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I pondered as I followed the Trumpeter of Rest.

Maybe he noticed I took the orb emitting divinity from the giant’s head Or did he discover that I was a worshiper of the evil god I hadn’t revealed the Divinity of Corruption, so how could that be


Mother’s hand wriggled and whispered that the one who struck first would win and that I should slap the back of his head.

The Trumpeter of Rest stopped walking.

I gripped the handle of the Froststeel sword.

“He’s coming.”

It was a short sentence, but the weight behind it wasn’t light.

Darkness crawled over the pure white mask.

A suffocating presence pressed down on us.

I always felt a presence similar to this.

It was the natural sense of pressure radiated by heavenly beings.

A part of ‘God’ had come down to this place.

The Trumpet of Death and Rest lifted his ragged black robe, stretched his hand, and held out a finger.

The voice that scratched the depths inside me pierced my heart.


The pressure was lifted.

The darkness that had flowed down the white mask faded.

The Trumpeter of Rest started panting for breath.

It was an aftereffect of hosting a God in his body.

I was anxiously waiting for him to catch his breath with my head full of thoughts.

A raised a finger and capital.

Could it be that God came down and told me that there was a holy relic in the capital Was the Trumpet of Death and Rest an acquaintance with the Mother of Corruption I had to ask Mother about this later.

If my interpretation was correct, it meant that the Trumpet of Death and Rest recognized my true identity as a Priest of Corruption.


The trumpeter, who barely regained his composure, looked at me.

“Do you have anything to say”

“I don’t know and don’t want to know.”

That had a simple meaning.

Whatever you are, I will stand by you.

I smiled and nodded.

“Is that so Then, let’s go back.”


I spoke to Mother while keeping my distance from the trumpeter.

“Are you acquainted with that god from just now”


A simple answer, ‘I don’t know him at all.’ What What the hell was going on Once again, I had to stop to ponder.

I returned to where the party was, handing off all the troubling questions for now.

When Carmen saw me return, he smiled bitterly and pointed into the city.

“But what about this”

Dead bodies filled the streets.

In addition, there were still a few places on fire.

The Trumpeter of Rest took out the white trumpet and blew it.

The dead bodies filling the streets got up one by one and started moving outside the city.

Dachia watched and said to me in a low voice.

“Wouldn’t it be easier to clean up the city with the help of the Trumpeter of Rest”

Carmen, who was listening next to us, nodded.

“I’m sure it’d be just as the princess says.

The problem is that seeing those dead men fleeing the city, the trumpeter doesn’t seem to want to help us.”

“So, let’s ask him.”

A pair of golden eyes stared at me and shone brightly.

“Priest Marnak, since you’re the closest to him, couldn’t you ask You’re so close that only the two of you went to talk about something secret just now.”

No, I didn’t talk with him; I talked with his God.

To be precise, I just listened.

“I’m not as close as the princess thinks.”

“Then, should I try and ask We could save more people with his help.”

An endless procession of the dead left the city.

If they helped, I was sure more people could be saved.

I nodded toward Dachia.

“I’ll ask him to help us.”

“Thank you!”

Dachia’s face brightened, and she grabbed my hand.


Holding down Mother, who was telling me to let go of her immediately, I gently let go of Dachia’s hand.

“Then I’ll ask him now.”


I approached the trumpeter, who was playing silently.

The white mask looked at me without saying a word, and I summoned a smile.

“Can you help us clean up, Eradico If we use the dead to search the city, I’m sure we’ll be able to save a lot of people.”

The Trumpeter of Rest, who was staring at me, answered.

“It’s not my job to help the living…”

After giving a firm refusal, he stopped talking and took a deep breath.


There was deep exhaustion in that sigh.

He asked:

“What can I help you with”

I didn’t know why he suddenly changed his mind, but I should be grateful if he wanted to help.

Thanks to him, we would be able to save more folks.

“You just need to find people who are still alive.”

“Is that all”

“And move the people you find to a relatively intact building.”

As the Trumpeter of Rest slowly nodded and blew the trumpet, the dead heading for the castle gate changed direction and began to spread throughout the city.

“And I would appreciate it if you could move anything still in good condition.

If we leave it as it is, it will burn in the spreading fire.

I had no choice but to stop what I was saying because the pure white mask looked at me fiercely.

The Trumpeter of Rest spoke in a low voice.

“Ask everything at once.


“Uh, um.

Then, after discussing it with my colleagues, I’ll briefly summarize what we’ll be asking for.

