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The man frowned as he buried himself in the chair.

“What You missed Dachia”

Hilden, the head of the eastern branch of Ilech, an organization that controlled the world behind the northern kingdom, bowed deeply.

He didn’t want to bow his head to that filthy man, but he was a wealthy customer, and what he had to do now was to please the money bag.


I have nothing to say.

There was a random variable…”

“Variable Is that what you said”

The man jumped up and tapped Hilden on the shoulder.

He used just enough power to make him feel bad.

Before Hilden could regain control, the man pushed Hilden.


In the end, Hilden, who fell back, tried to straighten his face as much as possible.

Fortunately, his 43-year career in this area did not betray him, and he succeeded in creating a perfectly submissive look.

When the man saw Hilden’s expression, his steam cooled.

He wanted to step on him a little bit more if he resisted, but instead, he buried himself back in his chair.

“So Why are you reporting all of that to me You have to deal with it on your own.

That’s why I’m giving you money.

Or are you reporting it to put me in a bad mood”

Hilden slowly rose and bowed his head.

Did he really want to tell him this bad news But the damage had already been too great.

Since he lost fifteen of the elites he had invested in, even if he was humiliated, he had to get an additional subsidy from the client.

“That’s…it seems like we’ll need extra money to continue the quest.”

A thick wrinkle appeared on the man’s forehead.

“What! Extra money Did you say extra money now! I already gave you too much money! Huh Hey.

Come here.”

Following his twitching fingers, Hilden hurried forward and put his face in front of him.


Hilden’s head turned.

Not satisfied by that, the man slapped Hilden’s cheek several times before he spoke again.

“Explain the exact reason why you need the extra money.

Just know you’re dead if you say you’ve lost too much money to make up for it.”

Of course, that was partly true, but Hilden had prepared a plausible reason a spoiled baby would accept.

“The variable that intervened this time was not an ordinary person, so there was nothing I could do about it.”

“You’re dragging on too much! Huh Why are your tongues so long Do you want to get beaten up again”

‘You short-tempered bastard! Just get hit by a lightning bolt and die!’

Hilden, the head of a family, remembered his young children and suppressed his feelings.

“It was two men who took Princess Dachia Irmel…”

“What Two men Now then, is Dachia only going with two men”


Can’t you just stop interrupting me Seriously!’

Hilden continued talking, grinding his teeth in his mind.


That’s right.

And the two variables that intervened this time are Ensis Baltas’ illegitimate child, Carmen Baltas, and…”

“He’s just an ordinary aristocrat.”

“Carmen Baltas is famous in the capital city because he has not neglected his training since he was young.”


Who is the other one If it’s another ordinary person, I’ll be really disappointed with you.

I’ll say that your ‘Ilech’ got blown away by two ordinary people.”

This damn bastard would surely do that, so Hilden quickly continued.

“The other is Marnak, a priest who worships the Goddess of Maintenance…”

“Priest Just because of one priest and an ordinary human”

“You must listen to me to the end.

Marnak is no ordinary man.”

The man showed some interest.

“What’s unusual about him”

“Marnak obtained the title of Demon Slayer by killing a demon who suddenly appeared in Guise and turned into a huge monster, all with a single sword.”


“…not alone.

It is said there were three Reformation Church priests there.

Those three died during the battle with the demon, though.”

“You’re saying Marnak could have just finished what the other priests started, right”

The voice had cooled off, so Hilden pulled out the second piece of information he had collected.

“That’s not all.

Not long ago, he killed a monster that the worshipers of the evil god created by devouring all life in Kelton, earning him the nickname The Great Enemy of the Evil God.

Moreover, he didn’t covet fame but quietly left the city after doing so.”

Marnak’s night getaway was a rumor spread by the demon lord that suggested he left the city because it was uncomfortable for him to be admired.

The man opened his mouth after thinking a moment longer.

“But that’s what he said, right Is it really true that he killed it He could’ve lied that he did after someone else did most the work.

And he ran away for fear that the truth would come out.”

Hilden closed his eyes.

‘You cheap bastard, you won’t recognize others even if you die.’

That man leaned back.

“Well, if even half of the rumors are true, they wouldn’t ever touch Dachia.


I’ll give you extra money.”

‘I did it!’

In Hilden’s head, his rabbit-like children and bear-like wife smiled.

“But I can’t give it to you right now.

I’ve spent so much money so far.”

“Didn’t you decide to hold a banquet tonight…”

The man laughed as he poked Hilden’s head.

“Do I have to cancel my leisure time just to give you money Huh That doesn’t make sense even to you, right

‘Cancel it! Cancel it now!’

Hilden’s silent cries did not reach the man.

“By the way, I wonder what Ensis Baltas will do when Carmen dies.

He usually pretends he doesn’t exist.”

Hilden’s face hardened at the mention of Ensis, whom any men born in the North admired.

Seeing the change in Hilden’s expression, the man grinned.


If you’re done talking, go.

It’s time for the girls to come.”


Hilden retreated in silence.


