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“Maybe I\'m overthinking things.” A second later, Wang Wei laughed at himself.

He knew Li lu was someone who ascended from the lower realm, based on her peerless beauty and talent, how could she be interested in any man in the lower realm

‘Junior Sister Li Lu, one day I will touch your heart.

If a few decades cannot do it, then several hundred years, several thousand years, even several tens of millennia! Wang Wei vowed to himself, adding, “I will not give up.”

Wang Weis figure blurred, disappearing in the air.

On another side, Li Lu who left the Mountain of Myriad Spirits had arrived at the divine kingdoms exit.

In the blink of an eye, she passed through the exit, flying straight toward Fortune City.

Upon arriving at the city, Li Lu contemplated where to start looking for that person before going to the registration square first.

However, in order not to cause unnecessary trouble, she did not appear on the square but went to the Fortune Gate branch near the registration square.

Her arrival had alerted the person in charge of the registration, Elder Gong Fei.

Shortly after, Li Lu sat in the main hall as Gong Fei had rushed from his place to her location.

“Miss Li Lu.” Striding into the main hall in quick steps, Gong Fei greeted her with a bright smile.

Although Li Lu was an inner disciple, her status and identity weren\'t any not lower than some of the Grand Elders.

Li Lu rose from her seat, nodding at Gong Fei as she greeted, “Elder Gong.”

Gong Fei was flattered, but also flustered at Li Lus polite greeting.

He hurried forward, inviting Li Lu to sit before taking a seat himself.

“May I know Miss Li Lus purpose in coming to our branch” Gong Fei cautiously inquired from Li Lu.

Li Lu spoke slowly in a neutral tone, “I came here to inquire if there are any disciples with exceptional talent who came to register”

Although Li Lu didn\'t know Huang Xiaolongs godhead rank, she was certain it was absolutely above hers!

Gong Fei was dazed slightly by Li Lus question.

Various probabilities crossed his mind when he heard that she came here, but he didnt expect Li Lu would inquire about this.

Even though Gong Fei didn\'t understand why she inquired about this matter, he smiled warmly, replying, “I have to say that quite a few good seedlings appeared in this terms All-Islands Great War.

The Dragon Origin Sects Zhou Xu that has the Thousand Dragon Physique has cultivated for two hundred and fifty years, yet he has already broken through to Second Order Ancient God Realm.

Another one is Tan Lin from the Twin Cities Island, who has the Dawn Radiance Physique.

His strength is on par with Zhou Xus!”

“There is also Luoshan Islands Tao Ming, a peak late-First Order Ancient God Realm, and Anyang Islands Guo Yuanhui.”

Gong Fei reported the top ten islands most popular genius disciples to Li Lu in detail.

Lastly, Gong Fei added, “Though Zhou Xu, Tan Lin, and the rest are outstanding, their talents are far from comparable to Miss Li Lu.”

“Neither the Dragon Origin Sect nor Twin Cities Sect have announced Zhou Xu and Tan Lins godhead rank, but there were rumors and speculations that claims both of them have low grade emperor rank godhead!” Gong Fei supplemented.

Low grade emperor rank godhead… Li Lu was surprised.

In the past All-Islands Great War, the highest godhead rank that appeared was top grade king rank, yet this time there were disciples with low grade emperor rank godheads!

However, after her surprise receded, came disappointment.

‘Could it be that Xiaolong is still in the lower realm Or has he ascended to the Divine World but did not participate in the All-Islands Great War

“Miss Li Lu,” Watching Li Lus dazed expression that lasted a good while, Gong Fei couldnt help calling out.

Li Lu came back to her senses while sighing in her heart.

A while later, she excused herself and left the branch.

Gong Fei personally sent Li Lu out to the main entrance before returning to the main hall.

After some thoughts, he took out the communication talisman and sent a message to the Fortune Gates Young Lord Zhu Feng.

As the Fortune Gates Young Lord, many Elders and Grand Elders supported him, and this Gong Fei was one of them.

