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Huang Xiaolong looked away from the burly disciples corpse.

His cold gaze swept over other disciples that were coming at him with the same intention, before he turned away.

The different sects disciples who were rushing towards Huang Xiaolong were frightened to a halt as they saw the burly disciples head lying a few feet away from his decapitated body.

His eyes had remained wide open in disbelief, as if he hadnt even realized how he had died.

Cold sweat dampened the other disciples robes.

Many of them recognized this burly disciple who was still holding a big blade.

He was a disciple of the Ghostly Blade Door, called Liu Jin, who was an early Eighth Order Ancient God Realm master.

Moreover, he was born with a unique physique, that made his physical defenses stronger than the average cultivators.

Yet his head was cut off with a single sword slash by that fatty!

\'Whats that fatty\'s strength\' Surely, it wasnt at mid-Sixth Order Ancient God Realm cultivation that they could see on the surface.

In the distance, Shi Long was inwardly shocked that Huang Xiaolong had actually cut off the Ghostly Blade Door disciple Liu Jins head with a single sword slash.

But he commented indifferently, “It seems like this kids quite strong, no wonder he dares to continue collecting these black crystalline rocks even after our arrival.”

Chen Jianfeng snickered, “That little bit of his strength is merely enough to threaten some small sects disciples.

In front of Senior Brother Shi Long, its only a matter of one or two moves before this fatty would crumble down to a miserable defeat.”

Shi Long nodded in agreement and reminded, “Watch that kid, make sure he doesnt escape.”

Chen Jianfeng reassured him, “Rest assured, Senior Brother.”

Huang Xiaolongs action had successfully deterred the other disciples.

He continued collecting Eidolon Crystalline Rocks with the little cow.

Naturally, the bigger the Eidolon Crystalline Rocks were, the better it was.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong ignored the small ones and focused on the bigger-sized Eidolon Crystalline Rocks.

Huang Xiaolong flew towards a half-meter high Eidolon Crystalline Rock that was not far ahead.

At the same time, a mid-Eighth Order Ancient God Realm Short Blade Gates disciple also arrived at this same half-meter high Eidolon Crystalline Rock, bearing the same intention as Huang Xiaolong. 

That Short Blade Gates disciple dazed for a second when he saw Huang Xiaolong, but he soon recovered and warned icily, Scram, or I will have to make you scram away Also, before you do that, I want to remind you that I am not the same as that Ghostly Blade Door disciple Liu Jin.

Huang Xiaolong retorted nonchalantly, I\'ll also remind you to scram away, before you provoke me to attack you, so SCRAM.

Needless to say, the Short Blade Gates disciple was enraged by Huang Xiaolongs response.

A short blade appeared in his hands and slashed at Huang Xiaolong with a thick killing intent.

Waves of short blade lights surged towards Huang Xiaolong like tidal waves—this was the Short Blade Gates supreme technique, the Indomitable Waves Blade.

Almost at the same time, Huang Xiaolong raised his right palm, his index finger and middle penetrated through the waves of short blade lights, directly clamping the original short blade between his fingers.

Everyone was dumbfounded after watching this.

Coldness spread in Huang Xiaolongs eyes, his two fingers exerted pressure, snapping the short blade into half.

With a flick of his wrist, the broken tip of the short blade pierced into his attackers neck, followed by another flick of his finger, and the disciples head rolled off his shoulder to the ground.

Dead! In that instant, time froze with a heavy silence.

The Short Blade Gate, Golden Phoenix Pavilion, and other sects disciples movements froze.

Their expressions were a little dazed with disbelief at what had just transpired before their eyes.

Although they were shocked by Huang Xiaolongs strength, they were more appalled because this fat kid had killed a Short Blade Gates disciple!

Shi Long was momentarily dazed.

Lightning sizzled in his dark pupils; he disappeared in a blur and in a split second appeared next to his fellow disciples corpse.

As he looked at the decapitated head on the ground, Shi Long turned to glare icily at Huang Xiaolong, “Initially, I had planned to let you live for another hour, but now, you can go to hell!” A glaring lightning burst out of his palms and completely enshrouded him, as he struck at Huang Xiaolong.

