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Wangu Ziyi was also surprised because Huang Xiaolong had easily broken through his attack without any action.

“You are Huang Xiaolong” Wangu Ziyi asked with indifference.

“And are you the one who bought all of those chaos spiritual liquids” Huang Xiaolong asked suddenly, instead of answering Wangu Ziyi

For a second, Wangu Ziyi was caught off guard, but then he smiled with a gleam of smugness in his eyes.

“Thats right, I bought all of them.

Why Do you want to buy them from me” Wangu Ziyi deliberately paused before continuing, “You can buy them, its not a problem at all.

I used over two trillion shenbi to buy them.

You can give me twenty trillion shenbi and Ill sell them to you!” His smug smile deepened.

Obviously, Wangy Ziyi didnt plan to sell his chaos spiritual liquids to Huang Xiaolong, but was just toying with him.

“Wangu Ziyi, dont be so greedy!” Luo Yunjie interjected.

“You want to sell the things that had originally cost you two trillion shenbi for the price of twenty trillion shenbi”

Wangu Ziyi slightly glanced at Luo Yunjie and asked, “And you are...”

“I am Fortune Gates Luo Yunjie.” Luo Yunjie answered.

“Never heard of that name.” Wangu Ziyi shook his head and completely ignored Luo Yunjie.

Luo Yunjies face turned red with anger and then purple with shame.

He was an emperor rank godhead genius disciple, and even though his reputation was not as dazzling as Huang Xiaolongs, Wangu Ziyi ought to have heard of him.

But Wangu Ziyi had deliberately dismissed him claiming to have never heard of him!

This was contempt!

Naked contempt!

“Luo Yunjie, is it” Wangu Dongchen sneered coldly and said, “I have heard of you! I have heard that during the All-Islands Great War stage battle, you didnt even have the guts to battle Huang Xiaolong when he was your opponent, and you nearly pissed yourself before admitting the defeat immediately.

Youre that Luo Yunjie who had pissed himself, aren\'t you!”

The group of Wangu Clan disciples burst into laughter.

“So, its this kid I was wondering why his name sounded so familiar!”

“Brat, if you nearly pissed yourself just by seeing Huang Xiaolong on the battle stage, then you would definitely ** yourself when you meet our Brother Ziyi later on it..!”

Wangu Clan disciples cackling laughter grew louder, attracting the surrounding peoples attention.

Pedestrians on the street stopped and watched, anticipating a good show.

“You all...! Luo Yunjie\'s eyes turned red and he was about to attack the Wangu Clan disciples in rage.

Sensing this, Huang Xiaolong extended out his arm to block him.

Luo Yunjie paused for a second and saw Huang Xiaolong shake his head, indicating him to stop being reckless.

They were at the Ten Thousand Elephant Royal City.

Earlier, Golden Brow Ancestor, Blood Knife Ancestor, and Sky Sword Ancestor had reminded the to not get into trouble here.

Wangu Ziyi raised his hand to indicate Wangu Clan disciples to stop laughing.

He looked at Huang Xiaolong and said, “You can have those chaos spiritual liquids for free, if you manage to withstand five strikes from me on the battle stage.”

Initially, Wangu Ziyi had thought that he could easily defeat Huang Xiaolong in just three strikes.

However, since Huang Xiaolong had broken his previous attack effortlessly, Wangu Ziyi had gained a new perspective and now believed that he could defeat Huang Xiaolong in five strikes instead of three.

This shift in Wangu Ziyis perspective indicated that he had already evaluated Huang Xiaolong to be stronger than his initial expectation.

Not to mention, a few years back, no disciple could withstand a single hit from Wangu Ziyi during the Eternal Mainlands All-Islands Great War; therefore five strikes was like a very high praise in Wangu Ziyis eyes!

To top this all off, Wangu Ziyis strength had greatly increased from cultivating inside the Godly Qilin Furnace during these last two years.

Huang Xiaolongs eyes narrowed, revealing a sinister smile as he answered: “Sure!”

‘Five strikes Ill fulfill your wish.

Just as Huang Xiaolong was about to pull Luo Yunjie away, Wangu Ziyi spoke, “If you fail to withstand five strikes from me, you wont just lose your opportunity to get the chaos spiritual liquids for free, but I also promise that I will cripple both of your hands on behalf of Wangu Dongchen!!”

Wangu Dongchen sneered, “Huang Xiaolong, arent you feeling regretful now”

Huang Xiaolong coldly retorted, “I am indeed regretful, I regret that I didnt waste all three of your legs!”

Three legs! [1]

Wangu Dongchens reaction was a bit slow.

