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[Tiarozety’s POV]

Now everything felt certain.

Why the book forced the ending on me so much.

‘You tried to use me to end this damn evil relationship.’

I unknowingly clenched my fists.

It was because I thought it was never a coincidence that Lexion blocked my ending.

In the end, Lexion and I were also played by them.

“I ended up being taken advantage of.

The compensation was the bait.”

“Did you say compensation”

“If I kill the evil dragon, I will return it to the original world.”


“It didn’t ask me to kill the evil dragon from the beginning.

It told me to just complete the ending, but because the ending changed as Lexion intervened…”

I stopped talking.

It was because I thought of something I was missing for a moment.

‘Come to think of it, the terms of compensation have changed in this life.

So what about the compensation’

It was the book that changed the terms of compensation at will.

It’s because it’s urging me to change the ending myself and kill the evil dragon.

“What’s wrong”

“If the terms of compensation have changed from before, can the contents of the compensation be changed”

“I don’t know what the terms and conditions of the compensation are, but once the contract is set, it cannot be changed.”

I refuted Alois’ point-blank statement.

“But my terms of compensation have changed.”

“There are times when the conditions you see are not everything.

Perhaps the book cunningly assumes conditions that can be changed.”

Come to think of it, my condition was ‘Complete the ending’.

The loophole in this was that the ‘ending’ was changeable.

“Isn’t this really a bully”

I was about to get mad at the book’s absurd tricks.

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“What does it mean that Sullivan is not in a normal state”

“It means Sullivan may not be able to use her insightful eyes like she used to.”

“Does that mean she might be helping Kun”

“I’m not sure.

Seeing as she told Miss Tiarozety to kill the evil dragon, it doesn’t seem like she was dominated… “

Alois hesitated and continued.

“First of all, you have to collect both books to make sure.”

“But I don’t know where the other book is.

Maybe the duke has it.”

Books have the property of following us when they get farther away from the contractor.

At this time when Lexion disappeared.

There was no way the book would remain in Sparrow Castle.

Alois muttered with a troubled face.

“Then there’s only one way.

I have no choice but to participate in the subjugation force and find him.”

“What if you find him What are you going to do next”

I stared at her with wary eyes.

It was because I was very concerned about what she said earlier to complete the ending.

Alois said if she noticed my intentions.

“Don’t worry.

There is no harm to the Duke.”


“I will unseal the book and free the soul.

Not me, of course, but Miss Tiarozety.”


“Yes, I’m just helping.

The contractor is the only one who can do the job.”

Alois continued with a meaningful smile.

“The problem is that the Duke must hold on to his spirits…”

“Hold on to his spirits”

“When you assimilate with the evil dragon, you will start to lose intelligence.”


‘Titi, I’m sorry…….

I guess I can’t stand it any longer.….

The consciousness….’

That’s what Lexion’s last words meant then.

I frowned as I thought of Lexion, who had disappeared while the evil dragon transformation was in progress.

“We’ll have to hurry, to save Lexion.”

I was going to tell Gregory that I would join the subjugation force right away, but a cheerful alarm suddenly sounded.

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– The trailer has arrived!

At this, Alois and I focused on the book.

* * *

[Lexion’s POV]

At the northern end, an unexpected gust of wind blew in the Karaha Desert.

When a black object fell from the sky, the sand wind entangled it and caused a commotion in the wasteland.

Moments later, the half-man, half-beast man staggered and sat down on the floor.

The one with dragon scales sprouting here and there was Lexion Sparrow.

The man who used to be the main character, but now has become a villain who opposes the main character, frowned.

“I have to go further, further…”

He got up again and again, hastening his steps.

It was because he had to disappear farther away in order not to damage the North.

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So I tried to run away from the north as much as possible.

I couldn’t slow down because I knew that the evil dragon’s body was infested with monsters.

But I was already tired and exhausted.

Besides, I was in a bad state because I was fatally wounded.

In the end, Lexion couldn’t stand it and buried his face in the sand.

