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The same is true today.

When the sky had just brightened, Wu Wei’an got up.

Ten days have passed since the palace banquet.

On the evening of the palace banquet, Wu Wei’an felt very happy.

But these ten days, his days as a compiler have become more and more difficult.

Fifth Feng asked him to compile more and more ancient books, and Wu Wei’an couldn’t refuse it.

Sometimes, he even felt a little regret, why didn’t he choose to be an arrogant and domineering Compiler Wu, but chose to be a submissive Compiler Wu

However, having no regrets of each and every move that had been done, Compiler Wu has indeed worked very hard in the past ten days.

In the entire Imperial Academy, he and Ji Mingshuang were the first to arrive and the last to leave.

Therefore, Ji Mingshuang’s attitude towards him became better and better, and the two even began to sympathize with each other.

It is unknown either, whether this is a blessing in disguise

Wu Wei’an, who was washing with his eyes closed, thought in confusion.

He changed his clothes and shoes quietly and went out the door.

Just as he was about to step out of the courtyard door, the round-faced housekeeper hurried over and whispered a few words in his ear: “Young Master, the matter in the palace is already completed this morning.”

“Oh” Wu Wei’an, who was full of drowsiness, suddenly woke up, “Then today, I’m afraid it is the last time I see Compiler Feng”

The round-faced housekeeper bowed: “Congratulations, Young Master.”

Wu Wei’an walked out happily with a smile on his face, but after taking a step, he subconsciously looked down.

He was still wearing his own worn-out shoes, and his clothes were still his old clothes.

After all, he only has two sets of good clothes.

The first set was the one he wore on the day of the big wedding.

It probably won’t be worn on any occasion in the future too.

This piece has been locked into the box by him and kept properly.

It’s also good to leave it for his son or his Son-in-law on their wedding day.

The second set was the one that Baofu prepared for him at the palace banquet last time.

After he wore it that day, he especially sent it to Mister Zhai and let him wash it while he stared at it.

After it was washed and cleaned up, he hung it up properly and put it together with Ji Yunxi’s gorgeous clothes.

The second set can actually be worn in daily life, but Wu Wei’an is reluctant to wear it.

After all, this Imperial Academyis not worthy of him wearing this good clothes.

But if it is today——

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Wu Wei’an suddenly understood why Ji Yunxi had to dress up to go to see the escort robbery that day.

With this in mind, Wu Wei’an turned around and went back to the room: “I’m going to change clothes.

You get the carriage ready first.”

Round-faced housekeeper: “”

He squinted his old eyes and looked at Wu Wei’an’s back, feeling that he couldn’t understand his Young Master more and more.

Of course, he didn’t understand it before either.

But the former Young Master, at least there are traces to follow.

But now, he completely couldn’t understand it anymore.

It turns out that after a man gets married, there is still this kind of change that follows afterwards

Wu Wei’an pushed the door open, and Ji Yunxi felt it in her sleep.

But she didn’t open her eyes either, thinking that he just forgot something and came back to fetch it and will leave soon.

But after a while, he still did not leave, but from time to time there was a rustling movement instead.

It’s really disturbing.

And the direction from which the voice came, seems to be her——wardrobe

Ji Yunxi opened her eyes and sat up directly from the bed: “What are you doing”

Wu Wei’an, who was half dressed: “……”

The scene before Ji Yunxi’s eyes became clear from obscurity.

The man stood with his back to her.

The lines of his shoulder blades were smooth, winding down all the way.

His lean and beautiful muscles carried an amazing strength-look with it.

Ji Yunxi became silent.

Wu Wei’an also became silent.

He quickly put on his clothes, stood there and wore his belt.

After the big wedding, although the two lived in the same room and slept in the same bed, they were very careful.

Both of them were bathing in the side room next door and it would be a bit of a toss to go there just to change clothes, so they would usually do it behind the folding screen.


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