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Looking at Zhao Wuyas flustered expression, Wei Chao grinned, “Dont worry, Old Bro Wuya, wait after I kill this punk.

As long as I find a chaos herb on him, you will get some benefits as well.”

Zhao Wuyas heart quivered.

What if there was no chaos herb in Huang Xiaolongs possession Was Wei Chao going to kill him to vent his anger instead

“Many thanks in advance to Brother Wei Chao.” Zhao Wuya forced a smile on his face.

The truth is, Zhao Wuyas thinking wasnt wrong.

After going through the laborious effort of killing so many disciples of big families and sects, if Wei Chao really ended up empty handed, he would tear him apart to vent his anger.

Wei Chao turned his attention back onto Huang Xiaolong, a long sword silently appearing in his hand.

On the body of the sword was a life-like red diagram of a majestic lion.

This Red Lion Sword was the divine weapon used by one of the Berserk Lion Sects Ancestors when he was alive, and within it was sealed the soul of an Ancient God Realm Red Lion.

Although it was only the soul force of a First Order Ancient God Realm Red Lion and not even one-tenth of it was sealed, it was still a powerful weapon.

Wei Chaos strength combined with this Red Lion Sword enabled him to easily defeat a peak late-Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm opponent.

This was one of the reasons why Wei Chao was so confident he could kill Huang Xiaolong.

Without warning, Wei Chao lunged forward like a dragon springing forth, the Red Lion Sword in his hand prepared to split Huang Xiaolong into two.

“Berserk Lion Sword Technique!” Wei Chao bellowed.

A terrifying ray of sword qi burst out, causing overwhelming energy to roll forth as blazing flames covered the sky.

The sword qi was indescribably fast.

Huang Xiaolong had just thought of dodging when Wei Chaos sword qi was barely a meter away from his throat.

By reflex, Huang Xiaolong tilted his neck to the side before his hand clenched into a fist and sent forward a Great Void Divine Fist.

Zheng! Noise of metal clashing rang out.

Huang Xiaolong and the little cow seized the small window of time, retreating more than a dozen li.

Lifting his hand, Huang Xiaolong could see a savage sword wound that caused his blood to flow out of control.

Huang Xiaolong was slightly surprised.

His current True Divine Dragon Physique was tougher than a divine artifact refined by a peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm, he didn\'t imagine Wei Chaos sword qi could penetrate his bodys defense.

He was surprised, but so was Wei Chao.

Huang Xiaolong actually took on his sword attack with his bare fist!

Moreover, he could see that his earlier sword attack merely caused a flesh wound on Huang Xiaolongs hand, the wound didnt even reach the bone.

“As expected, you have some ability.” Wei Chaos face split into a sinister grin, “Im curious how many of my sword attacks you can withstand.”

“Roar of the Berserk Lion!”

The Red Lion Sword in his hand emitted a dazzling red light, once again releasing a whelming ray of sword qi that flew toward Huang Xiaolong.

“Fierce Lion Swords!”

Numerous rays of sword qi once again flew out like torrential rain.

Huang Xiaolong jumped off the little cows back, holding the Mulberry Sword in his hand.

“The Tempest of Hell!”

“Tears of Asura!”

“State of Abundant Lightning!”

“Eye of Reincarnation!”

Huang Xiaolongs voice reverberated in the air as the Asura Sword Skills were used one after another.

After all these years, Huang Xiaolongs Asura Sword Skills had reached a realm where any move could be displayed at will, each move containing a myriad of changes and unfathomable power.

Asura sword qi formed countless wind vortexes, interchanging with a thunderstorm filled with streaks of lightning, occasionally condensing into a giant red eyeball.

The Asura sword qi and Berserk Lion sword qi collided, creating an explosion that cut the water below into various shapes.

Zhao Wuya was shocked, hastily backing away from the battle area.

The Three Evils watched Wei Chao and Huang Xiaolongs battle from a distance with no intention of interfering, but seeing that Huang Xiaolong actually didn\'t fall at a disadvantage against Wei Chao, all three were inwardly astonished.