The book floated through the blurred vision and said.

– You can’t let go of your mind.

Cheer up a little bit.

‘Who’s the reason this happened…’

Lexion turned away from the noisy book.

After a while.

– A preview has arrived for Tiarozety!

Along with the guide’s notification, the letters rose and I started reading the trailer.

[In the north, a subjugation team is formed with Gregory at the center.

Tiarozety, heartbroken by Lexion Sparrow’s transformation into an evil dragon, turns to Gregory.

Afterwards, Tiarozety follows Gregory on a journey to slay the evil dragon.

Tiarozety and Gregory, who confirmed trust and affection during the journey, promise a future.

Then, with the help of Tiarozety, he confronts the evil dragon…]

As soon as Lexion heard the contents of the trailer, he clenched his fists.

Sand slipped through his fists.

Even knowing that the contents of the book were fake, doubt and anxiety welled up in my heart.

I wondered if the two of them had become like that while he wasn’t there.

The guide said as if he knew what Lexion was thinking.

-The trailer is edited to suit the situation of the book and may differ from the truth.

“… …”

-Be careful not to lose your mind.

The aftermath of assimilating with the evil dragon makes it difficult to control emotions.

“… …”

Lexion stared at the book, speechless.

Somehow it was strange that he felt like the guide was comforting himself.

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The white faded book continued to talk, floating around Lexion.

– Tiarozety Esol is coming soon.

Give her the book.

“What’s this all of a sudden To deliver the book.”

– The ending of the story is near.

If you take care not to be penalized more than this, you will get the desired result.

“Result I want”

– That… … When the time comes… …

The book lost its light and fell off while an incomprehensible sound.

Since Asher Castle, the book has been in this shape.

Lexion was disturbed to hear that the ending was getting closer.

‘Did Titi decide to complete the ending’

My heart ached at the thought of that.

I had no idea that I would be wasting my time in such a weak way.

And waiting for her choice.

At least I didn’t want to be a hindrance to her.

But how do you look now

“I think it’s terrible, too.”

Lexion staggered to his feet.

If she’s made up her mind, I thought I’d let her know my location so that she could find me.

After a while, the wings of the evil dragon flapped.

The ground shook loudly as Lexion roared with all his might.

Lexion, now half of her body covered with scales, roamed the sky.

To announce his location to the oncoming subjugation force.

* * *

[Tiarozety’s POV]

The day of the subjugation force’s departure.

I wore pants that were easy to move around in and wore a dagger around my waist.

The silver dagger that Lexion had given her as a gift for the first time sparkled at her waist.

There was no difficulty in wearing the pre-made armor because it had a lightweight magic on it so that it wouldn’t be too heavy.

My face in the mirror was hardened as if I had been resolute.

Daisy, who was beside her to dress up, spoke anxiously.

“My Lady, you have to take care of yourself.”

The other day, when she heard the news that I was participating in the subjugation, she cried out so loudly.

I struggled for a long time trying to calm her down.

I said, holding Daisy’s hand tightly.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back with the Duke.”

“Is it really true that the Duke allowed it It can’t be…”

“I just said I wanted to be with him.”

“Heueb, Lady, you’re really fearless.”

Daisy sniffed and grumbled.


Since when did I become a fearless character.’

I chuckled at Daisy’s assessment.

It was because the words did not suit Tiarozety Esol at all.

Of course, the cowardly personality in the first place was nothing more than a setting created by the book.

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When I went outside, the knights were already lined up and waiting.

Gregory, clad in armor, got off his horse and held out his hand.

“Ride with me.”

“No, I’m with Alois…”


I’m not used to horseback riding.”

When Alois made an embarrassed expression, Gregory reached out his hand even more.

“Don’t hesitate.”


Reluctantly, I grabbed Gregory’s hand and mounted the horse.

Then Gregory climbed up behind me and grabbed the reins.

Dun Dun-!

“Move out!”

The knights moved according to the sound of drums and chanting.


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