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Chapter 6 Assassination

After parading around the street, the new Jinshi reentered the palace – the Qionglin banquet of the Great Qi was held in the imperial garden.

Jian Jin followed Zhang Qinjing into the imperial garden and couldn’t help but be a little disappointed.

Didn’t this imperial garden …… look a bit dilapidated

Jian Jin wasn’t the only one who was disappointed.

Sun Youji was puzzled and asked the Zhuangyuan Zhang Qinjing in a low voice: “Is the imperial garden …… unmaintained”

Aside from the fact that Sun Youji had very little courage, the Sun family was wealthy in Jiangnan.

His family’s estate covered dozens of acres, and the garden was beautiful.

However, in the imperial garden in front of him…… why did the peony bush seem to have been cleaved with a blade How come no one replanted it

“His Majesty advocates frugality and has been cutting back on palace expenses.” Zhang Qinjing said, speaking with a slightly strange face.

Sun Youji wanted to ask more, but before he could say anything, he once again heard the eunuch’s sharp, piercing voice.

“His Majesty has arrived!”

Sun Youji no longer had the heart to care why the peonies in the palace had been cut down!

His Majesty was here!

Jian Jin once again saw the trembling appearance of the people around him and was speechless for a moment.

However, he didn’t have time to care about these people …… Raising his head, Jian Jin once again showed a smile towards He Mingzhao.

He also wanted to use his mental power to communicate with He Mingzhao, but unfortunately the two were a bit far away at this moment, which wasn’t very convenient.

Seeing his partner, Jian Jin’s mood instantly changed for the better.

However, he soon realized that his partner wasn’t in a good mood, maybe even a very bad mood.

At the moment, He Mingzhao’s mental power was baring its fangs and brandishing its claws, as if he was about to fight someone at any moment.

What had happened to him

Jian Jin looked at the direction where He Mingzhao was and blinked in confusion.

He Mingzhao’s face became colder, and he lowered his eyelids, hiding his murky gaze.

Jian Jin, this man, already had a family!

Jian Jin was born in Jiangnan, which was too far away, so he didn’t know all the things Jian Jin had encountered before.

However, after Jian Jin came to the capital, he had told people about his family, and all that information was recorded by the Black-Clad Guards.

In addition, the Black-Clad Guards also knew about what he had done after he came to the capital.

Jian Jin had married a wife five years ago, but then his wife disappeared, leaving him with only one child.

He was very fond of his child.

When he came to the capital to take the examination this time, he took the child with him.

He even didn’t go to some of the literary meetings before the exams on the grounds that he had to take care of his child.

As for that wife …… he had been looking for her.

He had been advised to find another wife, but he didn’t agree, and never went to brothels.

He Mingzhao’s head hurt vaguely and he was especially angry.

It was already dark.

Although lanterns were lit in the imperial garden, the candlelight was so dark that it was difficult to see the expressions of the others when they were a little farther away.

He Mingzhao sat at the seat of honor and never spoke, so the people below him gradually relaxed.

When he first ascended the throne, He Mingzhao did kill many people, but in the past two years his style of operation had been much more restrained.

There were even rumors that he had been seriously injured when he was in the Black-Clad Guards, and his health was bad and he wouldn’t live long.

Gradually, dark undercurrents began to rise in the court.

The protagonists of the Qionglin banquet were the new Jinshi.

After the banquet started, many people came to talk to Jian Jin and the others.

Some people came directly for Jian Jin – He Mingzhao treated Jian Jin differently, and everyone who should know about it knew.

Jian Jin used his mental energy and could feel that these people had no ill will toward him, but rather a strong curiosity.

It made him a little unsure of how to communicate with these people.

Even though he had transmigrated here for five years, he still didn’t quite understand how to get along with the people on this planet.

For example, some people’s mental energy showed that they had malice towards him, but they were smiling on the surface.

Another example was that some people seemed to dislike him, but their mental energy didn’t carry the slightest bit of malice.

Disregarding the latter example, the first example …… He was used to being straightforward and really a little uncomfortable at first.

Luckily now, he was already used to many people having one appearance on the surface and thinking something different underneath.

While the crowd was talking, suddenly there came a bloodcurdling scream.

The people looked in shock towards the direction of the scream, and saw blood flowing all over the floor under the dragon chair, and a eunuch convulsing in a pool of blood.

The eunuch’s head was connected to his body with only a single layer of skin, but he wasn’t completely dead, and was still making “ke ke” sounds.

The heavy smell of blood and the flickering candle flame made the scene particularly frightening, but what was even more frightening was He Mingzhao, who was standing next to the eunuch with a bloody blade.

He Mingzhao’s face was dark and sullen and his scarlet bloodshot eyes looked a bit ghastly in the night.

When he saw that people around him were looking over, he coldly scanned the room and pulled over the tablecloth on the tea table next to him and started wiping the bloodstained blade in his hand carefully.

