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The Ancestral Dragon Tree! Delight shone in Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

“Yes, yes, it should be a piece of Ancestral Dragon Tree bark, its right inside this Punishing Heaven City, just up ahead!” The little cow Xiaoniū excitedly spoke in one breath.

Huang Xiaolong immediately set off following the little cows instructions to the location where it sensed the Ancestral Dragon Tree aura.

Standing in front of a tall building, he raised his head to look at the name: Four Seas Trading House.

Huang Xiaolong\'s eyes narrowed, this Four Seas Trading Firm was a highly influential trading house in the sea tribe community.

Just its branch stores were close to ten thousand in number!

For a piece of Ancestral Dragon Tree bark to be in this Four Seas Trading House branch of all places...! 

A second later, Huang Xiaolong lifted his foot and stepped inside.

In the main lobby, he took a quick glance around and immediately spotted the centerpiece, placed at the most obvious spot in the room, the Ancestral Dragon Tree bark.

It was slightly over one meter long with irregular edges, emitting a faint but obvious green glow, looking more like a green fish rather than a tree bark from afar. 

However, there was an obvious layer of glimmering light enshrouding the Ancestral Dragon Tree bark, there was clearly a formation in place.

It was a strong formation, most likely erected by a mid-level or above Ancient God Realm master.

Huang Xiaolong subconsciously frowned.

He called over a trading house employee and pointed at the glowing Ancestral Dragon Tree asking, What\'s the price for that

A radiant smile instantly appeared on the staff\'s face, Young Noble wants to buy this Ancestral Dragon Tree bark Unfortunately, it is not for sale!

Huang Xiaolong\'s breath was stuck in his chest for a second.

He truly had not expected this Four Seas Trading House to actually recognize it as the bark of the Ancestral Dragon Tree.

If they recognized it, why would they place it at the main lobby Why put it on display if it wasn\'t for sale

Since it isn\'t for sale, why display it in the main lobby Is there a meaning to it Huang Xiaolong asked, baffled.

Those are our Vice-Chairman\'s instructions; regardless of who it is, the person who wants this Ancestral Dragon Tree bark must bring the Nether Spirits Bead in exchange. At this time, a robust old man clad in the Four Seas Trading House\'s supervisor robe approached with a benign smile.

Nether Spirits Bead. Huang Xiaolong\'s eyes glimmered in deep thought.

“Exactly, the Nether Spirits Bead.

Our Four Seas Trading Firm found four pieces of Ancestral Dragon tree bark, and the other three pieces are much larger than this one here.” The supervisor revealed, adding after a brief pause, “If anyone can offer four Nether Spirits Beads, our trading houses Vice-Chairman is willing to exchange all four pieces of Ancestral Dragon Tree barks with that person.”

Huang Xiaolong was inwardly jumping with joy, the Four Seas Trading House actually had three other pieces of Ancestral Dragon Tree bark that were even bigger than the one in front of him!

Four Nether Spirits Beads!

“Im not very familiar with this Nether Spirits Bead, can you share some details with me” Huang Xiaolong suppressed the joy in his heart and asked.

“Sure.” The Four Seas Trading House old man supervisor told Huang Xiaolong about the Nether Spirits Bead.

Apparently, it was a rare kind spiritual bead formed from the accumulated soul force of Yin spirits over a hundred million years.

This Nether Spirits Bead was greatly beneficial for cultivating soul force attack techniques.

According to the information the Four Seas Trading House had gathered over the years, there were a few Nether Spirits Beads in the Soul Tribes treasury.

“The Soul Tribes treasury.” Huang Xiaolong couldnt resist a wry smile hearing the location.

The Soul Tribe was one of the more powerful sea tribes, many times stronger than the Clam Tribe.

Entering their treasury and taking away those few Nether Spirits Beads was easier said than done.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head and decided to first gather the herbs needed to refine the Reverse Incarnation Pill.

Thus, he inquired about the remaining herbs he required.

Looking at the list Huang Xiaolong gave, the supervisor said, “What a coincidence! In a few days, the Eastern Brightness Auction House will be holding an auction, and amongst the batch of herbs, several hundreds of them are on the list Little Brother gave me.

