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“Do you have any handkerchiefs”

“Oh, yes.

Here you go.”

The knight took a handkerchief from his pocket and held it to Aiden.

Aiden tied his arms tightly with it to stop the bleeding and stood up.

‘Daisy’s going to go crazy when she sees my arms.’

Aiden grinned at the thought of Daisy’s nagging. 

But still, she would forgive him because his life was still attached.

“Let’s go now.”

“Yes, Sir Aiden.”

The knights returned to Sparrow Castle while holding the girl.


When I went to Lexion, Aiden had already come first.

“Duke, I have something to say… Sir Aiden Heuk! What’s wrong with your arm”

I was trying to talk about the Uji mushroom, but I was surprised and approached Aiden.

But Daisy in the back was a step faster.

She rushed to Aiden and asked.

“What’s going on”

There were signs that his entire arm was injured, and the sleeve itself was torn off to seal the wound.

He couldn’t even change his clothes because he came in a hurry, so they could see it clearly.

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The wound bandage was stained with blood that had not stopped yet.

Aiden hid his arm behind his back, strutting as if it were nothing.

“It’s nothing.

I just skimmed it.”

“Who wears a bandage around the scratch And the blood keeps coming out….”

Daisy patted Aiden’s arm, forgetting that Lexion and I were there.

Aiden flinched at Daisy’s worried touch, but couldn’t stop it.

Suddenly, Aiden’s ears turned bright red.

Embarrassed, he exhaled as if he were bursting into breath.

“Haa, it’s really no big deal.

Daisy, stay away from it.

It’s in front of the Duke, here.” 


It was then that Daisy realized that she had been too attached to Aiden.

And without saying her greetings to the higher up.

Her face turned even redder than that of Aiden, then backed away.

She seemed to have been in a hurry because she was only thinking about Aiden’s injury.

Daisy trembled heavily when our eyes met, and then bowed her head.

“I’m sorry, miss.”


“What are you doing here, Titi”

Lexion asked me.

It was then that I remembered the purpose of my visit and handed him a bag of Uji mushrooms.

“It’s the Uji mushroom in the castle, and it tastes a little weird.”

“Yes Uji mushroom” You mean you ate it! Give me that for now! It may explode!”

Aiden, who took a deep breath to control his overwhelming feelings for Daisy, exclaimed in surprise.

At the same time, Lexion took the bag from me.

They were about to throw it away right away, so I promptly dissuaded them.

“There’s no need to do that! I’ve already purified it!”


Lexion let out a shallow exclamation at my explanation.


Aiden also breathed a relieved sigh.

In fact, my pockets had swelled once while I was here.

I thought it would explode right away, so I quickly used Asta.

I recited the starting words in secret, so Daisy didn’t notice.

Lexion asked.

“Did you use that”

“Yes, it was about to explode.”

“Your body Are you okay”

“Of course.

It’s better.”

I grinned as I showed a V sign with my hand.

At that time, Aiden tilted his head, not understanding the conversation between me and Lexion.

“Am I the only one who doesn’t understand”

He didn’t know Asta, so it was a natural reaction.

As I glanced at Lexion and he nodded lightly. 

Then he whispered in my ear. 

“Don’t say everything.” 

In other words, it meant that I should not talk about taking away the other person’s vitality.

Only Lexion knows exactly how Asta works.

I don’t think many people need to know that.

No matter how close you are to someone you trust, there is always a risk.

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I opened my mouth to reveal only a portion of my power according to Lexion’s will.

“Actually, I can purify the evil dragon’s thoughts.”

“What Without purification stones”

Aiden nodded in surprise at the words.

“It’s a kind of power of Esol.”

I did not explain that the principle of purification was the act of taking the life force of the evil dragon.

Aiden asked worriedly.

“Then, isn’t that a strain on Miss Tiarozety’s body I heard that Esol’s power is secured by their life force as collateral…”

“You don’t have to worry about that.

It’s a force that’s not related to vitality.”

“But I’ve never heard of such a power…”

“I don’t know why I have this power.

When I tried to save John that day, I was able to use it unconsciously.”


“Maybe it’s a hidden power for Esol.

As a kind of self-defense.”

“I see.”

Aiden’s expression became complicated.

