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When the crowd of disciples saw Cao Fengs actions, disregarding her identity as a core disciple and attacking Huang Xiaolong from the back, a disciple couldnt resist shouting a warning: “Watch out!”

However, the present Sky Dragon League members were gloating inside.

They had to admit that Huang Xiaolong was strong, but that was among the inner sect disciples while Senior Sister Cao Feng was a powerful early Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm cultivator.

Therefore, they believed that, regardless of Huang Xiaolongs strength, he was far from being able to withstand Cao Fengs sword attack.

However, just as these Sky Dragon League members snickered inwardly as they imagined Huang Xiaolongs miserable ending, his upper body twisted backwards, striking out with a palm without hesitation.

A crisppa noise rang clear in the air, followed by Cao Fengs shrill scream as her falling trajectory made a high arch in the air.

Her whole body slammed into a large boulder when she fell to the ground, causing crumbled stones to shoot out in various direction.

The Fire Phoenix Sword she held earlier fell from the sky, landing less than a fingers width from her neck.

If the sword slightly deviated, it might have pierced a hole through Cao Fengs throat.


The crowd of disciples watching from afar was stunned silly, everyone was astonished by what they saw.

The disciples who had just rushed over to watch a good show froze in midair.

Some even lost their balance, nearly plummeting to the ground.

The atmosphere turned strange all of a sudden.

Dazed gazes fell on the figure sprawled on a pile of stones.

The left side of Cao Fengs face was swollen out of shape and the fiery red palm print was especially glaring.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air, looking fearfully at Huang Xiaolong.

‘Is this Huang Xiaolongs true strength

One slap sent an early Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm flying!

Cao Fengs head felt heavy and dizzy lying on the pile of broken stones.

More obvious was the burning pain on her face.

For a second, she couldnt figure out what happened.

Cao Feng shook her head as if the action could clear her mind.

A while later, with a clearer mind, she finally realized what took place, rising a palm to touch her face.

In a split second, her eyes widened in fury as she glared at Huang Xiaolong, “You dared to hit me, you dared to hit my face!” Her fury and killing intent erupted like a ten thousand years old volcano.

How many years had she lived This was the first time someone dared to hit her, moreover, hit her face!

“Xiaoniū, lets go.” Huang Xiaolong retrieved his gaze, leaving on the little cows back.

When Cao Feng saw that Huang Xiaolong wanted torun after striking her, she completely lost it.

Grabbing the Fire Phoenix Sword beside her, she slashed at Huang Xiaolongs back with all her fury.


“Go to hell, Huang Xiaolong!” Cao Feng screamed shrilly. 

Violent sword qi flew out like fire phoenixes, causing clear phoenix cries to resound on the cliff.

This single slash was fueled by killing intent and was many times more powerful than the previous attack.

Some disciples who were spectating in the distance retreated in a panic.

Huang Xiaolongs gaze turned cold.

He was merciful enough the first time, yet this woman kept entangling him.

He turned around and sent another slap out just like before.

However, this time around, he exerted several times more strength.

Under Huang Xiaolongs palm strike, the flock of fire phoenixes exploded.

Before Cao Fengs terrified eyes, palm force that felt like a mountain struck her right cheek.

She could hear the sound of her bones shattering as her body spun uncontrollably in the air, falling even further away before crashing down on the Nine Heavens Palace\'s roof.

Time seemed to freeze; in the next second, a large section of the Nine Heavens Palace crumbled to the ground.

The present disciples looked toward Cao Fengs face that was now completely disfigured.

Her cheek sunk in due to the broken bones, her mouth and nose lopsided, and her two front teeth had fallen out.

Initially, Cao Feng was ranked in the upper range amongst the Barbarian God Sects famed beauties, but now, her appearance was probably the ugliest she had ever been.

The disciples shuddered at this sight.

Before anyone recovered their senses, the Fire Phoenix Sword fell from high air.

Still confused, Cao Feng saw the sword falling straight at her lower body, causing her face to turn white from fear.