Other than two or three of them, you should be able to purchase most of the herbs listed here.”

Huang Xiaolong raised an eyebrow, he hadn\'t expected to find clues about the medicinal herbs he required so fast after coming to the Endless Sea.

Huang Xiaolong cupped his fists to express thanks to the old man, even tipped him ten thousand sea shenbi before leaving the trading house.

“Master, if that kid brings us the Nether Spirits Beads, are we really going to give him the Ancestral Dragon Tree bark” The staff asked out of curiosity.

Watching Huang Xiaolongs back, the supervisor sneered coldly, “Do you think thats possible He wants to exchange four pieces of the Ancestral Dragon Tree bark with merely Four Nether Spirits Beads Is there such a good thing in this world The Ancestral Dragon Tree bark contains the Ancestral Dragons aura, just a tiny thread of it is extremely precious.

The problem is, we dont know how to refine the aura within the Ancestral Dragon Tree, so the Vice-Chairman thought of this method.

The Vice-Chairman thinks that whoever is able to recognize the Ancestral Dragon Tree bark and shows a high level of interest, they will very likely know the method of refining the Ancestral Dragon Tree bark!”

The trading house employees eyes lit up hearing his Masters explanation, “Then should we quickly capture that kid and scour his memories”

The old man waved nonchalantly waved his hand, “There\'s no hurry.

Who knows, maybe he could really find a Nether Spirits Bead.

If he does find one and brings it over to exchange for the Ancestral Dragon Tree bark, it still won\'t be too late to kill him at that time.

Our Vice-Chairman also needs Nether Spirits Beads for his cultivation.”

“Yes, Master.” The staff complied.

After leaving the trading house branch, Huang Xiaolong headed to the Eastern Brightness Auction House that the old supervisor mentioned earlier.

“Master, I think somethings not right about using four Nether Spirits Beads to exchange for four pieces of Ancestral Dragon Tree bark.” Inside the Xumi Temple, the little cow reminded Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong nodded slightly, this naturally occurred to him as well.

It was more likely that the other party would rob the Nether Spirits Beads and kill him when the time comes.

That Ancestral Dragon Tree bark was just a lure.

The corners of Huang Xailongs lips lifted in a cold sneer.

If the trading house people really had such intentions, they shouldn\'t blame him for being ruthless.

After arriving at the Eastern Brightness Auction House, Huang Xiaolong registered for the auction taking place a few days later.

This was the biggest auction house in the Punishing Heaven City, directly managed by the Clam Tribe itself.

Not everyone could enter one of their auctions, one must first register and receive a confirmed spot before being allowed to enter on the day of the auction.

Since Huang Xiaolong had altered his appearance to resemble a Clam Tribe disciple and had a strength of mid-Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm, as well as paying a million sea shenbi, he successfully secured his entry on the day of the auction.

On that day, he would only need to show the Eastern Brightness Auction House jade token.

However, Huang Xiaolong did not leave immediately after securing the entry token.

He went over to the front counter and sold the Zhenyu Sect treasurys grade three and grade four spiritual veins for three hundred million sea shenbi and a little more.

The spiritual energy of grade three and four spiritual veins had little effect on Huang Xiaolong anymore.

With over three hundred million sea shenbi in hand, there shouldnt be any problem in purchasing the medicinal herbs he wanted during the auction.

Just in case, he exchanged a billion shenbi into sea shenbi with a ten percent loss, adding another nine hundred million sea shenbi into his spatial ring.

In total, he now had 1.2 billion sea shenbi!

Leaving the Eastern Brightness Auction House, Huang Xiaolong found an inn nearby and stayed there until the day of the auction.

He also decided to make a trip to the Soul Tribe after the auction ended.

If he found a Nether Spirits Bead or two for exchange, the terms wouldn\'t be up to the Four Seas Trading Firm.

Huang Xiaolong sneered.

The days passed in the blink of an eye.

On the day of the auction, Huang Xiaolong arrived early at the Eastern Brightness Auction House, showed his toke, and smoothly entered.


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