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The maidservant was even more panicked: “Guiren, Guiren——”

The Empress frowned unhappily, and the Mammy behind her directly covered the maidservant’s mouth and let someone take her away.

Feng Guiren still wanted to say something, but the Empress said: “Alright, you can go back.

This Empress would like to have a few words with Yunxi.”

No matter how arrogant and domineering Feng Guiren is, she knows that she can’t afford to provoke the Empress now, so she can only leave resentfully.

Before leaving, she glared at Ji Yunxi fiercely.

“Are you all right” The Empress asked kindly.

Ji Yunxi shook her head.

“I am all right.

Thank you, Empress.”

“I’ll have someone take you to change your clothes.

It’s still a little cold tonight, so don’t catch the cold.”

Ji Yunxi didn’t refuse: “Alright.”

As soon as she left, the Empress looked at Wu Wei’an.

Wu Wei’an shrank there, with his head bowed, his eyes staring at his nose and his nose pointed towards his heart.

The Empress asked: “You are the child of the Wu family, right”

Wu Wei’an replied in a low voice: “Yes, Empress.”

The Empress looked at him up and down a few times, but said nothing, then turned around and left.

The Mammy behind her supported her: “Empress, I don’t think this champion number three is worthy of the Third Miss.”

The Empress smiled and her eyes were deep.

Wu Wei’an watched the Empress walk away and wanted to go back to the table to continue the banquet.

As a result, the corner of his eye swept over Fifth Feng who was walking towards him.

Wu Wei’an sighed.

Why did one just go away and another already come again

Without hesitation, he turned around and went straight after Ji Yunxi.

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Fifth Feng’s footsteps paused, then he hesitated for a moment before finally followed too with a fierce face.

Ji Yunxi changed her clothes, and as soon as she left the door, she saw Wu Wei’an waiting for her.

She was puzzled and asked: “What are you doing here”

Wu Wei’an approached her and said fearfully: “That Fifth Feng looks terrible.

I dare not stay alone.

I can rest assured when I am by your side.”

Ji Yunxi: “……”

The two of them, mainly Wu Wei’an that is getting close to Ji Yunxi, walked towards the banquet hall together side by side.

Behind them, Wan Xiang and Baofu, as well as the palace maids who brought them here, deliberately stepped back.

Wu Wei’an said: “I think the Empress is very protective of you.”

Ji Yunxi only gave a hum.

Wu Wei’an felt sorry for himself: “Did you give the Crown Prince a lot of money”

Ji Yunxi nodded.

Wu Wei’an shook his head gently: “Sure enough.”

A woman who can sit firmly on the Empress’ seat and make her son also sit firmly on the Crown Prince’s seat, how can she be a simple person.

Such a not simple person is even so kind to his wife.

It can only be said that money is indeed a good thing.

As the two walked along, they met Fifth Feng head-on.

Then both sides stopped.

Fifth Feng pretended to be elegant and graceful: “Third Miss, Compiler Wu.”

Ji Yunxi nodded and asked: “Fifth Young Master, is there any problem”

Fifth Feng paused for a moment and said: “I apologize to you on behalf of my younger sister.

That maid servant of my sister grew up with her since she was a child.

Can you tell the Empress to let the maid servant come out of Xinzheku There have indeed been some unpleasant things that happened between our two families these days, but after this incident, how about we reconcile again”

Ji Yunxi didn’t say whether she agreed or disagreed with it: “The Empress has always been clear about rewards and punishments, and it’s not because of me that she punished Guiren’s maid servant today.

It’s because the maidservant didn’t do her job well.

In terms of emotion and reason, I can’t even say anything about that and put myself at a disadvantage with the Empress.

Isn’t that so, Fifth Young Master”

Fifth Feng smiled faintly and then he looked at Wu Wei’an.

Now he and Wu Wei’an are both in the Imperial Academy, but he has a senior scholar there who he is familiar with.

Although he is also a Compiler, he is now responsible for allocating all the work for the Compilers.


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