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“This Nine-Colored Divine Phoenix is a treasure from head to toe, especially its blood.

If you can use it for cultivation, your strength will definitely increase by leaps and bounds.” The little cows tone changed at this point, shaking its head, “However, its innate divine fire is too strong.

Forget about drawing blood from its body, even a Tenth Order Ancient God Realm master would instantly be turned to ashes upon touching the divine flames enshrouding this Nine-Color Divine Phoenix.”

Huang Xiaolongs eyes flickered with unwillingness, “Is there no way about it”

“No.” The little cow bluntly answered without hesitation.

Huang Xiaolong couldnt help feeling disappointed, shifting his attention to other corners of the hall.

“That is…” Huang Xiaolongs eyes lit up as his gaze fell onto a translucent red crystal stuck on the wall further away.

It was as big as two fists put together and shaped like a rhombus.

This red rhomboid crystal emitted a faint glow and had red lines of fire element spiritual energy roiling within.

“Its a phoenix fire crystal!” Recognizing the crystal, Xiaoniū cried out in excitement, its eyes shining with delight.

Hearing this, Huang Xiaolongs heart skipped a beat.

“That Phoenix Fire Crystal most likely belonged to this Nine-Colored Divine Phoenix.” The little cow explained, “Phoenixes like to cultivate while being perched on wutong trees.

As time passes, their divine flames heat crystallizes the tree\'s sap, condensing energy crystals like this phoenix fire crystal.

Consuming the phoenix fire crystal tempers ones body, godhead, and soul, increasing their strength exponentially.”

A feverish light shone in Huang Xiaolongs eyes as his palm spread in the air, pulling the crystal into his hand.

It felt hot for a moment, but soon warm energy flowed into his body through his palm.

“But I have to say that your current cultivation is still too low.

If you try to eat this phoenix fire crystal right now, youll turn into ash in less than a second.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded cautiously.

This phoenix fire crystal was left behind by the Nine-Colored Divine Phoenix and contained terrifying fire spiritual energy.

If he consumed it, even his three supreme godheads and True Divine Dragon Physique would have a hard time refining the energy inside.

At that time, Huang Xiaolong was sure he would need the little cows help.

He then kept the phoenix fire crystal into his Asura Ring and searched the hall.

After a while, Huang Xiaolong and the little cow exited the Nine-Colored Divine Phoenix space, arriving in the hall outside.

Back in the outer hall, Huang Xiaolong once again looked at the chaos spiritual pills inlaid on the four crystal walls.

He took a deep breath to calm his excitement as he wondered how much his strength would rise after refining all these pills. 

There were forty chaos spiritual pills inside this hall.

Pacifying his excited heart, Huang Xiaolong walked toward the center of the hall.

A force from his palm dislodged one of the chaos spiritual pills from a wall.

On the surface of this chaos spiritual pill flickered the shadow of a fire qilin.

The phoenix and qilin auras intermingled inside the pill.

Just a sniff caused the fire element spiritual energy to warm up his body, feeling as if every inch of his flesh had just been tempered.

It was warm and comfortable.

Huang Xiaolong quickly sat down cross-legged and swallowed a chaos spiritual pill into his mouth.

To any other Heavenly God Realm cultivator, including peak late-Tenth Order masters, directly swallowing a chaos spiritual pill was equivalent to seeking death! But with Huang Xiaolongs True Divine Dragon Physique and three supreme godheads, he had no such worries.

The moment the chaos spiritual pill entered his body, it immediately turned into surging hot energy that grew more intense and powerful with each second.

In the beginning, the energy flow resembled a small gentle stream that grew into the roaring waves of an ocean.

Huang Xiaolong promptly circulated his godforce to absorb the energy within that chaos spiritual pill.

The more he absorbed, the more fire element spiritual energy gathered around him, forming two vague shapes of a phoenix and qilin as time passed.

Above Huang Xiaolongs head was a hovering blue primordial divine dragon.

Time flowed; in the blink of an eye, six years had passed.

In these six years, Huang Xiaolong consumed those chaos spiritual pills one after another, all of them fire attributed.

With every pill he consumed, his True Divine Dragon Physique, three supreme godheads, and soul were continuously tempered by the fire element spiritual energy contained within.

After being tempered by over a dozen different chaos spiritual pills, Huang Xiaolongs True Divine Dragon Physique, three supreme godheads, and soul became several times stronger than before!

Huang Xiaolongs already monstrous True Divine Dragon Physique became even more monstrous.

With just one punch, he could shatter a divine artifact forged by a peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm master.

Staying in this hall for the past six years, Huang Xiaolong discovered another space that kept books related to alchemy.

In his free time, Huang Xiaolong would enter that space and read.

Because of this, his alchemy knowledge had expanded greatly, and so did his alchemy refining skills during these six years.

Whereas Xiaoniū continued to crunch godheads as always, sleeping every time it finished eating an Ancient God Realm godhead, only to repeat these actions after it woke up.

On this day, Huang Xiaolong was practicing his moves with the Devilish Heavenly Snake Sword.

Sword qi rose high in the air, splitting the white clouds above.

Previously, the sword needed the Giant Tribe Patriarch and five other Eminent Grand Elders to hold it in order to bring out its full power, but now, Huang Xiaolong managed to manipulate all six swords alone.

Moreover, the power he could exert while holding the Devilish Heavenly Snake Sword was comparable to Ju Wufeis.

A few seconds later, the sword light vanished and Huang Xiaolongs figure appeared on the square.

‘Its time to leave. He thought to himself.

He had refined all the chaos spiritual pills in the hall in these six years, there was no benefit in remaining here in the Phoenix God palace.

There were a little over three years left, Huang Xiaolong wanted to use this time to try searching for the grandmist aura despite how unlikely it was to find it.

He was extremely unwilling to give up on the search.

Feeling the vast energy flowing through his body, Huang Xiaolong threw his head back, letting out a resounding roar.

Six years passed, and his cultivation had risen to late-Ninth Order Heavenly God Realm!

Six years from peak mid-Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm to late-Ninth Order Heavenly God Realm! In the past, Huang Xiaolong had never dared to think this was possible.

But before leaving, he should refine the Black Baboon corpse into a puppet.

He hadn\'t tried to refine the Black Baboon yet, but now that he was already a late-Ninth Order Heavenly God Realm and had the help of two Fifth Order Ancient God Realm Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts, there was no longer any danger in refining it.

Immediately, Huang Xiaolong took out the Black Baboon corpse.

Looking at the beast the size of a small mountain, he stared refining it using the Grandmist Puppetry Technique.

The refinement this time was actually much easier than Huang Xiaolong had expected.

In a short dozen days, he had succeeded.

What delighted him further was the fact that the Black Baboons strength was higher than he had estimated, a late-Seventh Order Ancient God Realm.

While Huang Xiaolong was refining the Black Baboon chaos spiritual beast, in a valley not far from where he was on the Blood Yang Mainland, the Soul Tribes Young Lord Hun Dishan and the Four Great Grand Elders were attacking an ancient divine formation in order to breakthrough.

They were originally headed to the Lightning Lagoon Mainland to capture the two Asura Kings, but as they were passing by the Blood Yang Mainland they were attacked by a group of ghouls and evil spirits and ended up being trapped inside this ancient formation.

They had been trapped for several years now.

The more Hun Dishan thought about the matter, the more enraged he became and the harder he attacked the formation.

Moments later, the ancient formation shattered, and the five regained their freedom at last.


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