After a while, he said as if something had come to mind.

“Then is it thanks to Miss Tiarozety that John, who was on the verge of runaway, lived without dying”

‘Well, maybe.’


As soon as Aiden heard my answer, I urgently called Lexion.

Lexion nodded as if he knew what he meant.

‘What’s wrong with him’

Aiden said as I looked at the two curiously.

“Miss Tiarozety.

Can you still use that power” 

“Yes Of course…”

“Now in the dungeon of Sparrow Castle, a beggar girl with thoughts is tied up.”

“A beggar girl…”

“Yes, She’s a primary infected person who ate the Uji mushroom in Carmel Forest and became addicted to it.

If we leave it like this, she might explode.”


“She’s been locked up for the time being because the purification stones exploded.

Can I ask you for a favor if it’s okay with you”

It was the moment Aiden had just finished speaking.


The book was activated with a cheerful sound.

– You have entered the main stage.

The episode “A Dying Child” begins.

Please purify the dying child and bring her back to life.

If you do not save her in time, there will be a greater danger to Bael. 

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When I heard the word ‘dying child’, I quickly rushed to Aiden.

“Where’s the child”

“This way, please.”

Aiden quickly led me to the dungeon.

In the dungeon, a girl was writhing and growling with her limbs bound.

I recognized her face and held my breath.

‘She was the girl who fought with the bakery owner.’

I thought it was just a passing relationship, but it was the origin of this stage.

I lamented my failure for not being able to look after the child back then.

Even if I thought it was an accident, I felt a belated regret that I should have gone with the child and checked their condition.

Then Aiden said. 

“It seems that the period of being tainted with thoughts was quite long.

To the point where the purification stones were broken several times.

But it still seemed like she still had her reasoning, so I held her.”

“Didn’t the girl have a family”

“I found a boy who appeared to be the girl’s family in the hut.

But he was already dead because he was weak and couldn’t stand the thoughts.”

She said that he had symptoms of poisoning after eating bread that day, so it must have been that he died of weakness.

If he hadn’t been tainted by thoughts, maybe he could have lived.

But the dead cannot be brought back to life.


The girl growled looking at me.

Perhaps she was instinctively afraid of me.

Because the evil dragon has already been beaten by me several times.

“It’s okay.

I’m trying to save you.”

I approached the girl cautiously.

The girl rubbed her body, afraid that I might touch her.

However, there was no way she could move in a situation where her limbs were tied.

I gently grabbed the girl’s arm and uttered a starter word.



The girl screamed and twisted her body even more violently.

Then, Lexion tied the girl with an aura to stop the girl’s actions.


I let out a shallow moan at the ominous energy that ran through my body.

But I didn’t stop because I had already experienced it once with John’s incident and knew it wasn’t dangerous to me.

“I’m fine.”

I gave Lexion a faint smile as he approached me and signaled not to stop me.

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Lexion stood by and watched the girl’s situation.

The child repeatedly fell asleep with her body seething in malice.

The more aggressive the evil dragon is, the more urges arose, like insects crawling on my body, just like that time when I helped John.

‘He was jumping up and down on purpose so that I wouldn’t be able to purify.’

When I was purifying John, I was so distracted that I couldn’t grasp the meaning of this sensation.

But I could tell now that I was calmly purifying the girl.

The girl was getting more infested with the evil dragon to stop me from using my powers.

‘Not a chance.

I’m going to purify until the end.’

I continued to purify by circulating the evil thoughts that lurked in the girl’s body.

It wasn’t long before the girl drooped.

There was no more aura of thoughts in her body.

“It’s all done.”

As I backed away from the girl, Aiden checked her pupils.

Aiden gave a brief admiration when he brought the purification stone and it didn’t even respond.

“That’s great.”


At that time, the girl seemed to flinch and opened her eyes gently.

Looking at her clear pupils, it seemed that purification was successful.

“This is…”

The girl stared at the people around her with trembling eyes, even though she was bewildered that her limbs were bound.

I told Aiden.

“Please untie it.”


Aiden immediately released the girl and the girl slumped down helplessly.

“Huh, I was definitely feeding Uji mushrooms to brother…” 

Aiden looked at Lexion as the girl muttered blankly.


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