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When Huang Xiaolong spotted Chen Xiong and Wang Dafeng, their group also saw him.

When Chen Xiong, Wang Dafeng, and Zhu Wanchen realized it was Huang Xiaolong, the three of them blurted his name almost simultaneously: “Huang Xiaolong!”

Huang Xiaolong!

 The mixed group of Barbarian God Sect and Great Whale Sect inner disciples was surprised hearing the name.

Even the white-haired Fan Yuans expression turned stern, his gaze fixed on Huang Xiaolong.

Even though it had barely been three years since Huang Xiaolong entered the Barbarian God Sect, due to hisking rank godhead, his reputation among the three sects actually exceeded Zhao Wuya and Fan Yuans.

Not to mention the fact that Huang Xiaolong was a popular candidate to enter the top ten in this times joint training.

“Hahaha, Huang Xiaolong, enemies truly meet on a narrow path.

I didnt expect us to meet here ah.

Looks like we really are fated.” Wang Dafeng laughed heartily; there were complacence in his eyes and a hint of scarlet bloodlust, causing killing intent to surge frenziedly from his body.

“Correct, quite fated it seems.” Huang Xiaolong calmly agreed.

Chen Xiong joined in on the laughter, “Huang Xiaolong, how do you want to die Do you want to die on your knees, flat on your back, or upside down” He too gradually released a frenzied killing intent, aimed at Huang Xiaolong.

From the time his lower body was kicked by Huang Xiaolong, he had yet to fully recover.

During this time, Chen Xiong wanted nothing more than bite off a piece of Huang Xiaolongs flesh and drink his blood. 

“But, before letting you die, Im going to chop your thing into one million pieces.

No, ten million pieces!” Chen Xiong bellowed, a hint of madness gleamed in his eyes.

Wang Dafengs voice turned sinister, “Huang Xiaolong, I wonder how big your thing is.

If we cut it into a million pieces, there will be nothing left except for a small pile of meat dust!”

Huang Xiaolongs gaze swept over Chen Xiong, Wang Dafeng, and the rest of the group, speaking in an unhurried tone, “You lot should have around two thousand Crimson Flame Beads on you, right After killing you all, adding the hundred plus Crimson Flame Beads in this frost city, I will securely enter the top ten.”

Judging by the results of previous joint trainings, obtaining around three thousand beads would guarantee a spot in the top ten.

The moment Huang Xiaolongs voice fell, Chen Xiong, Wang Dafeng, Zhu Wanchen, and the others burst out in wanton laughter.

“Huang Xiaolong, you have the Three Furnace Cauldron godhead, so everyone calls you a genius, but who would have thought youre actually an idiot!” Wang Dafeng ridiculed after he stopped laughing, and the look in his eyes turned dark, “Kill us Youre saying you can kill all of us!” As if Huang Xiaolongs joke was too funny, Wang Dafeng started laughing again.

Zhu Wanchen added coldly, “Youre already at the deaths door, yet youre still acting so arrogant.

Huang Xiaolong, do you know who this is Ill tell you, this is none other than the Great Whale Sects Senior Brother Fan Yuan, the very same person who has strength comparable to a mid-Fourth Order Heavenly God Realm! Senior Brother Fan Yuan alone—no, just one of his fingers is enough to squash you like a fly!”

Zhu Wanchen seized the opportunity to introduce the white-haired young man beside him, Fan Yuan.

“However, there is no need for Senior Brother Fan Yuan to act, we are more than enough to kill you twice over!” Chen Xiong sneered, “I dont believe we wont be able to kill you even with the five hundred of us Barbarian God Sect and Great Whale Sect disciples!”

“Sky Dragon League disciples, listen up, attack at full force but dont kill him.

I want him to watch me cut his d*ck into a million pieces before he dies!” Chen Xiong commanded the group of Sky Dragon League disciples behind him, waving his arm forward.

But no one move, everyone was hesitating.

“Dont worry, my Big brother will handle the consequences.” Chen Xiong added watching them, then snapped, “Whoever refuses to attack, dont blame me for being ruthless!”

All the hesitating Sky Dragon League disciples begin attacking Huang Xiaolong without scruples.

