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Due to the large difference in the gravitational force between the Divine World and the lower realm, the moment Huang Xiaolongs feet left the ground in flight, his body wobbled out of balance, nearly plummeting face down.

After two or three minutes of dangerous flying, Huang Xiaolong finally got the hang of the Divine Worlds gravity.

His first destination was the previous unassuming lake.

Swift as an arrow, roughly fifteen minutes later, Huang Xiaolong was back at the lake.

Detecting disciples of the three sects moving close to the area, he swiftly drilled into the ground tens of zhang below the lake.

Looking at the several kilometer long Extreme Yang Fire Ore vein that was akin to a coiling fire dragon, Huang Xiaolong took a deep breath to suppress his excitement.

His three godheads were cheering as he circulated his godforce, emitting a radiant light.

Letting out a low bellow, Huang Xiaolongs arms extended in front of him, creating an overwhelming suction force that started pulling at the ore vein.

The weight of the ore vein hit Huang Xiaolong like a great mountain; both of his arms trembled, yet the ore vein didn\'t move at all!

Huang Xiaolongs forehead creased slightly.

With a sway of his body, he transformed into his primordial divine dragon form, using his powerful claws to grab the Extreme Yang Fire Ore vein, pulling it up with great force.


The earth quaked and the soil shifted.

The lake waters above were splashing in high waves.

A second later, the ore vein finally loosened, slowly moving up.

Huang Xiaolong felt as if his dragon claws were lifting a cosmic mountain, not an ore vein.

It was so heavy that his dragon claws were on the verge of being torn off from his body.

Furthermore, the daunting fire element force coming from the Extreme Yang Fire Ore wasn\'t something Huang Xiaolong could endure for long with his current strength, even in his primordial divine dragon form.

It was simply too hot, as if the fire element force from the Extreme Tang Fire Ore vein wanted to melt everything it touched.

Knowing he couldnt give it up, Huang Xiaolong gritted his teeth and persisted.

More disciples of the three sects were approaching the lake area, if he gave up at this point, who knows when he would be able to advance to the second stage of his Heaven Opening Tenet

Some time later, he finally managed to pull the ore vein out, but the Submerging Dragon Rings space was simply insufficient to hold it, thus Huang Xiaolong resorted to throwing it into the Godly Mt.

Xumis space.

When his dragon claws released their hold on the ore vein, Huang Xiaolong was close to collapsing, the vast reservoir of godforce in his three supreme godheads was depleted.

Not waiting for his strength to return, he forced himself up and left the lake underground.

Water was rushing out from the lake as it\'s waves shifted unevenly, the tranquil surroundings were unrecognizable.

Huang Xiaolong did not linger, disappearing from the area in a flicker.

A short half hour after Huang Xiaolong left, the first group of the three sects disciples appeared.

“Such a rich fire element spiritual energy!”

“Whats with the deep pit in the ground”

These disciples were exclaiming high and low as they checked out the wrecked surroundings. 

Four hours later, Huang Xiaolong was more than three thousand li away from the lake.

Taking in the undulating mountain range before him, Huang Xiaolong flew toward a nondescript mountain, descending at the foothills.

Forming a blade with his godforce, a ten-meter deep hole soon appeared in the ground.

Huang Xiaolong continued to dig sideways below the surface for several hundred meters until he was below the mountain itself before shaping out a sixty square meters cave.

He planned to refine that Extreme Yang Fire Ore vein here. 

Lastly, he covered the ten meters deep pit and arranged a concealing array around it before returning to the underground cave he had dug.

He then summoned the Godly Mt.

Xumi and entered the space within in a flash.

The ore vein was lying quietly on the ground while emitting scorching heat like boiling magma.

If his cultivation was still in the Highgod Realm, just this scorching heat would be enough to burn his skin.

Sitting cross-legged in the air above the Extreme Yang Fire Ore vein, Huang Xiaolong began circulating his godforce in accordance to the Heaven Opening Tenet technique.

The Extreme Yang Fire Ore began melting into an amber liquid, gathering into an arm-thick stream of energy that entered Huang Xiaolongs body.

