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Seeing this, Wu Wei’an knew that this person was going to assign him another task again.

Under the control of the Emperor, the Imperial Academy has many eyeliner.

Therefore, Wu Wei’an was very careful in his work in the Imperial Academy and did not go beyond moral bounds, so he always accepted Fifth Feng Wu’s adversity.

He actually wanted to rely on Ji Mingshuang’s help when he realized that his Brother-in-law was being pushed out, but Ji Mingshuang himself was so exhausted and worked much more than he did, so much so that he couldn’t even care about eating anymore.

Wu Wei’an then put up with it.

Anyway, he didn’t need to put up with it for too long.

However, Wu Wei’an is still not very happy.

After all, he had done more work, but his salary did not increase.

Wu Wei’an thought this way, and suddenly stretched out his arm around Ji Yunxi’s waist.

But his movements were very light so although they seemed intimate, it was very gentlemanly and polite.

Fifth Feng, who wanted to speak, suddenly choked and his eyes instantly fell on Wu Wei’an’s hand.

Ji Yunxi raised her head and glanced at the person beside her: “”

Wu Wei’an lowered his head and spoke softly and quickly: “Help me for a while.

Let me make him angry.

Recently, I’ve been coming home late every day and it’s all because of him.”

Ji Yunxi thinks he is very naive.

Fifth Feng has always regarded her as his property, and she also knows it.

When Ji Yunxi and other men got closer at a banquet where usually Fifth Feng was also present, Fifth Feng was always not in the right mood.

So over the years, Ji Yunxi already felt that Fifth Feng was very annoying.

Later, she gradually did not attend the gatherings of young masters and young ladies in the capital anymore, because she felt disgusted with Fifth Feng.

But Wu Wei’an’s approach is also too naive.

What’s the difference between this and showing that you have candy in front of kids who don’t have candy on purpose

However, Ji Yunxi did not struggle away, and let Wu Wei’an hold her waist.

Fifth Feng gritted his teeth: “Brother Wei’an, can you sort out those ancient books tonight I’m afraid the Grand Secretary will use them tomorrow.”

Wu Wei’an’s face shows hesitation, and his eyes vigorously sweep toward Ji Yunxi.

After all, when he is outside, he is not a person who dares to refuse others.

Ji Yunxi was silent for a long time.

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Wu Wei’an sighed, thinking that he would have to stay up all night.

And just when he was about to agree.

Ji Yunxi said: “I’m afraid it can’t be done.”

Fifth Feng frowned: “Third Miss——”

Ji Yunxi didn’t give the other party a chance to talk, and directly interrupted: “It will be late already when we get back.

I want to rest and An Lang has to accompany me, because I’m afraid of being alone.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she turned her head, raised her chin slightly to look at him, and whispered: “What do you say, An Lang”

Wu Wei’an happened to lower his head.

The two were very close, and when Ji Yunxi spoke, her breath was sprayed on his ear.

Half of his body was numb.

The moon is bright and there’s not many stars.

Ji Yunxi is taking a bath in the house, and Wu Wei’an is sitting on the roof admiring the moon.

It has been more than half an hour since they came back from the palace, but Wu Wei’an’s right ear is still red and hot.

He covered his right ear with one hand and looked at the moonlight, a little dazed.

The round-faced housekeeper suddenly appeared aside and saluted him: “Young Master.”

Wu Wei’an didn’t answer.

He didn’t seem to hear it.

Seeing this, the round-faced housekeeper said in a slightly louder voice: “Young Master!”

Only then did Wu Wei’an regain his senses.

He turned his head and gave a light glance: “What’s the matter”

The round-faced housekeeper nodded: “Young Master, the arrangements in the palace have been completed.

Our people are connected with Feng Guiren and Concubine Tong.”

Wu Wei’an continued to cover his ear to admire the moon and gave a low hum.

The round-faced housekeeper treated it as Wu Wei’an had heard it and said again: “Old Qin wrote a letter, saying that the Little Young Master in Yu state has been cured.

If there is nothing wrong, he will go back to Nanchen Valley.

Young master, do you want to let Old Qin go back”

The author has something to say:

Daddy Ji with a cold face: Childish.


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