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Just as Huang Xiaolong was getting curious about Guo Gangs identity, Luo Yunjie informed him, “His father is Guo Jun, the sea tribes City Castellan.”

Huang Xiaolong immediately understood the situation with Luo Yunjies simple sentence.

The Golden Wheel City had five City Castellans and Guo Gangs father Guo Jun was one of them.

However, the sea tribes power was stronger than Fortune Gate, Wangu Clan, Dark Elf Tribe, and even Primal Chaos Mainland, therefore, Guo Jun had indirectly became the head of the five Golden Wheel City Castellans.

In other words, Guo Gang could walk sideways in Golden Wheel City without any repercussions.

No wonder he was arrogant enough to collect one golden bead from people who found two or more golden beads at the volcano.

This was obviously robbery!

But Huang Xiaolong decided to remain unaffected.

If Guo Gang does not provoke him, then he was not so idle as to butt heads with Guo Gang.

Then again, if Guo Gang did manage to find trouble with him, then Hung Xiaolong didnt mind leaving Guo Gangs corpse lying on the ground.

Huang Xiaolong and Luo Yunjie then walked over to Li Lu and Wu Qianer in the crowd.

Li Lu was an enchanting beauty of cold temperament, and Wu Qianer was also a rare beauty.

The two of them standing together naturally attracted a lot of eyes from the crowd, quite a few were actually salivating inwardly.

However, as both of them were clad in Fortune Gates inner disciples attire, most of the people did not bother them, except the three annoying flies buzzing around them.

“Two Misses, we would be very happy to get to know you.

We are disciples of Long Rule Island, my name is Changzhi Qingshan.” Quite a good-looking and carefree young man courteously said to Li Lu and Wu Qianer.

“This one is Changzhi Hongfei.” The other young man with emerald-colored pupils introduced himself.

“And this one is Changzhi Lingxiao.” A tall and burly young man said following the first two.

Huang Xiaolong had almost reached where Li Lu was standing and overheard the three introductions and nearly laughed out loud.

‘Changzhi Qingshan Changzhi Hongfei Why do their names sound like Japanese manga characters such as Ichikawa, Umemoto on Earth 

Long Rule Island

Huang Xiaolong had heard of the Long Rule Island, which was one of the top ten islands under the Dark Elf Mainland.

On the Dark Elf Mainland, the Long Rule Islands status was more or less equivalent to Dragon Origin Island and Twin Cities Sects statutes on Fortune Mainland.

It wasnt strange that these three young men dared to strike a conversation with Li Lu and Wu Qianer despite knowing they were Fortune Gate inner disciples.

“We are not interested in getting to know you.” Wu Qianer directly rejected them, adding, “Please leave.”

Li Lu did not say anything at all, agreeing in silence.

Changzhi Qingshan, Changzhi Hongfei, and Changzhi Lingxiao were stunned, as they had approached Li Lu and Wu Qianer with confidence.

It had never crossed their minds that Wu Qianer would directly reject them.

Changzhi Island was one of the top ten islands of Dark Elf Mainland, moreover, the three of them were Changzhi Island core disciples.

It could be said on Changzhi Island that they were the people who could summon the winds and rain.

Usually, girls were the ones who threw themselves at them, yet now, Li Lu and Wu Qianer didnt even look at them!

However, the three of them werent angered at all, instead, Li Lu and Wu Qianers coldness ignited their excitement and interest.

This felt very refreshing to them compared to the girls who threw themselves at them all the time.

“Leave Two Misses must be joking, are the Two Misses names written here” Changzhi Qingshan said, a shameless smile hanging on his face.

“Thats right, if you can stand here, why cant we”

“Two Misses, did you also came here for the golden beads We know some tricks in finding golden beads.

How about we discuss some of these tricks with you”

The three Changzhi Island core disciples stood their ground, clearly having no intention of leaving.

Wu Qianer frowned, as she could see these three Changzhi Islands core disciples were no weaklings.

They were at least at the Fourth Order Ancient God Realm strength, hence using force to make them leave would be futile.

But then she suddenly spotted Huang Xiaolong and her beautiful eyes brightened immediately.

A smile spread over her face as she called out, “Senior Brother Huang, Senior Brother Luo!”

