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“This lil beautys got quite the good eye.” Seeing that the female disciple knew he was from the Dragon Origin Sect, Liu Lui flashed a grin and strode toward Hu Dan with complacence.

Hu Dans feet glided backward, panic rising in her eyes.

It was clear to her that this Dragon Origin Sect disciple in front of her was an Ancient God Realm master.

Liu Lei flashed a radiant smile watching Hu Dans little action, “Im a man who knows how to treat the fairer sex with tenderness, especially a beauty like you.”

Hu Dan took a deep breath to calm her nerves, sullenly asking, “What do you want”

Liu Lei chuckled, “What do I want Lil beauty, you stole my herb, what do you think I want” Deliberately pausing a moment longer than necessary, Liu Lei smiled, adding, “You might not know, but Im actually very good-natured.

Firstly, put down the Nine Cauldron Golden Pearl Flower; secondly, I found an ancient cultivation technique that requires the  coupling of a man and a woman.”

“Practicing this technique with me also brings you benefits, even breaking through to Ancient God Realm in a decades time.

This is a hundred times better than that Nine Cauldron Golden Pearl Flower.”

Liu Lei was full of smiles, his self-righteous words implied that Hu Dan had obtained a great bargain by dual cultivating with him.

Hu Dans delicate face was green with fury; she had seen many shameless people, but she has never encountered this degree of shamelessness.

Thick-faced enough to claim that a herb in the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield was his, and sounding so righteous about it!

“You!” Hu Dan pointed at Liu Leis face shouting in anger, “You\'re shameless!” In a split second, a long sword appeared in her hand, slashing at Liu Lei.

Sword qi whistled out for several li, cutting a path through the surrounding devil qi.

The whelming sword qi reached Liu Lei in an instant.

Liu Lei exclaimed softly in interest, this Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm female disciple was many times stronger than he had anticipated.

Despite Hu Dans shocking sword qi, he didnt even give it a second glance.

Raising two fingers, Liu Lei restrained the sword qi between his fingers, seemingly pinned in place by a giant hand.

Liu Lei slightly turned his fingers to the side and Hu Dans sword qi snapped into countless fragments, crumbling to nothing.

Whereas Hu Dan, after a slash of her sword, she did not attack again.

Instead, she arrived several hundred li away in a flicker, fleeing at her fastest speed.

As she fled, the scattered devil qi regrouped again, veiling her from Liu Leis sight.

Watching this, Liu Lei sneered.

With a single Greater Space Teleportation, his figure disappeared from the spot.

When he reappeared, he was blocking in front of Hu Dan, pointing a finger at her.

Purple lightning godforce slithered out, turning into a purple dragon halfway, rushing toward Hu Dan.

Crackling lightning drummed in her ears as space shook. 

“Purple Dragon Meteoric Finger!”

The Purple Dragon Meteoric Finger was one of the Dragon Origin Sects more powerful offensive techniques, but it was limited to the scarce few highly talented disciples.

Hu Dan was shocked, but with a twist of her body she swam back like a golden dragon, faintly discernible.

However, the purple dragon from Liu Leis Purple Dragon Meteoric Finger had locked onto her, no matter how Hu Dan changed her direction or if she turned almost invisible, she was unable to shake off the attack.

This was the frightening point of the Purple Dragon Meteoric Finger.

Regardless of how one fled or hid, they wouldn\'t be able to dodge its attack.

The purple dragon caught up to Hu Dan, but just when she thought she wouldn\'t be able to escape from injury, the purple dragon circled around her body like a rope, binding her.

Hu Dan violently struggled, attempting to break free, only to realize that her surrounding space froze, completely restricting her movements.

Liu Lei arrived in front of Hu Dan with the same radiant smile on his face, “I already said that Im quite good-natured.

Had you obediently agreed to my two conditions and put down the Nine Cauldron Golden Pearl Flower, then dual cultivate with me for a few years, I would have set you free once you advanced to the Ancient God Realm.

Arent these excellent conditions”

Then Liu Lei shook his head looking disappointed, “But you did not appreciate my kindness, so now I can only suck your yin essence dry!”

Hu Dan was bloodlessly white in an instant.

Losing all yin essence meant that nine-tenths of Hu Dans life was gone, her cultivation greatly damaged.

To a woman, especially a female cultivator, having their yin essence sucked away was worse than death.

Not to mention she was in the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, death was certain!

Despair rose to Hu Dans face, if she knew this earlier, she would have rather died under the jaws of that Ancient God Realm magic beast.

Liu Lei chuckled as his hand grabbed Hu Dans shoulder, lifted her up and flew away rapidly.

What he had to do now was search for a cave as soon as possible.

At one point when Liu Lei flew carrying Hu Dan, they heard the sound of whistling winds.

A black-haired young man was flying towards them from the opposite direction. 

Hearing the sound of wind, the despair on Hu Dans face receded, shouting as loud as she can: “Help!”

Huang Xiaolong heard a cry for help and recognized it was one of the Twin Golden Dragons, Hu Dans voice.

His gaze fell onto Liu Lei who was holding Hu Dan captive.

Huang Xiaolongs brows creased then relaxed recognizing the Dragon Origin Sect emblem on Liu Leis robe.

Under most circumstances, other participating disciples preferred not to provoke the Dragon Origin Sects disciples; the first reason was that all of Dragon Origin Sects participating disciples were strong, and the second reason was the sects overall power.

Right at this time, Liu Lei tapped his finger in the air in Huang Xiaolongs direction, aiming for his forehead.

In a rapid flicker, Liu Leis finger attack fell on empty space, passing through Huang Xiaolongs afterimage, piercing a hole through a mountain in the distance.

Huang Xiaolong stood calmly some distance away.

Eh Liu Lei was surprised.

He didnt expect his sudden finger attack to be avoided by the person in front of him.

Initially, seeing that Huang Xiaolong was just a peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm, Liu Lei thought this annoyance could be dealt with in one move and then he could continue looking for a cave.

“Its you!” Hu Dan finally recognized Huang Xiaolong a moment later.

Wasnt this the disciple who had been looking at her lasciviously at the Fortune City square That black-haired young disciple

Liu Leis expression darkened seeing that Hu Dan knew this black-haired young man.

He coldly told Huang Xiaolong off, “Brat, dont be nosy.

Scram now and Ill spare your life.

My patience is limited, you have three seconds.”

Lii Lei was confident that Huang Xiaolong could tell he was a Dragon Origin Sect disciple, moreover, with this person\'s peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm strength, Liu Lei was also confident Huang Xiaolong could see he was an Ancient God Realm master.

Huang Xiaolongs expression was just as indifferent, “Put the person down, you have two seconds.

Scram, or die!”

Both Liu Lei and Hu Dan were dumbfounded.

Liu Lei laughed despite his boiling anger, “You\'re giving me two seconds to scram or die Brat are you sure”

Right in this tense atmosphere, a dazzling sword qi shot through space.

Liu Lei felt a swift coldness across his neck, and in the next second, he saw his head separated from his body.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Liu Leis head that fell off his shoulders, icily answering, “I am sure.” For two seconds had passed.

He had seen Liu Lei once in the Fortune City.

At that time, he was walking beside Zhou Xu, seemingly close.

Hu Dans beautiful eyes were wide with shock as she watched Liu Leis head being separated from his body.

Her brain went blank.

With Liu Leis death, the restriction on her body disappeared.


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