They could see that, despite Huang Xiaolongs early Fifth Order Heavenly God Realm cultivation that  had advanced in recent days, his strength was on par with the peak mid-Seventh Order Heavenly God Realm Wei Chao!

\'How can this be!\'

Wei Chaos cultivation was two big orders higher than Huang Xiaolongs, not to mention the Red Lion Sword he  was wielding!

Even Wei Chao was feeling alarmed inwardly. 

In a few breaths of time, the two of them had exchanged several hundred moves.

Within a thousand meters radius above the Endless Sea, turbulent wind howled in their ears as sword qi filled the sky.

“Red Lion, come out!” Realizing that a drawn-out battle would not benefit himself, Wei Chao could no longer hold back, gloomily calling out the Ancient God Realm Red Lion soul that was sealed inside his sword.

With his current strength, he could barely use the Red Lions soul force, however, at the moment, Wei Chao couldnt care less about the consequences.

Sending all the godforce he could muster into the sword, a vague Red Lions soul flew out, roaring skyward.

Its roar echoed for miles above the sea, raising high waves and causing the airflow you turn violent.

The Red Lion was an ancient divine beast.

The moment it appeared, the surroundings fell into a blazing sea of flames.

The sea water right below it was bubbling as the temperature reached the boiling point.

This was only the Red Lion soul, if  it was a real-life Red Lion divine beast present, the area of sea water below would evaporate in an instant.

Immediately after summoning the Red Lion soul, Wei Chao ordered it to attack Huang Xiaolong.

The Red Lion pounced onto Huang Xiaolong, arriving right above his head in a single leap.

Its front paw slammed down on him akin to a divine volcano, throwing him into the darkness.

Huang Xiaolongs eyes narrowed, looking solemn.

Just as he prepared to attack, purple-colored liquid expanded, drowning the Red Lion within.

Facing this purple-colored liquid, it was as if the Red Lion had met its bane.

The blazing fire easily extinguished!

Inside the bubble of purple lightning liquid, the Red Lion was twitching uncontrollably.

The sudden turn of events rendered everyone silly.

Huang Xiaolong and everyone present turned toward the little cow.

It was the little cow that attacked the Red Lion soul moments ago.

The little cow looked at Huang Xiaolong, nonchalant as it spoke, “Leave this stupid lion to me, you just go and deal with that brat.”

Stupid lion Huang Xiaolong speechless at the little cows choice of words.

His figure blurred, moving to attack Wei Chao.

Undeniably, this Wei Chao was strong, but Huang Xiaolong was confident that even without transforming into his primordial divine dragon form, he could win.

Wei Chao looked at the Red Lions soul in anger as it was restricted by a cow.

“Can you guys tell that cows origin” In the distance, one of the Three Evils, Evil Ghost watched in surprise the little cow that was battling with the Red Lion.

Evil Devil and Evil Blood both shook their heads.

“That purple color liquid is so powerful!” Evil Devil looked grim, “Even the upper ranked lightning element Poisonous Lightning Dragon with a divine beast bloodline isn\'t as powerful!”

There was burning desire in Evil Ghosts eyes, “Could it be a supreme divine beast”

Evil Blood laughed loudly, “Who would have thought this Huang Xiaolong punk would have so many treasures on him! Should we make a move now”

“No hurry, Huang Xiaolong and that cow wont be able to run anyways.” Evil Devil snickered, “Lets wait.”

By this time, the two Berserk Lion Sect Elders had dealt with all the remaining flying ship passengers and were regrouping with the Three Evils.

The battle between Huang Xiaolong and Wei Chao became increasingly intense, but Wei Chao gradually fell into a disadvantage.

If this continued, defeat was inevitable.

Watching this, the Three Evils shook their heads in disappointment.

“Elder Chen, you go and kill that Huang Xiaolong.” Evil Ghost said to one of the Berserk Lion Sect Elders, “But capture that cow alive.”


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