He was very calm, as if killing a person was no big deal to him.

No one dared to speak for a while.

Those “worldly” ministers were okay, but most of those new Jinshi were as pale as ash at this moment.

“This person conspired to murder His Majesty and was put to death by His Majesty …… quickly take him away!” The eunuch behind He Mingzhao said.

Just as his words fell, several Black-Clad Guards came forward.

Some of them went to clean up the corpse, and others went to clean up the blood on the ground.

He Mingzhao threw the tablecloth he used to wipe his blade onto the corpse and only felt his head hurt more.

He lifted his head and looked in the direction of Jian Jin.

There were so many people silhouetted there that he couldn’t see Jian Jin’s face.

It didn’t matter if he couldn’t see clearly, he was just too scared.

He Mingzhao was a bit disheartened and immediately wanted to leave, but at that moment, he suddenly saw Jian Jin – Jian Jin walked from the back of the crowd to the front of the crowd, with no fear on his face, but some concern.

He Mingzhao suddenly pointed at Jian Jin and said, “Take him with you and go!”

Jian Jin had been trying to find a chance to talk to He Mingzhao, but he didn’t expect to encounter an assassination before talking to him.

He was a bit far away from He Mingzhao, so it was difficult to give He Mingzhao mental healing, but he could still feel the situation on He Mingzhao’s side.

The eunuch tried to stab He Mingzhao, but He Mingzhao reacted faster.

As soon as he drew the blade next to him, he cut the man’s neck.

His movements were very handsome!

As for the bloody scene …… in the place where Jian Jin was born, the body could be changed at will, and there were even people who used to hurt themselves to engage in performance art.

Jian Jin was hardly afraid.

Rather, it was the eunuch’s mental power dissipating in front of him that made him sigh a little.

But for him, He Mingzhao was definitely much more important than that eunuch.

At this moment, what he was most worried about was still He Mingzhao’s mental state.

Although he knew it was out of line, Jian Jin couldn’t resist squeezing to the front.

Then, before he could say anything, He Mingzhao suddenly spoke up to take him away.

Two Black-Clad Guards came to Jian Jin’s side.

One of them grabbed Jian Jin on one side and took him away.

Jian Jin: “……” There was really no need for this, he was happy to follow!

Jian Jin said, “Your Majesty ……”

“Let go of him, let him go on his own!” He Mingzhao frowned at Jian Jin’s grabbed arm.

The two Black-Clad Guards immediately let go of Jian Jin.

Seeing this, He Mingzhao turned around and grabbed Jian Jin’s arm and pulled the man away.

The ministers who attended the Qionglin banquet were already confused at this time.

Even if He Mingzhao killed someone, he often killed the eunuchs and maids in the palace, they were used to it.

And …… the matter of assassination, although many people didn’t believe it, there were some who did.

He Mingzhao killed many people in the palace before he ascended to the throne, and likewise didn’t kill fewer people after he ascended to the throne.

There were many people in the palace who hated him, and many who wanted to kill him.

However, He Mingzhao suddenly took away the new Tanhua …… Why did he do that

The old ministers were puzzled, and those new Jinshi were already shivering, one by one, at this time.

The Qionglin banquet should have been a place for them to show their literary talent, make initial contact with the officialdom, and even try to get the emperor’s favor, but the result The current Emperor actually killed someone at the Qionglin banquet!

Not only that, he also took Jian Jin away.

Could it be that he didn’t kill enough people, and planned to take Jian Jin back and kill him slowly

No matter what, everyone was sympathizing with Jian Jin.

At this time, Jian Jin was using his mental power to calm He Mingzhao, and added, “Your Majesty, too many emotional ups and downs aren’t good for your health ……”

He Mingzhao looked at Jian Jin.

“You’re not afraid of me” He didn’t know why he brought Jian Jin out, but Jian Jin’s reaction was really out of his expectation.

Jian Jin wasn’t actually afraid of him!

He Mingzhao had a fierce appearance, but at this moment, his mental power was wrapping around Jian Jin’s mental power.

They had signed a partner contract five years ago, and under the effect of the contract, their mental power was very close to the other half.

People in the interstellar world who could control their mental energy might still have some restraint, but He Mingzhao didn’t know how to control his mental energy at all.

Previously in Baohe Hall, as soon as the two met, Jian Jin wrapped his mental energy around He Mingzhao’s mental energy, and it didn’t feel very strong, but before he could do so this time, He Mingzhao’s mental energy had already wrapped itself around him, holding on to his mental energy for dear life.

Jian Jin laughed.

“I’m not afraid.”

Although his partner lost his memory again, he really couldn’t be afraid of this appearance.

It’s just that, my dear, can your mental energy not be so tightly wrapped

The author has something to say:

His Majesty is cold on the outside and hot on the inside ~


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