“The Short Blade Gates secret technique, the Boundless Universe Lightning Palm!” Seeing Shi Longs attack, Golden Phoenix Pavilions disciple Zhang Yadong exclaimed with an earnest expression. 

Some time ago, there was a rumor in Void Sky City that Shi Long had successfully cultivated the Boundless Universe Lightning Palm technique, but it was merely a rumor.

But now, they were seeing the truth—Shi Long had really succeeded!

Zhang Yadong had believed that both of their strengths were at par with one another.

But now since it was confirmed that Shi Long had successfully cultivated the Boundless Universe Lightening Palm, Zhang Yadong knew that Shi Long could suppress him without much effort.

Looks like this is the end for that kid! A Golden Phoenix Pavilions disciple standing behind Zhang Yadong said, referring to Huang Xiaolong.

Zhang Yadong nodded in agreement, Only certain Short Blade Gates disciples are allowed to cultivate the Boundless Universe Lighting Palm, since its power is earth-shattering… But he stopped abruptly, as he saw the fatty dispersing all the crackling lighting power with a single punch that sent Shi Long staggering back a dozen meters from the impact.

This result stupefied Zhang Yadong and the rest of the Golden Phoenix Pavilions disciples.

Chen Jianfeng and his fellow disciples eyes nearly popped out from their sockets.

Other sects disciples who had assumed that Huang Xiaolong was a soft persimmon, felt their blood going cold.

Huang Xiaolong ignored all the shocked gazes that fell upon him, after he had forced Shi Long back with a punch.

His three supreme godheads spun as he fully focused on moving that half-meter tall Eidolon Crystalline Rock into his Ghost-Buddha Ring.

‘Fifty-three pieces. Huang Xiaolong counted in his mind.

That was the number of Eidolon Crystalline Rocks he had collected so far.

If he counted the Eidolon Crystalline Rocks that the little cow had collected, there would be more than a hundred pieces.

This number of Eidolon Crystalline Rocks was enough for him to refine a divine artifact and temper his body.

On the other hand, Shi Longs face turned liver-red after he was forced back by Huang Xiaolong.

The killing intent in his eyes was akin to a thunderstorm as he stared at Huang Xiaolong, like a hunter looking at a prey.

Violent streaks of lightning crackled around his body, portraying his wrath.

“Boundless Universe Lightning Palm—Myriad Lightning Vortex!”

The lightning around his palms expanded in size, and slammed down madly at Huang Xiaolong. 

A great vortex was formed as divine lightning fell from the sky and merged with the vortex.

The lightning vortexs power soared as it became bigger, while it continued absorbing more divine lightning.

In a split second, over a hundred streaks of lightning were merged into the vortex.

This Myriad Lightning Vortex is the most powerful attack in the Boundless Universe Lightning Palm technique.

Its destructive power multiplies by absorbing divine lightning from the sky, however, based on Shi Longs current strength, his Myriad Lightning Vortex could only absorb five to six hundred streaks of divine lightning power at the most.

Then again, that was already a terrifying amount in itself.

The Myriad Lightning Vortex had expanded over Huang Xiaolongs head in the blink of an eye, sucking Huang Xiaolong up as it spun.

Huang Xiaolong was irritated now.

Just as he was about to retaliate, the little cow let out a loud sneeze, spitting out roiling purple lightning… Nothing, simply nothing was left of the Myriad Lightning Vortex.

The little cow then turned her butt towards Shi Long.

With a swing of her tail, purple lightning formed into a purple lightning whip, that cracked straight at Shi Long.

Shi Long paled, and quickly began striking his palms out repeatedly, as he panicked.

But to his horror, his Boundless Universe Lightning Palm was unable to suppress the force of the purple lightning whip.

After seeing that the purple lightning whip was that close to striking him, he executed an ancient technique to dodge the attack and was barely successful.

PA—! The purple lightning whip struck the spot, right where he was standing a second ago.

The whole mountain shook as a several hundred li long crack opened in the ground.

Everyones heart jumped in sync as the sound of the purple lightning whip hit the ground.

Their eyes were filled with dread as their gaze fell upon the little cow.

Suddenly, Huang Xiaolong and the little cows eyes narrowed as they looked towards the horizon.

‘This aura...

an Ancestor God Realm master! Theres an Ancestor God Realm master arriving!


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