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Chapter 30: Selling Chinese Yam

After a series of operations, she finally dug out a thick and long Chinese yam rhizome.

Qin Xiaoyaos face was filled with joy. When she saw that the depth of digging was sufficient, she pulled out the Chinese yam tuber and placed it on one side.

“Just dig according to the method I just used. Before dark, we have to dig out all the Chinese yam in this plot.” Qin Xiaoyao continued. She finally turned to look at the couple, who were dumbfounded.

“What… on earth is this Chinese yam” Big Girl Li looked at Qin Xiaoyao in bewilderment.

This thing looked like a stick of firewood. What was the use of digging it up

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Qin Xiaoyao shot Big Girl Li a glance, successfully making her tense up.

“Why should you care what it is You just need to do as I say! When youre done, I wont forget the hundred copper coins of wages we agreed on!”

Qin Xiaoyao then turned to look at Liu Daniu.

Liu Daniu was frowning, though.

With such a large plot of land, it would not be easy to finish the work in a day according to Qin Sanyas digging method.

No wonder she said they would be paid a hundred copper coins. This money was indeed not easy to earn.

However, since they were already here, they would just have to do it.

With these one hundred copper coins, he could also buy a few catties of meat to satisfy his familys cravings.

Hence, Liu Daniu said, “No problem! Dont worry, Mrs. Song. Well definitely do a good job!”

Qin Xiaoyaos eyes flashed with admiration.

“Then dont just stand there. The earlier we finish, the earlier we can wrap up,” she said.

“Ill join you guys for a while.”

“However, I have to go to town to get medicine for my husband later. After I go back, I can only come here again in the afternoon.”

“You two have to help me dig up these Chinese yams carefully. Dont think about pocketing some for yourself.” As she spoke, Qin Xiaoyaos gaze turned sharp.

She was staring at Big Girl Li in particular, with a strong look of warning in her eyes.

Big Girl Li tensed up again.

“Dont… dont worry. We dont have much use for this firewood.”

Liu Daniu also nodded in agreement.

“Dont worry, Mrs. Song. Since Ive promised to help you do this task, I, Liu Daniu, will not do those disgraceful things!” He promised her.

Qin Xiaoyao acknowledged their words.

She then took the lead and went to the side with the hoe and began to work.

Seeing this, Liu Daniu looked at his wife and went to the other side to get busy.

Qin Sanya was right. The earlier they finished, the earlier they could wrap up.

Seeing this, Big Girl Li girl followed Liu Daniu.

Qin Xiaoyao didnt say anything. She simply worked with her hoe and started digging up the Chinese yam.

After digging for about an hour, Qin Xiaoyao had already dug out more than 100 catties of Chinese yam.

Qin Xiaoyao stopped when she saw she had enough to send to Fortune Mansion.

In the end, when she walked over to Big Girl Lis side, she realized that the two of them had only dug up a little more than she had.

Qin Xiaoyao knew that the reason she was digging so quickly was because of her special ability, so she didnt say anything.

She then went to the side and cut some branches, then tied the two hundred over catties of Chinese yam into two bundles.

After that, she chopped down a tree and used it as a carrying pole, preparing to carry the Chinese yam home.

“You two continue. You can go home for lunch at noon and come back again in the afternoon.”

With that, Qin Xiaoyao left with the Chinese yam.

She was afraid that her previous calculations were wrong. The Chinese yam in the middle area grew much better than the ones outside.

The Chinese yam in this plot of land was definitely not just six or seven hundred catties.

If they were lucky, they might be able to dig up a thousand catties without any problem.

Thinking of this, Qin Xiaoyao felt even more at ease.

After rushing back home, Qin Xiaoyao loosened the bundled-up Chinese yam.

After that, she weighed another 100 catties and tied them up.

Next, she put the 12 pairs of straw sandals woven yesterday, the two sacks that were used for the brown rice and flour, and three containers into the bamboo backpack.

After that, she carried her backpack and the two bundles of Chinese yam, and set off for town.

She started her journey a little later that day. By the time Qin Xiaoyao arrived at the city gate, the sun was already in the middle of the sky.

The guards saw that Qin Xiaoyao had brought a lot of things and so charged her three copper coins as an entry fee, which made Qin Xiaoyaos heart ache.

After entering the town, Qin Xiaoyao headed straight for Fortune Mansion.

After reporting her name, she met her Uncle Zhao as she had hoped.

Uncle Zhao sighed with heartache when he saw Qin Xiaoyaos sweaty and muddy face.

Yesterday, he had thought that Brother Qin had exaggerated the situation.

Now, it seemed that his nieces life was genuinely more bitter than he had thought.

“Quick, have some water. Just look at your sorry state!” Uncle Zhao went to the side to pick up the teapot and personally poured a cup of water for Qin Xiaoyao.


Qin Xiaoyao didnt stand on ceremony and gulped it down after receiving it.

“Thank you, Uncle Zhao!” She thanked him after finishing the water. She looked like she was extremely thirsty just now.

“Its just a mouthful of water. Whats there to thank” Uncle Zhao replied reproachfully.

“You silly girl! With such a heavy load, why didnt you wait by the side of the main road and take the ox-cart”

It was more than a hundred catties of Chinese yam. Even if a man were to carry it from Brook Falls Village to this town, it would not be easy.

“Hehe, take the ox-cart Im strong, so I dont feel tired,” Qin Xiaoyao replied with a smile.

How could she not be tired After all, she had to use her strength for so long, and she even had to use her special ability.

However, she would rather use up some special ability than waste money at this juncture.

After leaving Brook Falls Village, she could go up to the main road. If she waited for the ox-cart to bring her to town on the main road, the fare was not expensive. It was only two copper coins.

However, she had brought too many things with her. If she wanted to take the ox-cart, it would probably cost an additional two or three copper coins.

This way, the fare would become expensive.


She might as well work harder and walk on her own.

Anyway, she had changed into her straw sandals, so it was much easier for her to walk than before.

“You…” A helpless look flashed across Uncle Zhaos face.

He knew that his nieces family was in a difficult situation, so he didnt try to persuade her anymore.

Without further delay, he ordered someone to weigh Qin Xiaoyaos Chinese yam.

In the end, Qin Xiaoyao brought a total of 102 catties of Chinese yam.

Qin Xiaoyaos initial intention was that she would not charge for the extra Chinese yam beyond 100 catties and simply treated it as free extras.

However, Uncle Zhao refused and insisted on paying Qin Xiaoyao for the 102 catties.

“The total is five hundred and ten copper coins. Ill give you five taels of silver and ten copper coins.” Uncle Zhao took out some money and handed it to Qin Xiaoyao.

Qin Xiaoyao hurriedly took it, her face filled with joy.

“Thank you, Uncle Zhao!” She thanked him again.

“Theres nothing to thank me for!” Uncle Zhao replied with a smile.

“To be honest, I dont know anything about this Chinese yam that you brought. However, our boss knows and said that this is excellent stuff.”

“But this dish has never been served in Fortune Mansion before, so I dont know what the response will be. Thats why I only bought 100 catties from you.”

“Now that you have brought them, Ive already instructed the kitchen to start cooking. Ill wait and see. If the dishes sell well, Ill inform your father and have you send more.”

Qin Xiaoyao hurriedly thanked him again.

“No need to thank me anymore. You silly girl, if your Aunt were to see you like this, Im afraid she would be heartbroken.”

As he spoke, Uncle Zhao took out a piece of silver coin from his pocket.

“Uncle didnt bring much money today. Take this one silver coin and use it to buy something nice.”



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