Doesn’t everyone have times like that You sometimes do things with great gusto and regret it little by little as time passes.

“Wouldn’t it have been okay if I spoke to Princess Dachia a little more gently She seemed someone reasonable to talk to.”


“What are you doing worrying about that woman” – Mother replied.

I cut the sausage from the plate and put it into Mother’s mouth as she sat on my lap.


Mother swung her feet with excitement.

I’d gone downstairs and paid for a dish at Mother’s insistence that she wanted to eat.

It was worth it.

As I cut the bread into bite-sized pieces and fed them to her, I thought of Princess Dachia.

I hated wizards, and I really hated those who were selfish.

Wizards stopped me while trying to live a normal life by blending into this world.

Ever since that incident, I’d always instinctively hated wizards.

Even though I knew that the wizard who broke my life and Dachia were different people, I couldn’t easily overcome my dislike for them.

So, every time I put up a barrier and distanced myself from them.

Besides, I thought it would be foolish to make the same mistake again since I had treated a wizard gently once and burned myself.

However, because of what Princess Dachia had shown over the past few days, the question of ‘Was Princess Dachia an exception’ repeatedly came to mind.


When Mother said her hands were empty, I quickly forked another piece of meat.


Knock, knock.

Before Mother had even finished speaking, someone knocked on the door.

I gripped the handle of the Froststeel sword.

“Who is it”

The answer came after a long wait.

“It’s me.


I hugged Mother’s head, not letting go of the Froststeel Sword.

I quickly put Mother, after she turned into a hand, into my chest pocket and said.

“Come in.”


She wouldn’t shoot a spell while opening the door, right Fortunately, Dachia entered my room unarmed and without chanting any spells.

She looked at the plate of food lying on my lap and asked me.

“Were you having a late-night snack”


I was a little hungry.”

Without hesitation, I picked up the plate and placed it on the table.

Dachia walked over to me, wearing only a light white cotton robe.

“Can I sit next to you I have something to tell you.”


With my consent, Dachia sat on the bed.

It’d only been an hour since I threatened her.

I wondered what the hell she wanted to talk about.

A heavy silence descended.

By the time I got used to the weight of it, Dachia had decided to speak.

“Is it because I’m a wizard that you warned me like that”

I couldn’t answer right away.

I knew this was my flaw, but it was hard to ignore.


Dachia looked at the snow falling through the window.

“I thought so.

The way Priest Marnak looked at me was something I was very familiar with.

Usually, people hurt by wizards look at me like that.”

I was slightly uncomfortable at how she saw right through me.

It revealed an ugly part I didn’t want to face, so I remained silent.

Even though I knew my silence would sound like an affirmation to her.

Dachia looked at me with her golden eyes twinkling.

“It was the first time, though.”

Even if I didn’t reply, she continued speaking.

“Even though you looked like you hated me so much, in the end, the content of what you said was just to do better next time.

Usually, people who do that are trying to do bad things to me.”

The more cheerfully she spoke, the more I wanted to hide in a hole.

“Honestly, I don’t think I’ll be able to tolerate injustice any easier in the future.


Dachia licked her lips a few times and smiled.

“Before that, I will definitely discuss it with you in advance, just as you warned me.

It’s late, but I came here because I wanted to tell you this.”

She lifted her hips off the bed and stood.

“Then I’ll leave.

Have a good night, Priest Marnak.”



It was not always easy for someone to admit that they were wrong.

I barely pulled out the words which didn’t want to leave.

“I-I think I was too impatient before.

I’ve been disrespectful to you.”

Dachia looked straight at me with eyes that melted gold and smiled wide.

“You’re looking at me properly for the first time.

I’m very happy.”

I allowed myself a smile.

“Is that so”

Dachia nodded once.

“Then we’ve completely reconciled with this, right Without any grievances”


At least I don’t have any.”

“Me too, so now we both don’t have any! Then let’s greet each other tomorrow morning with a smile.”

She left, saying goodbye.

I patted Mother’s hand.

“It seems that wizards are different too.

This foolish son is facing the truth he has been avoiding until today.”


I smiled quietly at Mother’s grumbling, saying, ‘enough talking about that girl, give me something to eat.’

“The food has cooled down, so I’ll heat it first.

I can’t feed you cold food.”

After the rest of her meal, I slept a bit.


Bang, bang.

I woke up to the sound of someone banging on the door.

When I got up and opened the door, I was greeted by the anxious face of the innkeeper.



Please, talk.”

The innkeeper hesitated a moment before speaking in an apologetic tone.

“The group claiming to be companions of the mercenaries who were captured by the vigilante yesterday are blocking the entrance to the village and are demanding we bring those who turned their comrades in.”

“It seems that you gave up those we caught yesterday.”


It was obvious.

Well-armed men came in swarms, so there was nothing they could do about it.

Rather, the behavior of the owner, who didn’t try to attack us while we were sleeping and hand us over to the group of mercenaries but told us the truth, was the best consideration he could offer.

I grabbed my Froststeel sword and the Butcher with a grin.

“Tell them I’ll be there soon.”


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