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Wu Wei’an let out a low hum.

Round-faced housekeeper: “”

The round-faced housekeeper frowned and looked carefully at the Young Master who was sitting with his knees folded, his right elbow resting on his right knee, and his five slender fingers covering his ears.

After thinking for a while, he switched sides, changed from Wu Wei’an’s right to his left, and then repeated the matter of Old Qin once again: “Young Master, what do you think”

Wu Wei’an: “Um…”

Round-faced housekeeper: “”

The round-faced housekeeper was quiet for a long time, then he shouted out suddenly: “Young Master! Old Qin wrote a letter! Saying that he wants to go back to Nanchen Valley! Do you want to let him go back!”

Wu Wei’an, who was in a daze, was frightened by the sudden voice, and almost fell head down.

He quickly stabilized his body, turned his head, and said angrily: “Why are you so loud”

The round-faced housekeeper stretched a dead face and explained in a deep voice: “I saw that Young Master didn’t seem to hear me, so I thought that it was because my voice was too soft.”

Wu Wei’an coughed lightly and waved his hand: “Let him go back.”

The round-faced housekeeper gave a bow: “Yes, Young Master.”

He stood there, staring at Wu Wei’an’s red right ear, lost in thought.

Wu Wei’an glanced at him and saw that he was still not leaving, and asked: “Is there anything else”

The round-faced housekeeper shook his head: “No more.”

Wu Wei’an raised his eyebrows: “Then why are you still standing here”

The round-faced housekeeper then went down the roof.

After getting off the roof, he knocked on the kitchen door of the Poison Lady.

The voice of the Poison Lady then drifted over: “Who is it”

Round-faced housekeeper: “It’s me.”

Poison Lady: “Come in.”

The round-faced housekeeper pushed the door and went in.

The Poison Lady is counting the ingredients she will use tomorrow.

The round-faced housekeeper said: “How is the Golden Toad Bug in Young Master’s body”

The Poison Lady did not lift her head and touched the fresh pork and beef lovingly instead: “It’s just like before.

He won’t die anyway.”

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The round-faced housekeeper said: “Then I want to ask you, can the Golden Toad Bug affect hearing”

The Poison Lady realized that something was wrong and turned around: “What’s wrong Young Master’s ears can’t hear anymore”

The round-faced housekeeper frowned: “It seems to be so.

Especially the right ear of the young master.

I always have the feeling that something is wrong.”

The Poison Lady touched her chin and said: “Reasonably, it shouldn’t be so.

Young Master has been fine for so many years anyway.

The Golden Toad Bug has been integrated with him for a long time, but no one can tell exactly what the Golden Toad Bug will do either.

This poison has always been strange.

It’s hard to say.”

The round-faced housekeeper feels a little worried: “Then, if Young Master really can’t hear…”

The Poison Lady frowned: “Are you sure that Young Master can’t hear”

The round-faced housekeeper hesitated: “I just reported the official duties to Young Master, and I had to speak very loud before he could respond.

Moreover, I saw that his right ear was very red.

I don’t know if that was the reason.”

The Poison Lady thought for a moment and said: “You will know after a try.”

After saying that, she ran back to the room, climbed under the bed, and took out a box from under the bed.

The outside of the box is covered with poisonous powder of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, which guarantees that whoever dares to touch the box will get more than they bargained for.

The Poison Lady opened the box and took out the money she had saved over the years.

The Poison Lady went out with a bag of silver taels in her hand.

Then she arched her back and went around to Wu Wei’an’s back before gently shaking the bag.

The silver taels inside made a soft noise.

Very subtle sound, hidden in the night wind and almost indiscernible.

But the person sitting on the roof turned his head instantly and looked straight at the Poison Lady.

The Poison Lady quickly put the bag of money into her pocket again and shook her head at the round-faced housekeeper not far away.

It’s all right.

Young Master’s ears are very good.

Ji Yunxi’s sleep quality has always been good, but every day when Wu Wei’an gets up, she still vaguely feels it.

Even if he moves very lightly.


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