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Chapter 116: Duanren Empire Intervention

However, with the current anarchic situation, Huang Xiaolong was in no rush to get to the Enlightenment Lake; he continued to practice in the yard every day, biding his time to see what happens.

The truth was, it would have been useless even if Huang Xiaolong rushed to the Enlightenment Lake as there was quite some time until the Heavenly Treasure is born.

Moreover, the Yuwai Kingdom’s army was still standing guard in the area and they hadn’t withdrawn yet.

The most important point was that a Heavenly Treasure is not something that could be subdued by anybody; just like the Linglong Treasure Pagoda, any one of the top ten Heavenly Treasures required people with grade thirteen martial spirits’ talents and above to rein them in.

Therefore, five days just came and went.

On the fifth day, while Huang Xiaolong was practicing in the yard, Fei Hou came in and reported to him: “Sovereign, this Subordinate has found out that the Baolong Kingdom’s Big Sword Sect is here!”

Big Sword Sect!

An edge glinted in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes: “Who”

Fei Hou answered respectfully: “Both Yu Chen and Lin Zhiren are here.

They brought quite a number of Big Sword Sect’s Elders and disciples with them!”

The previous Big Sword Sect − Sect Leader Liu Wei’s Master, Yu Chen!

After Liu Wei was killed in Huang Clan Manor by Marshal Haotian, his Junior Brother, Lin Zhiren, took over the Sect Leader’s position.

Unexpectedly, both of them came here!

“Other than the Big Sword Sect, the Baolong Kingdom’s Martial Ning Family’s Patriarch, Ning Wang, is also here in person!” Fei Hou then added.

“Oh, the Martial Ning Family’s Patriarch Ning Wang also came.” Huang Xiaolong looked at Fei Hou.

“Yes, also the Cloud Sea Kingdom’s Purple-Robed Sword Sect and their Sect Leader brought many people here!” Fei Hou nodded: “Including Cloud Sea Kingdom’s Clear Cloud Pavilion.”

Fei Hou reported one by one the forces and their strengths that had rushed over to the Yuwai Kingdom during the past few days to Huang Xiaolong.

Purple-Robed Sword Sect, the Cloud Sea Kingdom’s number one sect!

Clear Cloud Pavilion was the Cloud Sea Kingdom’s biggest merchant power and its influence covered the entire Cloud Sea Kingdom; they even opened many Clear Cloud Pavilion branches in the neighboring kingdoms.

“Looks like quite a lot of people came ah.” When Fei Hou finished reporting, a faint smile flashed passed Huang Xiaolong’s face, “The ambiance around the Enlightenment Lake will be livelier in the few days coming.” Although there were many powerful forces that had arrived, Huang Xiaolong was delighted instead of worried; just like he said prior to this, the more forces the better, the more chaotic the better.

While Fei Hou was updating Huang Xiaolong on the recent movements in the Enlightenment Lake, the Yuwai Kingdom’s King, Fan Zhe, was also listening to the report from the Army Chief Marshal responsible for guarding the Enlightenment Lake, and the furrows on his brow grew deeper and deeper.

“Your Majesty, there are more and more forces arriving at the Enlightenment Lake; the Baolong Kingdom’s Big Sword Sect, the Martial Ning Family, the Nine Phoenix Valley, and the Cloud Sea Kingdom’s Purple-Robed Sword Sect.

Even Clear Cloud Pavilion has sent someone here.

Furthermore, just now…!” This Chief Marshal of the army guarding the Enlightenment Lake named Chen Tong started to hesitate finishing his report.

“Speak! Just now what” Fan Zhe questioned in a solemn voice.

“Just now, the Baolong Kingdom, Cloud Sea Kingdom, Four Seasons Kingdom, Big Tusker Kingdom, a number of these kingdoms’ envoys allied together and came to us saying that if we do not withdraw the army stationed around the Enlightenment Lake, then the seven kingdoms will join hands and attack our Yuwai Kingdom!” Chief Marshal Chen Tong reported honestly.

“What! They dare! These small kingdoms, if I don’t show them some colors and they will dare to reverse the sky!” The Prince, Fan Yizhe, who was sitting on the prince’s throne was furious when he heard this.

Normally, these small kingdoms always displayed a respectful front in front of the Yuwai Kingdom, not to mention letting out a fart, they dare not even breathe a little louder.

Now, they actually have the audacity to band together against the Yuwai Kingdom!