A smile melted away the coldness from Li Lus face.

Huang Xiaolong and Luo Yunjie smiled and nodded at the girls, greeting them politely.

However, Changzhi Qingshans group frowned in displeasure at both of their presence.

“The three of you, leave now or I cant guarantee what will happen to all of you.” Huang Xiaolong stood beside Li Lu as he said this indifferently to the three Changzhi Island disciples.

Changzhi Qingshan smiled coldly, “Then Im curious to see what will happen to all of us.”

He had barely finished his words, and a scream escaped his mouth as his body shot out like a meteor and crashed onto the boulder in the distance.

His face was red and swollen.

Changzhi Hongfei and Changzhi Lingxiaos face tightened.

Neither of them saw when and how Huang Xiaolong attacked Changzhi Qingshan.

“Who are you!” Changzhi Hongfei asked boldly, as he did not want to sound terrified, “Even if you are a Fortune Gate disciple, well have the City Castellan Wang Shi hold you responsible for this and make him give us an account for injuring our Changzhi Islands disciple!”

“Huang Xiaolong.” Huang Xiaolong answered indifferently.

“Huang Xiaolong!” Changzhi Hongfei and Changzhi Lingxiaos faces paled as they heard Huang Xiaolongs name; they were so scared that they did not dare to utter another sound.

The two immediately scrambled to pick up Changzhi Qingshan and ran off.

Li Lus eyes bent slightly in laughter, and she said to Huang Xiaolong, “Looks like youve got a big reputation, they ran away the moment they heard your name.”

Huang Xiaolong was the Fortune Gate All-Islands Great War first place disciple as well as a high emperor rank genius disciple.

This information had spread through the four mainlands long ago, and any first-rank forces worth their salt would have heard about Huang Xiaolong.

Therefore, it was not an empty flattery when Li Lu said that Huang Xiaolong has gotten a big reputation.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled and insistingly said, “If you two say out your names they would be just as terrified.”

Wu Qianer smiled, “Still, our reputation is not as loud as Senior Brother Huangs.”

Due to the big crowd, many people did not notice what just took place, however, Zhou Xu, Tan Lin, Chen Jai, and Sun Qiang who were not too far away had been paying attention to Li Lu and Wu Qianer; they witnessed this incident closely.

“That Changzhi Familys disciple is an early Fourth Order Ancient God Realm, right I am surprised, he couldnt even take one hit from Huang Xiaolong.” Chen Kai said in shock.

“Getting rid of an early Fourth Order Ancient God Realm disciple is no big deal.” Tan Lin didnt take the matter seriously, “My sword intent can do the same, just as easily.”

“Naturally, with Senior Brother Zhou Xu and Senior Brother Tan Lins strength, Huang Xiaolong is no match for you.” Sun Qiang flattered.

“However, Guo Gang is a trouble.” Zhou Xu glanced at Guo Gang in the far distance.

The area around Guo Gang was deserted, except for his guards.

Other cultivators did not dared to be in their proximity, making Guo Gangs group to stand out even more.

“Since we are Fortune Gate disciples, Guo Gang wont have the guts to collect golden beads from us, right” Tan Lin said, but his voice slightly faltered and didnt sound convincing.

It had only been a few days since their arrival at the Golden Wheel City, but they had already heard about Guo Gangs overbearing and arrogant conduct.

Therefore, there was a good chance that Guo Gang really didnt give a damn about whether they were Fortune Gate disciples or not.

Right at that moment, Changzhi Hongfeis group that was just beaten up by Huang Xiaolong, came in front of Guo Gang.

Changzhi Hongfei smiled and bowed, and then said something to Guo Gang.

Guo Gang glanced at Li Lus group where Huang Xiaolong was still standing with her group.

When his gaze fell upon Li Lu and Wu Qianer, his frosty blue pupils shone with delight.

As Guo Gang was about to walk towards Li Lu, the ground quaked and swayed all of a sudden.

“The volcano is about to spit out the golden beads!” Someone exclaimed excitedly. 

These had been the typical signs before the volcano had spat out the golden beads in the past.

In the distance, smoke and fire soared to the sky from the volcanos crater.

In the next second, small golden-reddish beads shot out from its mouth along with the blazing fire.


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