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Alois’ eyes were not those of telling lies.

It was a completely different atmosphere from the usual light jokes.

I licked my lips nervously.

‘A wise man and a great wizard.

I’ve never heard of such a story anywhere.’

As I was about to think this way, Alois saw through my question and continued.

“It’s probably the first time you’ve heard of it.

This is the history passed down from generation to generation only in the family of magicians.”


“Now I understand.

Why my technique didn’t work for you.”


“Miss Tiarozety signed a contract with the book, didn’t you”

My lips parted naturally at Alois’ question.

If it was a contract, it was a contract.

Received a reward for fulfilling the book’s demands.

But it was one-sided.

I frowned and denied.

“I didn’t sign the contract because I wanted to.”

“Anyway, it’s true that you and the book are connected.”

“I was just dragged in.

I wasn’t even from this world in the first place…”

I looked at the book in a hurry.

It was because I was worried that the book would interfere the moment I said that I was not from this place.

“Don’t worry.

The book will mistakenly think we are having a normal conversation.”


“As expected, Tiarozety was not from this place.

Well, for the book to wake up, it needs the soul of another world.”

“How much do you know”

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Alois smirked when I looked at her with wary eyes.

“That’s Sullivan’s book, the first magician and wise man.”

Alois hurried and began to talk about the origin of the book.

* * *

The beginning of the world and the most chaotic time.

It was a time when it was natural for the powerful to become king, and for the more powerful to usurp the position.

Sullivan, the magician, was a ray of light in that chaotic world.

Many difficulties were solved through the ‘sight’ of seeing the future.

Everything she said was right to the point where everyone agreed that what she said was right.

Therefore, many people called her a wise man or a sage.

She had many followers.

Among them, there were four disciples called the Sujeja.

Agnes, the emperor who became the leader of the world thanks to her.

Arden, the best general who was able to catch a sword while tending sheep.

Esol, a name bestowed by God who is said to save people who are on the brink of death.

And Kun, the great archmage who was called the strongest.

They conquered the world with Sullivan at the center.

Finally, an empire that unified the world was established.

The empire they built was solid and they had no doubts that no one would be able to touch it.

Until a rift opened between them.

Shortly after the empire was established, the emperor announced that he would appoint Sullivan as empress.

The emperor loved Sullivan, and after endless courtship, she agreed to marry him.

Everyone took it as a natural outcome and blessed the marriage.

Except for one person, Archmage Kun.

Kun, who secretly had a crush on Sullivan, suddenly disappeared in anger at the news of their marriage.

Since he disappeared without a trace, everyone assumed he had run away.

Sullivan tried to find him, but he was hidden.

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Later, Sullivan and the emperor had a child.

When the child was just born and the wise man’s eyes were darkened, the great archmage appeared.

The evil archmage kidnapped Sullivan with powerful magic and ran away.

After losing the empress, the emperor went mad and lost his intelligence due to the archmage’s curse.

In the meantime, Arden, who was jealous of Agnes’ position, killed Agnes and became emperor himself.

The name of the empire was changed to Arden after himself.

Esol was afraid that the general would kill the child, so he took the child and hid in the depths.

In order to solidify his legitimacy, the general called the dead emperor ‘Evil Dragon’ and transformed him into a person worthy of being killed.

Esol, the founding contributor, was also erased from history and was not recognized as an imperial citizen.

It was because the name stole Agnes and Sullivan’s child.

The person later tried to find Agnes’ body, but the general did not tell him where it was.

And as time passed, when the person died and the child grew up, the empire was infested with witches.

Arden, a general who became emperor, fabricated it as an “evil dragon’s act” to strengthen the imperial authority.

The child who became an archmage went to the imperial family to punish the evil dragon and went on a subjugation.

And when he found out that there was a real evil dragon, the child found a book that the evil dragon was guarding.

It was the diary of the wise man Sullivan and his mother’s will.

The evil dragon had already lost its intelligence, so it did not recognize the child.

The child could not bear to kill his father, so he returned with the evil dragon sealed, and the emperor of Arden, indignant at this, tried to kill the child.