When he realized what Huang Xiaolong meant, he was enraged and roared at him, “Huang Xiaolong, Ill cripple you in this instant!” He rushed towards Huang Xiaolong, but his action was brought to an abrupt halt as Wangu Ziyi clutched Wangu Dongchens shoulder.

Huang Xiaolong pulled Luo Yunjie, and both of them turned and left.

Wangu Dongchen roared in fury while he watched Huang Xiaolong and Luo Yunjie leave, “Huang Xiaolong, Im going to kill you!” He screamed as he struggled to break free of Wangu Ziyis grip.

Wangu Ziyi suddenly loosened his hand and coldly said, “Then you go and kill him now.”

Wangu Dongchen was rendered silly.

Hesitation flickered over his face, but in the end, he chose not to chase after Huang Xiaolong.

He still had some self-awareness and knew that he was no match for Huang Xiaolong.

Though his strength had risen significantly in the last two years, Huang Xiaolong wasnt idle

After leaving the Wangu Clan disciples behind them, Huang Xiaolong and Luo Yunjie headed towards the Blazing Restaurant.

 Once they arrived there, they found themselves a good table and sat down.

Luo Yunjie was still fuming and as soon as the waiter came to their table, he ordered ten jugs of Blazing Wine.

After taking down their order, the waiter couldnt help but hesitated “Young Master, our restaurants wine is not cheap, each jug…” But before he could finish his sentence, Luo Yunjie threw his spatial ring angrily onto the table. 

The waiter was dumbfounded as he saw the endless waves of shenbi inside the spatial ring.

Without a word, the waiter turned around and hurried away to bring the wine.

Moments later, the Blazing wine was served to Huang Xiaolong and Luo Yunjies table.

They speedily gulped down one bowl after another, emptying two jugs in a very short time. 

Only then did most of Luo Yunjies anger subside.

“Wait until the stage battle, Ill help you vent out your anger against Wangu Ziyi.” Huang Xiaolong promised.

Luo Yunjie replied, “Good brother, Im happy to hear you say this, thats enough for me.

Come, continue to drink with me!” He didnt take Huang Xiaolongs words to heart, as everyone was aware of Wangu Ziyis talent and strength.

Even before the Four Mainlands New Disciples Battle begin, Wangu Ziyi was generally acknowledged as the first place winner. 

Luo Yunjie knew that Huang Xiaolong was very strong, but he also believed that Wangu Ziyi was much stronger than Huang Xiaolong

Huang Xiaolong could understand why Luo Yunjie didnt believe in his promise, but he chose to remain silent.

It wasnt in his nature to explain himself.

“What a blowhard! He actually dared to say he would deal with Wangu Ziyi.” A young man snorted disdainfully at the far end of the restaurant.

This young man was clad in a deep goldenish-purple brocade robe.

He had an extremely thick black eyebrows, and his pupils were so black that they looked as if they were dyed with ink—giving others an eerie feeling.

Huang Xiaolong had noticed this young man since the moment they had entered the restaurant.

Judging from his attire, he was most likely one of the Dark Elf Tribes disciples who was participating in the upcoming Four Mainlands New Disciples Battle.

Furthermore, Huang Xiaolong could see that this young man was stronger than Zhou Xu, Tan Lin, and Luo Yunjie.

This obviously meant that this person was none other than You Wuxin! Only the Dark Elf Tribes number one genius disciple, You Wuxin, had this high level of strength!

“You Wuxin, whether I can or cannot deal with Wangu Ziyi seems to have nothing to do with you.” Huang Xiaolong stated indifferently.

“Could it be that since you werent able to defeat Wangu Ziyi, you think that others might fail as well”

You Wuxin was stunned when Huang Xiaolong uttered his name.

He had remotely expected Huang Xiaolong to guess his identity.

“You are Huang Xiaolong!” You Wuxins ink-black pupils were fixed on Huang Xiaolong.

An unnoticeable infinite swirl appeared in the depths of You Wuxins eyes.

This was the Divine Destruction Eye Art, a powerful ancient divine art that he had cultivated.

This technique could render a sane person completely insane, unbeknownst to the victim.

Not to mention,You Wuxin had simply used this divine art technique, disclosing his cruel and poisonous personality, as a reaction to just one sentence by Huang Xiaolong.

The corners of You Wuxins lips curved into a cold sneer; not even an early Sixth Order Ancient God Realm cultivator could detect his Divine Destruction Eye Art until it was too late and had ended up with a heavy soul damage.

‘If this black-haired young man is really Huang Xiaolong, hes soon bound to turn into a fool. 

...however, a few minutes passed yet Huang Xiaolong was still sitting there and happily drinking his wine with Luo Yunjie.

Nothing had changed about him.

You Wuxin felt very confused,What is going on! How could he be fine!

[1] Three legs; male.

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