Zheng! A crisp noise sounded.

The Fire Phoenix Sword entered the ground less than half an inch from her crotch.

Even so, it was enough to terrify her to the point of pissing herself.

A dark patch appeared, followed by a large puddle that began to expand from her bottom.

The floor was wet! A foul smell spread around the Nine Heavens Palace.

Most of the present male disciples focused their eyes at a certain spot.

“Lets go.” Huang Xiaolong patted the little and the two of them flew off from the Black Steel Cliff.

Watching Huang Xiaolong leave, not a single Sky Dragon League member dared to stop him.

Cao Feng laid there on the floor, not knowing that Huang Xiaolong had left.

While Huang Xiaolong returned to the Sanctity of Order Mansion with the little cow, Gu Ling was reporting the results of the joint training to the Ancestor.

When he mentioned that Huang Xiaolong won the first place, the Ancestor let out a whoop of laughter after a momentary daze, “Good, good! That little brat really gave me a big surprise ah!”

He originally thought that Huang Xiaolongs highest achievement would be entering the top ten.

Gu Ling laughed, “Ive given my promise that we will fulfill a request of his at the reward ceremony tomorrow.”

Lu Zhuo laughed, “How could one request be enough Thats too little, let him state two requests tomorrow.

Other than the three sects promised reward, we must add a big gift for him!”

“Yes, Ancestor!” Gu Ling smiled, then added with hesitation, “Fan Yuan died during the joint training, and now the Elephant Genesis Sect suspects the deed was done by Huang Xiaolong.”

Lu Zhuo was taken aback, “Youre implying that Huang Xiaolongs battle strength is comparable to a late-Fourth Order Heavenly God Realm”

Gu Ling nodded, taking a deep breath, “Im afraid so, although no one can confirm the matter.

Since Huang Xiaolong could win the first place in this times training, he very likely has battle prowess comparable to a late-Fourth Order Heavenly Realm!”

Huang Xiaolongs time in the Barbarian God Sect had been less than three years, making it hard for anyone to believe that he had such level of strength.

But, if this wasnt the case, how else could they explain Huang Xiaolongs result

Right at this time, the young servant guarding outside Lu Zhuos cultivation dwelling burst inside in a panic, “Ancestor, Sect Chief, we received a message just now saying that Huang Xiaolong and Cao Feng are fighting!”

Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling stilled in shock.

“This Cao Feng thinks her identity is so big that she doesnt even put the Barbarian God Sects rules in her eyes!” Gu Ling roared, “She knows full well that Huang Xiaolong is a disciple the Ancestor is extremely keen on, yet she dared to make a move against him!”

Lu Zhuo asked the young servant, “Hows Huang Xiaolong Are his injuries serious”

Gu Ling too was staring fixedly at the young servant, waiting for an answer.

If Huang Xiaolong was heavily injured, that Cao Feng had to be severely punished.

“Its, its Cao Feng whos injured!” That young servant gritted his teeth and answered.

Lu Zhuo and Gu Ling both thought they heard wrong, demanding in disbelief, “You, what did you say” 

“It was said that Cao Feng attempted to attack Huang Xiaolong from the back but was slapped twice by him instead, and now her face has gone out of shape.” The young servant spilled everything honestly.

There was obvious shock on Lu Zhuo and Gu Lings faces, paired with doubt.

Cao Feng, an early Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm, was slapped twice in the face by Huang Xiaolong Until her face was misshapen!

Their brains failed to measure Huang Xiaolongs strength.

Huang Xiaolong had battle prowess equivalent to a mid-Sixth Order Heavenly God Realm! Maybe even late-Sixth Order!

Lu Zhuo and Gu Lings minds blanked.

How was that possible

“Ancestor, Sect Chief…” The young servant called out after seeing that neither of them spoke a word.

Cao Feng was Chen Haos woman.

Her being heavily injured was a big event, Chen Hao would surely be furious.


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