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Wizard World Struggles of dimensions Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: Plan

Zero was walking through a dilapidated alley when she noticed something wrong, the surrounding was quiet, too quiet felling her surroundings she guessed the surrounding space had been somehow forcefully separated from the material world, somewhat similar to the veil which she was imprisoned before but this one still had a link with the material world.

step, step footsteps sounded softly as a figure walked out of the alley.

It was a black-haired young man, he had a charming smile on his face that seemed to make everything in the area revolve around him, he was dressed in black fitted trousers with a white robe like windbreaker that seemed to set off his special temperament.

Zero seeing this figure was surprised although she knew he was going to be able to get out from he was before she didnt expect him to become awake so early and have such degree of recognition from the plane and being able to influence the plane rules even if it was only temporary after all they were all invaders and the plane although with no specific will, would not act in their favour.

Although zeros mystery energy claimed to be able to twist reality, it was definitely not that powerful to contend with a whole world after all she was still only a level 1 wizard, her unique energy although could do so, she could not fully harness and use its potential, she achieved the effect of teleportation when coming out of the veil because of her unique knowledge and achievement in space-related studies so she was able to take advantage of the loose spatial rules that occurred in the area the veil was broken, even then the act almost drained her, and the phenomenon that occurred during the fight with the red lotus leader she had just used mystery to create an illusory unstable space and she and the red lotus leader had fought in it, as for how she got into the headquarters unnoticed it was easy, just a minor modification of the air, light and sound to create invisibility.

“zero right, nice to meet you Im Layton.” The handsome wizard stretched forth his palm in a handshake gesture still with that charming smile on his face.

Zero felt her face uncharacteristically show a blush, she took a deep breath and controlled her emotions, thankfully her face was hooded and she controlled her emotions quickly so even Layton with the enhanced perception did not notice a thing. She kept silent ignoring Laytons words.


Layton just smiled and continued not minding her silence “I need your help with a plan, in return, I will spread your martial art to everyone in the plane, it will be planted in their subconscious so there will be no resistance.”

Hearing this zero was tempted at first but then she was worried a plan that even Layton who had an overwhelming advantage in the plane needed help for was something big and would probably involve whatever it was that made the plane distorted in the first place getting involved in something that huge wasnt in her plan, just as she was wondering how to tactically refuse she noticed Layton shooting a beam at her, the beam flew too fast and before she could react it penetrated into her mind.

Reading the piece of information sent into mind, zero was astonished, following this plan as long as all goes well the number of benefits she could gain would be enormous, just the experience she would gain by using mystery to influence the whole plane was invaluable not to talk of the countless benefits she would have when she got out of the plane and headed back to the wizard world.

She wasnt worried about the danger and as part of an influential organization she was aware of the rewards she would get once such a huge plan was successful and as a core member of her organization she had a way to escape the plane back to the wizarding world if things got too dangerous, plus her part of the plan wasnt one that would make her exposed to danger although it was a critical part.

Calculating all this she nodded her head to signify acceptance, Layton smile seemed to grow brighter as she agreed to the plan,” well ill be seeing you around miss zero.”

Layton said as his figure began to fade and the space around them reconnected to the material plane.

Seeing the smooth reconnection of the space with the material plane zero was even more in awe of Layton, although she could guess that Layton couldnt really have the power to do this operation when he left the plane but being able to manipulate his temporarily gained authority over the plane with such precision was amazing, It was like a 2-year-old child wielding a gun and being able to get headshot every time the gun fired, most level 1 wizards if connected to a plane would not be able to even think,6 talk less of being able to influence and control a part of the plane.

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After confirming she was back to the material world zero controlled her mystery to make her fade out of everyones sight and headed back to the apartment, she had to think of a way to make Damon follow the script prepared for him, a smile hung her lips hidden under the cloak as she thought of the role the arrogant wizard of the Dracul clan would play in the crazy scheme.



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