Watching the large number of Sky Dragon League disciples swarming at him, the Blades of Asura appeared in Huang Xiaolongs hands as he ran towards his enemies instead of dodging.

In a flicker, he was already at the center of the swarm of disciples.

The Blades of Asura in his hands swung endlessly, causing the air to be filled with the cold glint of blade lights.

Every time a blade light slashed through the air, there would be several Sky Dragon League disciples falling to the ground.

In a few short minutes, more than half of the three hundred Sky Dragon League disciples had fallen!

Watching the number of deaths going up as more and more Sky Dragon League disciples perished, Chen Xiongs smiling face gradually diminished, then disappeared.

His expression turned solemn, then was filled with shock and fear.

Zhu Wanchen, Wang Dafeng, and those Great Whale Sect disciples were just as shocked.


It was a one-sided massacre! However, the one being massacred was their own side! 

Fan Yuans earlier indifferent expression turned solemn.

In the brief seconds when Chen Xiong, Zhu Wanchen, Wang Dafeng, and the others were still in shock, a few more Sky Dragon League disciples lost their heads.

Without exception, these Sky Dragon League disciples were killed with a slash of the Blades of Asura across their necks.

Chen Xiong felt his body temperature plunging into an icy abyss.

He turned pleadingly at Fan Yuan beside him, speaking after much difficulty, “Senior Brother Fan Yuan, see…”

Fan Yuans aura broke out and a long spear appeared in his hand, which was aimed at Huang Xiaolongs back.

In the next second, the long spear thrust out, but before it arrived, a fire dragon flew out from the top of the long spear, I happened so fast that Chen Xiong, Wang Dafeng, and the others only saw a blurred image.

The fire dragon struck Huang Xiaolongs body, causing a resounding boom to app in the air.

Before Chen Xiong, Zu Wanchen, Wang Dafeng, and the others eyes, Huang Xiaolong disappeared, swallowed by fire.

Everyone was taken aback, they took care of Huang Xiaolong so easily This gave them a surreal feeling.

However, what they were seeing was the truth.

“Haha, didnt I say it just now The wriggle of Senior Brother Fan Yuans finger is more than enough to kill Huang Xiaolong!” Zhu Wanchen was the first to recover, shouting with enthusiasm, “Before Senior Brother Fan Yuan, this Huang Xiaolong is sh*t!”

“Senior Brother Fan Yuan is invincible!” Wang Dafeng screamed.

Chen Xiong and the others joined in, cheering loudly.

In contrast to the excitement around him, Fan Yuan was frowning, feeling that something wasn\'t right.

According to the strength Huang Xiaolong had shown, how could he have been killed so easily

Precisely at this time, that fire dragon that swallowed Huang Xiaolong suddenly expanded and exploded in the air, revealing a figure slowly walking out.

Those Sky Dragon League disciples who reacted too slow were knocked back by the explosion, heavily injured.

“Huang, Huang Xiaolong!” Looking at that figure, Wang Dafeng was gripped by fear, ‘Huang Xiaolong actually didn\'t die! More importantly, he wasnt injured at all!

Chen Xiong, Zhu Wanchen, and everyone else was already retreating in fear.

After a few seconds of brief shock, Fan Yuans expression was grimmer than ever.

Even Zhao Wuya couldn\'t escape unharmed after being struck by the power of that fire dragon.

Fan Yuan circulated his fire element godforce that rushed out like scorching lava.

This was the Great Whale Sects Grand Magma Eruption Art, however, this technique could only be cultivated by disciples with a fire element godhead.

While Fan Yuan was channeling all his strength to overwhelm Huang Xiaolong with his most powerful attack, Huang Xiaolong disappeared in a flicker.

Fan Yuan was dumbfounded after losing sight of him, but in the next second, he saw a ray of blade light glimmering before his eyes.

Fan Yuan dazed for a second, his hand subconsciously reached up to his throat only to discover that his body below the neck was suddenly far away.

Chen Xiong, Wang Dafeng, Zhu Wanchen, and those disciples that were still alive flinched watching Fan Yuans head falling near their feet! They were petrified with horror.


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