So that I can tell you all at once.”




Mother, now a girl, held her hands to me.

“Here it is, Mother.”

When I handed the marble from Lieberkel’s head to Mother, she smiled, took the marble, and began to strain on the bed.

Eradico’s clean-up went surprisingly quick with the help of the Trumpeter of Rest.

Countless waves of the dead rescued people put out fires, and gathered food and supplies.

My party and I helped the dead move those who hadn’t yet woken to safe buildings.

Even those who were completely healthy didn’t wake up easily, but I could see that the divinity permeating their bodies was gradually fading, so by tomorrow, most of them would come to their senses.

As soon as I thanked the Trumpeter of Rest, who had so neatly cleaned the city, he led all the dead away without even saying goodbye.

I called him as he walked away with no regrets and handed him the right arm of Sanctus that I had prepared.

He looked at my face, and without a word, he took the arm and left.

We saw him off, then decided to choose a room and rest for the night.

We will take care of the rest tomorrow morning.


Mother, who was clinging to me, holding the marble and straining, was angry that something wasn’t going well and threw the marble away.


When I called to her as I watched the marble roll on the floor, she glanced at me.

Then all at once, she jumped out of bed, sprinted over, picked up the marble again, and grabbed my arm with tears in her eyes.


“You say that the sacredness in the bead is not untangling If you work hard, it will come out.

I guarantee it.

But throwing objects, no matter how angry you are, is a bad way of expressing your feelings.

Mother knows how bad it is.”


When she said she was angry, unable to help because she couldn’t untangle this one thing, I grabbed her and patted her on the back.

Her tiny head burrowed into my arms.

“Why would Mother not be helpful I was able to get Lieberkel because you nullified the magic.

It was very helpful.


But Mother.

Everything is fine, but this one, I must tell you.”


Beautiful eyes that constantly flickered a dark green looked at me.

Mother tilted her head.

I said with a smile.

“Promise me next time you will not throw objects no matter how frustrated you are.

If you don’t, you will be three times more charming than you are now.

Everyone will worship Mother’s patience.”


“Did you ask me if you’re going to be three times more charming to me too”


I slowly shook my head.

“Unfortunately, no.”


Great embarrassment and disappointment filled her voice.

I said, soothing the struggling Mother.

“I say this every time, but you must listen to what people say until the end.”

I lifted Mother up and smiled.

“Because I’m already mesmerized by the immeasurable charm of Mother.

It doesn’t make sense to say it’s tripled or multiplied 100 times.”


The truth came with a rushing wave of excitement.

Taking the chance when Mother was drenched in emotion, I said.

“Then you promise me you won’t throw anything no matter how angry you are”



“What! Don’t lie!”

Hilden, the head of the eastern branch of Ilech, an organization that controlled the world behind the northern kingdom, screamed.

“Don’t lie to me!”

The subordinate, who came to report, lowered his head as if he was ashamed.

“Damn worshipers of the evil god!”

His boss raged.

“Isn’t it possible that one member of the princesses’ party died just like our guys”

Back to reality.

“Why the hell is this happening only to me…”


After going through all the steps, Hilden, who had finally reached acceptance, sat down and muttered.


The plan to pay a large bribe to the lord of Eradico to raid the princess’s party was completely ruined when the damn worshipers of the evil god intervened.

The prepared assassin and the lord who got the money all died.

“How the hell am I supposed to tell him this That bastard will definitely make a big fuss.”

He had to do it, though.

That damn bastard would be even worse if he didn’t say anything.

Hilden buried himself in the chair and tightly closed his eyes.

It was very painful to think of the humiliation he would receive.

“Damn bloodline! Damn, reptile bastard! Just because he’s the prince of the Dragon Kingdom!


It had already been three days since we started staying in Eradico.

They were really busy days without a second to rest.

The citizens of Eradico bowed deeply and expressed their gratitude as they each received a bowl of stew.

“Savior! Thank you so much!”

I smiled awkwardly and waved my hand.

“That title is too much.”

“No! No matter how much we thank the saviors, it’s not enough.

Isn’t it! Everyone!”

“That’s right! Long live the four saviors! Yes!”


The people cheered me on.

“Long live Marnak, the savior of Eradico!!!”

After the Demon Slayer and the Great Enemy of the Evil God, now I was the Savior of Eradico


I pressed down Mother, who shouted after them.

Well, I was going to serve and leave this city within the day.



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