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Feeling the savage pressure pressing down on him, Huang Xiaolongs heart tightened knowing he was facing the Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts remnant will.

In general, if an Ancient God Realm masters godhead remained intact after their death, their godsea would retain a portion of their will.

However, this Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts remnant will was far more powerful than Huang Xiaolong had expected. 

The resistance he faced when refining the early Third Order Heavenly God Realm Xie Dus remnant will paled in comparison to this Cloud Devouring Divine Beast.

Was this the difference between a Third Order and a Fourth Order Ancient God Realm master

In the split second after this thought crossed Huang Xiaolongs mind, the Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts remnant will crashed heavily like a great mountain against his soul force, rattling his mind.

The jarring impact nearly broke Huang Xiaolongs soul force that was condensed through the Grandmist Puppetry Technique.

Huang Xiaolong pulled himself together, swiftly drawing power from his three supreme godheads to amplify his soul force.

At the same time, Xie Du, Xie Tu, and Bing Jiuyi appeared at his side, attacking with their soul force in order to help Huang Xiaolong suppress the Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts remnant will.

However, despite the three Ancient God Realm puppets help, the Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts remnant will still held the upper hand, overwhelming Huang Xiaolong until he could hardly do anything else but defend.

One day, two days, three days went by…

Huang Xiaolong endured with gritted teeth, pushing himself to the limit.

After continuous collisions over a long period with the Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts remnant will, Huang Xiaolongs condensed soul force was on the verge of collapse.

If that happened, the rebound from the Grandmist Puppetry Technique failure would cause great damage to his soul.

Recovering would be difficult and troublesome.

On the fourth day, the battle between the Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts remnant will and Huang Xiaolongs soul force remained intense.

Huang Xiaolongs soul force withered to the point of endangering his life, causing bursts of sharp pain to shoot through his soul repeatedly, shaving down his will.

Standing on the side, Xiaoniū was extremely anxious at Huang Xiaolongs condition, but it had no way to help at all.

At the crucial point when Huang Xiaolongs soul force was on the brink of collapsing, an aureate light burst out from his forehead as a golden tablet flew out.

It was the chaos grade spiritual artifact Devil Restraining Tablet.

The moment the Devil Restraining Tablet appeared, it stopped above the Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts head, raining aureate light over them.

Enshrouded by the Devil Restraining Tablets golden light, the Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts remnant will actually quiver as if it was fearful.

A glimmer of hope appeared in the depth of Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

He didnt expect this Devil Restraining Tablet to actually take the initiative to protect him, moreover, being able to restrain the Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts remnant will.

With the Devil Restraining Tablets heavyweight support, the pressure on Huang Xiaolong immediately reduced greatly.

Adding Xie Du, Xie Tu, and Bing Jiuyi, Huang Xiaolong began to retaliate.

Even so, it was no easy task to devastate the Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts remnant will.

Like an immovable giant mountain, Huang Xiaolongs every attack only chipped off a small part.

Soon, half a month went by.

Huang Xiaolong had lost count of how many times he had collided with thegiant mountain.

Still, he grew more spirited, for he noticed that under his persistent attack, his soul force and will had become more tenacious and powerful

Now, his attacks dealt twice as much damage to the Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts remnant soul compared to half a month ago.

One month later.

Huang Xiaolongs will and soul force had sharpened further.

A little over two months later, at one point when his soul force once again attacked, the Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts remnant will finally exploded.

Joy rose to Huang Xiaolongs face watching this.

Huang Xiaolongs soul force quickly wrapped over the Cloud Devouring Divine Beasts godhead, completely integrating with it, and lastly took over its recondensed remnant will.

“This…!” When the integration was successful, Huang Xiaolong was astonished.

The Cloud Devouring Divine Beast was not a Fourth Order but an early Fifth Order Ancient God Realm master!

An early Fifth Order Ancient God Realm Cloud Devouring Divine Beast ah! Despite retaining only sixty percent of its strength after being refined into a puppet, it could easily toy with a peak late-Fourth Order Ancient God Realm human master as it liked.

This was really a big pleasant surprise to Huang Xiaolong.

No wonder its remnant will was so strong even after death!

Recalling the danger earlier, cold sweat trickled down his face.

If it wasnt for the Devil Restraining Tablet, the consequences…!

At this time, the Cloud Devouring Divine Beast slowly got up into a kneeling position, saluting Huang Xiaolong, its Master.

Huang Xiaolong was full of smiles as he observed the Cloud Devouring Divine Beast in front of him.

If this beast was an early Fifth Order Ancient God Realm master, then the other one shouldn\'t be too far off!

Huang Xiaolong immediately calmed himself, employing the Grandmist Puppetry Technique once again to refine the other Cloud Devouring Divine Beast corpse.

After he had refined the first one, the second became easier.

Not only was his soul force and will much stronger but now that he had the help of the first Cloud Devouring Divine Beast, danger was practically nonexistent.

Still, it took Huang Xiaolong one month to successfully refine the second Cloud Devouring Divine Beast corpse!

Another pleasant surprise was the fact that the second Cloud Devouring Divine Beast corpse was actually stronger than the first one, a peak early Fifth Order Ancient God Realm master.

The two beasts were brothers when they were alive.

The little cow was also delighted seeing Huang Xiaolong succeed in refining both beast corpses, this meant there would be two more Ancient God Realm little brothers at Huang Xiaolongs side.

“Come, were heading back to Punishing Heaven City.” Huang Xiaolong stood up, smiling from ear to ear.

With the additional two Fifth Order Ancient God Realm masters, Huang Xiaolong was much more confident.

Although the strength of his group was still insufficient to deal with the Four Seas Trading House behemoth, handling a little Four Seas Trading House Punishing Heaven City branch was more than sufficient.

Having decided, Huang Xiaolong transferred the two Cloud Devouring Divine Beast, Xie Du, Xie Tu, and Bing Jiuyi into the Xumi Temple before leaping onto the little cow and speeding away from the small island toward Punishing Heaven City.

Roughly a month later, Huang Xiaolong once again appeared in the Punishing Heaven City, walking toward the Four Seas Trading House.

At the same time, in the Four Seas Trading House branch\'s back hall, the branch supervisor was calculating the profits from the last two months when one of his disciples walked in and reported, “Master, that kid who wanted to exchange Nether Spirit Beads for the Ancestral Dragon Tree bark half a year ago has returned, hes outside in the lobby right now!”

A cold gleam flickered in the supervisors eyes, “This kid has the guts to appear here again!” Half a year ago, he sent several experts to follow him, but they were soon killed.

This incident was definitely related to this kid.

“Master, how about I go out and capture the kid” His disciple suggested.

The supervisor asked solemnly, “He came alone”

“Yes.” His disciple answered, nodding his head.

Suspicious, he instructed, “Go invite the two Guardians over.”

His disciple was shocked, “Master, is there a need Just to handle a brat, is it necessary to trouble the two Guardians” Both Guardians were early Fourth Order Ancient God Realm masters ah.

The supervisor snapped, “Go do as I say!”

His disciple complied fearfully.

A short while later, the two Guardians arrived and walked to the lobby with the branch supervisor.

There, they spotted Huang Xiaolong standing in front of the Ancestral Dragon Tree bark, observing it.

Sneering inwardly, they approached Huang Xiaolong with a standard benign smile, “Young master is here again, perhaps you have found the Nether Spirit Bead”


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