Zhu Fengs feelings toward Li Lu were no secret.

Inside one of the Fortune Gate\'s residences, Zhu Feng was astounded when he received Gong Feis message.

“Junior Sister Li Lu is inquiring about the participants in this terms All-Islands Great War”

This was really unexpected to Zhu Feng.

“Is there anyone there worthy of Junior Sister Li Lus attention” Zhu Feng mumbled under his breath.

If so, then he really should pay attention to the upcoming All-Islands Great War.

Not long after Zhu Feng received Gong Feis message, Wang Wei who was still inside the Fortune Divine Kingdom also came to know that Li Lu was inquiring about disciples participating in the All-Islands Great War, and began to pay attention to it as well.

In between, news spread and several Grand Elders and Elders also started to pay attention in secret.

Three days passed quickly; the day of the All-Islands Great War finally came.

In the last three days, Huang Xiaolong had completely adjusted his mind and emotions, calm as water.

At the first ray of light, he headed to All-Islands Square together with the other four disciples from Green Cloud Island.

When they arrived at the square, many other islands participating disciples had already gathered.

Yao Chi, Lu Zhuo, and the others also went to All-Islands Square, but they could only stand at the edge, for they were not participants.

Unexpectedly, Huang Xiaolong spotted Hu Dan, one of the twin dragons of the Golden Dragon Gate.

She was accompanied by another Golden Dragon Gate male disciple and three Berserk Lion Sect male disciples.

Judging from the three Berserk Lion Sect disciples facial features, Huang Xiaolong could tell that one was the Black Lion Sword Sun Fu, strength at mid-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm, while the other should be the Ice Lion Sword, Chen Haiqiang, a late-Ninth Order Heavenly God Realm disciple.

Hu Dans group of five was waiting not far from where Huang Xiaolong was.

He guessed that the Golden Dragon Gate Ancestor and Sect Chief, as well as the Berserk Lion Sect Chief,  were all waiting outside the square.

When Huang Xiaolong infiltrated the Golden Dragon Gate, he had changed his facial features to another disciple named Tang Hong, therefore, Hu Dans group didn\'t recognize him. 

Hu Dan revealed a disgusted expression noticing that Huang Xiaolong had been staring at her for some time.

“Eldest Senior Sister, do you want me to teach that brat a lesson” The Golden Dragon Gate male disciple also noticed Huang Xiaolong staring at Hu Dan and displeasure filled his heart, which was why he asked that question.

Hu Dan shook her head, “Dont make trouble, and that brats strength is probably the same as mine.”

The Golden Dragon Gate disciple was taken aback, exclaiming: “That brat is that strong!” As one of the disciples heavily nurtured by the Golden Dragon Sect, he was no stranger to Hu Dans strength.

Hu Dan merely nodded and did not say anything further. 

As time passed, more and more participants arrived at the square.

“The Dragon Origin Sects Zhou Xu! And the Twin Cities Sects Tan Lin!”

All of a sudden, the crowd was in a furor.

 Some distance away, two young men with extraordinary bearing were walking to the square side by side.

These two were none other than Zhou Xu and Tan Lin, the two genius disciples at the center of attention in this terms All-Islands Great War!

Hu Dans eyes were shining brightly watching Zhou Xu and Tan Lins appearance.

They were genius disciples of great talent, this point was enough to make the female participants worship them, Hu Dan included.

After Zhou Xu and Tan Lin arrived at the square, disciples from the remaining top ten islands arrived consecutively, stirring the crowds excitement again and again.

An hour later, the Elder in charge whistled through the air with a large group of Fortune Gate disciples following behind him.

This Elder was none other than Gong Fei who Li Lu inquired information from a few days back.

Gong Feis gaze swept over the crowd of disciples, lingering slightly longer on Zhou Xu and Tan Lins bodies before he announced the rules and rewards of this term\'s All-Islands Great War.


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