At first contact with the steam of fire element energy, Huang Xiaolongs body quivered visibly, as if someone lit his internal organs on fire.

From a distance, he looked like coal glowing in the dark with red vapor coming out from his skin.

Huang Xiaolong gritted his teeth to keep himself from groaning from the excruciating pain as he refined the streams of scorching energy inside his body, turning them into a part of his strength!

In Huang Xiaolongs consciousness, his three supreme godheads radiance was dyed with a bright ember red.

At the same time, he could distinctively feel his godheads and True Divine Dragon Physique becoming stronger as he refined the Extreme Yang Fire Ore vein.

Half a month later, he gradually adapted to the scorching heat invading his body.

During this time, his refining speed also went up by a tiny bit.

As Huang Xiaolongs three godheads continuously absorbed the energy, the several kilometers long ore vein shrunk in size as the days passed.

Time flowed by as Huang Xiaolong stayed undisturbed in seclusion while the outside world was in a furor.

The Elephant Genesis Sect Grand Elder Zhao Chenyuans personal disciple, Han Yang, a talented cultivator with a high grade rank ten godhead was dead!

He died on the Volcano Isle!

When the news spread, it struck the Elephant Genesis Sect like an earthquake above rank ten on the Richter scale.

Even the Barbarian God Sect and Great Whale Sect were alarmed by the news.

“Han Yang died at the Volcano Isle! Grand Elder Zhao Chenyuan of the Elephant Genesis Sect was so incensed that hes rushing back from the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield right now! He wants to personally investigate the cause of Han Yangs death!”

“I wonder if that Han Yang died in the jaws of a demonic beast or was killed by a disciple from the three sects...

We can only hope it was a demonic beast.

If Han Yangs death is related to the three sects disciples, once they are found out, the whole Green Cloud Island will be dragged into turmoil!”

“Yes ah, the death of a genius like Han Yang is a great loss to the Elephant Genesis Sect! They\'re definitely going all out for revenge!”

“Han Yang was a peak late-Second Order Heavenly God Realm master, there aren\'t many amongst the inner disciples who are capable of killing him.

That person should be at least a mid-Third Order Heavenly God or above!”

On the Volcano Isle, Han Yangs death was discussed everywhere by the three sects disciples with shock and trepidation. 

But Huang Xiaolong was ignorant to this chain of events taking place in the outside world.

In the blink of an eye, five months were gone.

The several kilometers long Extreme Yang Fire Ore vein was reduced to a mere dozen meters by Huang Xiaolongs three supreme godheads, resembling a small docile snake!

If others found out about this horrifying refining speed, they would probably be frightened to death on the spot.

After Huang Xiaolong stepped into Heavenly God Realm, even a high-level Heavenly God masters refining speed would fall behind.

A few more days passed before those last dozen meters were entirely refined by Huang Xiaolong! In other words, he hadswallowed an Extreme Yang Fire Ore vein several kilometers long in a little more than five months!

Huang Xiaolong who had been still for the last five months finally opened his eyes.

The first thing he did was to check his internal condition with his divine sense.

After integrating the Extreme Yang Fire Ore veins energy into his True Divine Dragon Physique, not only had his meridians and veins become wider and many times stronger, in Huang Xiaolongs mind it looked like fire dragons were swimming vigorously through his veins.

The same vigorous fire energy filled his internal organs, flesh, and blood.

On the surface of his three supreme godheads was a layer of extreme yang fire akin to a protective divine armor that emitted a charming red glow.

More importantly, his strength had risen to peak late-First Order Heavenly God Realm, just half a step more and he could advance to the Second Order!

“Its time to return to the Barbarian God Sect!” Huang Xiaolong stood up with anticipation glimmering in his eyes.

There were still twenty plus days until the Submerging Dragon Ranking battle, the timing was just right.

Subsequently, he wondered if that Zhu Wanchen had broken through to the Heavenly God Realm yet.

A cold sneer lifted the corners of his lips at this thought.


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