Hearing this, a sharp light gleamed in the Yuwai Kingdom King Fan Zhe’s eyes, exuding the invisible majestic bearing of a king, causing Chief Marshal Chen Tong to bow down his head as beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

“Continue to have the Army guard the Enlightenment Lake; however, retreat and guard one direction and rescind the military ban.”

Guard one side, and rescind the military ban!

Chief Marshal Chen Tong was flabbergasted.

Although the army was not withdrawn, removing the military ban was equivalent to allowing the many different forces to come and go in the Enlightenment Lake as they please.

This was a compromise to the seven small kingdoms in disguise.

“Royal Father, we cannot rescind the military ban!” Prince Fan Yizhe objected anxiously, “The treasure being born in the Enlightenment Lake this time very likely is….!”

“Enough, say no more!” The Yuwai King raised a hand to cut off his son’s words, and said to Chen Tong: “I will send three Xiantian experts from the palace to aid you; no matter what, the great treasure in the Enlightenment Lake cannot fall into another’s hand!”

Three Xiantian experts!

Chen Tong’s eyes lit up, and acknowledged the King respectfully: “Yes; please rest assured Your Majesty, I will do the utmost best to win the great treasure!”

“En, go now!”

Not long after that, the army soldiers in the vicinity of the Enlightenment Lake retreated in one direction and news about the military ban being rescinded spread quickly.

Fei Hou immediately brought this news to Huang Xiaolong the moment he got it.

“Oh, the military ban is invoked.” Huang Xiaolong was delighted with this message.

“That’s right, Sovereign; do we head over to the Enlightenment Lake now” Fei Hou asked.

Huang Xiaolong looked grave as he asked, “According to your estimation, when will this great treasure in the Enlightenment Lake be born”

Fei Hou was stunned Huang Xiaolong would ask him this question, and he pondered for a moment and replied: “Probably in another ten days.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded: “Then we wait a while longer.”

Since the military ban was rescinded, the surging forces would rush in competing against each other to enter the lake first, creating some of the most turbulent times.

It was not suitable to enter at this peak hour.


Three days passed.

These past three days, the frequency of Fei Hou coming and reporting the latest situation to Huang Xiaolong went up, as much as several times a day.

With the high influx of warriors into the Enlightenment Lake, conflict of interest clashes was becoming more common, and the fighting grew more brutal and intense compared to the period when the military ban was in place ㅡ the current situation could be described as a river of blood.

On the tenth day, when Huang Xiaolong was practicing the Asura Sword Skill in the yard as he has been doing everyday, Fei Hou walked in with a solemn expression.

Noticing Fei Hou’s face, Huang Xiaolong temporarily stopped his actions.

“Sovereign, I have just got the news that the Duanren Empire sent someone over!” Stopping in front of Huang Xiaolong, Fei Hou reported this new tidbit of information.

“Duanren Empire!” Huang Xiaolong’s heart fell with a ‘ka deng’ — he was greatly shocked by the news.

But, the Duanren Empire is situated more than a million li away from here; even considering the speed of a Saint realm expert, it was hardly possible for them to reach the Yuwai Kingdom from the Duanren Empire in one month’s time.

Despite that, the people from Duanren Empire had already arrived!

What happened!

“The Duanren Empire Imperial Clan used a Saint level space-time artifact.” Knowing the doubt in Huang Xiaolong’s heart, Fei Hou explained further.

“Saint level space-time artifact” This was the first time Huang Xiaolong heard of such a thing.

Fei Hou nodded in affirmation: “Yes, this space-time artifact is a flying tool built by Saint realm experts, it could shuttle through space and at high speed too.

However, in the entire Duanren Empire, only the Imperial Clan has one.”

Huang Xiaolong frowned tightly.

He didn’t expect the Duanren Empire Imperial Clan would have a space-time artifact like this; with Duanren Empire’s intervention in this matter, things have become trickier.

“Is there any Saint realm expert within them” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Fei Hou shook his head, “I still can’t be sure if there are any Saint realm experts at this point, but it has already been confirmed that the Duanren Empire’s Second Prince is here, Duan Wuhen!”

“Duan Wuhen” Huang Xiaolong looked Fei Hou.

“Yes, this Duan Wuhen possesses the highest talent amongst the many Princes and Princesses of the Duanren Empire, the one most favored by the Duanren Emperor.” Fei Hou reported: “Cultivating only for two hundred years, he already is a Xiantian Ninth Order expert!”

A Xiantian Ninth Order!

Although a Xiantian Ninth Order is no Saint realm, it is very close to the terrifying existence of a Saint realm.

“Then, do you know what this Duan Wuhen’s martial spirit is” Huang Xiaolong asked another question.



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