huang Xiaolong looked around, and the expression on his face was extremely cold.

Within two years time of when he breaks through to the Xiantian realm, he absolutely will destroy Big Sword Sect!

At this time, the tribe survivors came to Huang Xiaolong, kowtowing in gratitude.

Huang Xiaolong told them to stand up before asking them why the Big Sword Sect disciples were hunting them.

An old man in his eighties with a face full of wrinkles, choked with tears as he said: “This area is close to the Big Sword Sect’s headquarters, and these Big Sword Sect disciples often come over here to kill a type of demonic beast called the Wind Wolf.

I heard it was used in a cultivation technique, thus they needed the Wind Wolf’s beast core.

Every time these disciples come here to hunt for Wind Wolves, when passing by our villages they would kill innocent people for fun!”

“They even make a competition out of it… who killed more, who killed faster!” A young man in the group couldn’t resist and added.

“Then, the Southern Cliffs Army Patrol doesn’t care” Huang Xiaolong asked solemnly.

“Southern Cliffs Army Patrol” That old man in his eighties said: “The eldest son of Southern Cliffs Castellan is Big Sword Sect’s disciple.

When our Village Head went to report the matter to the Southern Cliffs Castellan, he turned the tables around and accused us of antagonizing the peace, even crippling one of our Village Head’s legs as punishment.

He warned us that if we dare to provoke any more trouble, he will cripple our Village Head’s remaining leg.

Even our tribe people can’t escape punishment!”

Everyone opened up, denouncing the Southern Cliffs Castellan to be the Big Sword Sect’s lackey.

“Southern Cliffs Castellan.” Huang Xiaolong repeated once as a light glinted in his eyes.

“This Young Master, I heard them say the Southern Cliffs Castellan is the Royal City Duke Wei Bi’s little brother.”  The same old man cautioned:

“They are too powerful.

I think it is better if you don’t get involved in this matter, it may bring troubles to your family too.”



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