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It lets her know that she is not inferior to men, and she has seen the vast sky that belongs to her.

Every night before going to bed, she is full of expectations for tomorrow.

But such days, can she only live in it for three months




A person like Fang Yuan, he basically deserves to die!

‘Fang Yuan’ has no name.

Everyone just calls her ‘Cheap Girl’.

At the age of six, she was sold to a gambling house by her father to pay off his debts, and it was still only for ten cents.

She still remembers it clearly up to now.

She was very ugly when she was a child and the brothel refused to accept her.

The gambling house could only keep her to serve tea and water.

Then she was bought by Fang Father for fifteen cents and brought home as a child bride.

Fang Yuan is the youngest son of the Fang family, but he has a hidden illness, which was impotence.

Fang Father and Fang Mother were afraid that their youngest son would not be able to marry a wife when he grew up.

After Cheap Girl arrived at the Fang’s house, her life was worse than that in the gambling house.

She is responsible for all the work of the entire Fang family and everyone in the Fang family can beat her and scold her.

Cheap Girl escaped many times, but failed every time.

She was thin and weak since she was a child, and could not run very far.

The neighbors always helped the Fang family too.

Then she became well-behaved, and she no longer ran away.

She is waiting for herself to grow up, waiting for a chance.

Although Fang Yuan has a hidden illness, he has been studying hard to become an official and he even became a candidate for the Imperial Examination.

It’s just that he was under great pressure to study, so he tortured her to vent his anger.

But it doesn’t matter.

She can still bear it.

Later, one day, a few days before Fang Yuan went to the capital city to take the exam, everyone in Fang’s family was not in the house, except Fang Yuan.

As if God wanted to help her, Fang Yuan remembered that he had not bought something and went out too.

She simply packed up her things and for fear of encountering danger on the way, she hid a knife with her and was about to leave.

But Fang Yuan forgot to bring the money and went back again.

When Fang Yuan beat her, she took out the knife.

She inserted it so accurately, even very accurately and directly plunged it into his heart, killing him with one stab.

Afterwards, she disposed of the body and left a letter.

Anyway, the Fang family members, except Fang Yuan, were not scholars and could not recognize the handwriting.

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She became ‘Fang Yuan’ and came to the capital city.

So, will she be afraid of the tortures they use to extorts confessions from her

No, she is not afraid.

On the contrary, she is very happy and very relaxed.

Her heart has never been so relaxed.

Because she knew very well that as long as she can survive this last catastrophe, the past will be over.

From then on, what greets her will be the real world.

It may not be so good, but it will certainly not be that bad.

But that’s already enough.

Ji Yunxi and Wu Wei’an have just arrived home, but Ji Mingshuang and Ji Mingyan are already waiting for them.

They also got first-hand information from the Ministry of Justice.

Of course, they didn’t inquire about it.

They didn’t have such a long hand.

It’s the handwriting of their Eldest Brother.

Ji Yunxi guessed about the ins and outs of the matter, then put away the copied case file and hummed before saying: “I see.”

Ji Mingyan glanced at Ji Mingshuang, and robbed his Seventh Brother’s chance to say anything first: “Third Sister, if you need Sixth Brother’s help, just say it! Don’t be polite to Sixth Brother! There is even no place to try my new poison yet! “Really, he is so suffocated.

Ji Mingshuang looked at the sky and walked three steps to the side silently, away from Ji Mingyan, before he said: “I know some people in Jianghu and many of them are in the capital now.”

From childhood to adulthood, how was Ji Yunxi’s character, all the elder brothers already knew about it.

It is absolutely impossible for their younger sister to sit idly by when such a thing happens.

And their sister’s problem is naturally their problem too.


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