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Gently dabbing away the sweat on Huang Xiaolongs forehead, Yao Chis voluptuous bosom inevitably jiggled following her movements, causing her snow white skin to dance before his eyes.

In the last several hundred since years they were separated, it seems  like her bosom had grown bigger…

Although obscured by layers of clothing, Huang Xiaolong could somewhat tell the difference.

As Yao Chi continued to dab sweat away from Huang Xiaolongs forehead, she suddenly sensed his oddness.

She raised her gaze and saw Huang Xiaolong staring dazedly at her cleavage, then glared bashfully at him, “Whatre you looking at!”

Huang Xiaolong coughed to hide his guilty conscience, his eyes looking upward to the sky, thinking that the sun looked particularly round today.

Watching Huang Xiaolongs awkward reaction, Yao Chi broke into a peal of laughter, causing her body to sway from side to side, blooming like an  innocence that added another layer of charm to her mature beauty.

She was pure, yet enchanting and noble at the same time.

Huang Xiaolong was a hot-blooded male after all, not to mention the fact that their interactions in recent days were ambiguously intimate, therefore, his lower body reacted.

Huang Xiaolong looked dazedly at Yao Chis body swaying in laughter.

A while later, her laughter subsided, but when she saw Huang Xiaolongs silly dazed expression, she broke out in another wave of laughter.

Suddenly, Yao Chi raised her chin, pressing her lips against Huang Xiaolongs.

The kiss reverberated like a clap of rumbling thunder in Huang Xiaolongs brain.

Yao Chi removed her lips in less than a second, separating from Huang Xiaolong, then ran away blushing red.

Rooted to the spot, Huang Xiaolong was still dazed as he watched her fleeing figure.

Touching the spot Yao Chis lips touched, a faint fragrance and warmth still lingered.

Although in this half a month their relationship had deepened a great degree, there was still a line both of them consciously kept.

Hence, today was actually the first time Yao Chi had kissed him.

Thinking of this, Huang Xiaolong laughed foolishly, feeling a sweetness in his heart.

“It seems Ive suffered a loss.” Huang Xiaolong muttered to himself, “Reacting too slow just now, really stupid ah.”

“Tomorrow, should I take the initiative”

One should know how to reciprocate.

The night passed smoothly.

Early next morning, when Huang Xiaolong arrived at the main hall, Yao Chi was there, drinking tea.

Seeing him, a faint redness colored her cheeks as she clearly remembered her own actions yesterday.

Huang Xiaolong waved away the maid serving at the side as he approached Yao Chi, sitting down next to her, acting natural.

A short moment of silence ensued…

“That…” Huang Xiaolong and Yao Chi spoke at the same time, the same word.

Surprised, their gazes met as they looked up, then…


Once again, both spoke at the same time, beginning with the same word.

The two of them felt silly and awkward.


“You first.” Yao Chi dodged Huang Xiaolongs direct gaze as if she was too embarrassed.

Huang Xiaolong paused for a second, “Yesterday my reaction was a little slow.

Today, that, can we…” He furtively glanced at Yao Chi, checking her reaction.

Yao Chi already understood what Huang Xiaolong was trying to say, and before he finished his sentence, her blush deepened further.

She was just about to speak when Huang Xiaolongs lips were already on hers, blocking words that were about to come out.

Yao Chis eyes widened and her body trembled as a shiver ran down her back.

Huang Xiaolong could even see her eyelashes flutter.

But it didnt take long for her to close her eyes as her breathing quickened.

Noticing this, Huang Xiaolongs tongue pried open her lips and began plundering the sweet temptation within.

Gradually, Yao Chi responded to his advances.

It was a little clumsy at first, but she soon learned. 

Precisely at this time, footsteps sounded from the entrance, jolting Yao Chi to her senses before she quickly broke away from Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong sat properly back into his seat, a trace of killing intent flashing across his face looking at Elder Lin Hang who was walking into the main hall.

Lin Hang felt a murderous aura envelop him for a second, scaring half of his soul away.

His knees bent, falling to the floor, not daring to make a sound.

“Speak, what is it” Huang Xiaolong demanded sullenly.

“Young Lord, Patriarch He is here, he said he found another herb.” Lin Hang answered with a forceful smile.

Huang Xiaolong urged, “Tell him to come in.”

Lin Hang respectfully complied and retreated.

Looking at Huang Xiaolongs upset face, a soft giggle escaped Yao Chis lips.

Subsequently, as if she made a decision, she moved her lips close to Huang Xiaolongs ears, whispering softly, “Wait until you have collected all the medicinal herbs, then you can do as you like.”

Even though her words halted in between, some words barely audible, Huang Xiaolong was able to make out a complete sentence, thus he turned toward her with widened eyes.

Yao Chi blushed, hazy emotions veiling her gaze.

Thinking that God knows how long it would take him to gather all the required herbs, Huang Xiaolongs happiness deflated.

“Xiaolong, I…” Watching Huang Xiaolongs crestfallen face, she bit her lips, hesitating.

“Dont worry, I will definitely gather all the herbs and successfully refine the Reverse Incarnation Pill.” Huang Xiaolong said with determination.

Moved by his words, Yao Chi reached out to hold Huang Xiaolongs hand.

Their hands held tightly together.

“However, will your words count after the Devil Heart Blood Curse is lifted” Huang Xiaolong flashed a wicked smile.

Yao Chi wanted to escape being teased so much.

At this time, the He Family Patriarch He Hanyu walked into the hall, carrying a jade box that contained one of the pill ingredients.

Huang Xiaolong stayed another six days at Lin Family Fort before returning to the Barbarian God Sect.

The four families\' Patriarchs were only a small force on Green Cloud Island, their influence limited, the sea would probably dry up before they could gather all the required ingredients.

So, returning to the Barbarian God Sect this time, Huang Xiaolong planned to ask for the Sect Chief and the upper echelon for help.

With the sects forces, it would be much more convenient than relying on the four families.

Huang Xiaolong left the Green Ice Hail Devil Bing Xingting with Yao Chi.

With her around, he need not worry about Yao Chis safety.

Notably, before departing, the two had a war of tongues for a full minute.

While he was making his way back to the Barbarian God Sect, inside the sects main hall sat Ancestor Lu Zhuo, Sect Chief Gu Ling, and the group of Grand Elders and Elders.

“Whether the three Grand Elders, Cao Yang, Zhuang Xuan, and Huang Junfei were killed by Huang Xiaolong or not, we will know once we scour his soul upon return.” Chen Hao coldly stated.

Today, out of nowhere, a rumor claiming that Cao Yang, Zhuang Xuan, and Huang Junfei were killed by Huang Xiaolong exploded.

When the rumor surfaced, the entire Barbarian God Sect was in an uproar, which was why Lu Zhuo, Gu Ling, and all the present Grand Elders and Elders got together to discuss this matter.

“I have verified this matter, and on the day of the three Grand Elders death, Huang Xiaolong was indeed at Cao Bao City!” Grand Elder An Zaixuan supported.

“Although Huang Xiaolong is an outstanding disciple, killing three Grand Elders proves his lawlessness, a crime deserving ten thousand deaths! This kind of disciple, our Barbarian God Sect will absolutely not condone.

We implore Ancestor and Sect Chief to deal with Huang Xiaolong according to the sect laws!” Grand Elder Qiu Bihu shouted.


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