The child saw through the emperor’s tricks in advance and went into hiding.

Where no one knows.

* * *

After finishing the story, Alois was quite calm.

I knew part of the story she told me, and I knew part of it differently.

I didn’t know more than half of the story at all.

It was all the more so because I only knew the limited history of the empire that the book shows.

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Alois opened her mouth.

“It’s already an old story, so the descendants of the Arden Empire don’t know the inside story at all.

Because the Emperor of Arden burned all the records.”

“The Great War 100 years ago, then ….”

“That’s relatively recent.

Because the unsealed evil dragon attacked the empire.”

Life here always felt like wandering in the fog.

Especially since I didn’t know anything about the world other than what the book told me.

In the end, the pedigree of the magician is Sullivan’s lineage, and Esol was a helper.

Arden betrayed Agnes, and the cursed emperor became an evil dragon.

“Then what does it mean that the two souls are sealed in the book of Wisdom”

“When Sullivan was kidnapped, she used her wisdom to seal Kun in the book.”

“… … .”

“Unfortunately, she was under Kun’s spell, so even she was sealed.”


“Since it has been sealed for many years, there is no guarantee that the state of the soul will be fine.

It’s not easy to distinguish Sullivan’s soul from Kun’s.”

Alois swept her mouth and continued speaking seriously.

“Now that the book is awake, Tiarozety will have to complete it.”

I bit my lower lip when I was told I had to finish the book.

“But to do that… .”

I have to kill Lexion.

When I couldn’t bear to speak, Alois opened her mouth.

“The successors of the magician were always trained to be prepared for when the book awakens.

I also learned how to get rid of books.”

“But you have to kill the evil dragon to complete the ending.

You may not know, but the evil dragon is…”


I noticed that the Duke was trying to inherit the lineage of the evil dragon at that time.”

“Then I have to kill the Duke in the end.

I can’t.”

As I shook my head, Alois explained.

“It’s not necessarily like that.

Of course, I can’t guarantee success for sure, but it’s not that there’s no way.”

She seemed worried that I might turn her down.

As expected, she seemed to know how to prevent something.

“Then are you saying there is a way to solve things smoothly”

“Right, it’s not an easy road, of course.”

“I’ll do it unless there’s no way at all.”

I answered with a determined look.

If I can get out of the book, if I can save Lexion, I’ll be happy to go on a thorny path.

I asked a question to further clarify the doubts.

“There’s one thing I don’t understand.

According to Alois, the magician’s family and the evil dragon are related by blood.

But why is the magician trying to punish the evil dragon”

It was like trying to kill an ancestor.

Alois sighed and answered my question.

“It’s to break Kun’s curse.”

“Kun’s curse”

“Agnes became an evil dragon under Kun’s curse.

That soul loses reason cannot die, but is resurrected over and over again.”

“It’s because the child didn’t kill the evil dragon and sealed it.”

“That’s true, but in fact, he couldn’t kill him.”

“What do you mean he couldn’t kill him”

“It’s a curse that is solved only when Kun’s soul dies.

He knew he couldn’t kill him by himself, so he sealed it.”

My mouth opened wide at Alois’ answer.

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Because Kun’s soul was sealed in the book, Agnes also couldn’t die and was resurrected over and over again, repeating unwanted actions.

To think that was the identity of the evil that confused the world.

My hair stood on its ends from the side of the book I didn’t know.

‘In the end, the guide is Sullivan and Kun’s soul.’

t was strange to hear that what I thought was just one of the systems in the book was actually a living soul.

Then suddenly, I opened my mouth, recalling that Lexion had a book.

“Alois, there’s more than one book.”


Their souls are already separated.”

Alois frowned and replied calmly.

“What do you mean separated”

“It means that both souls are awake.”


“If both souls are awake, there must be another contractor.”

“The other contractor is Lexion Sparrow.

His role is the evil dragon.”

“As expected… I see.

That’s why he entered the family tree of the evil dragon.”

As if expected, Alois sighed quietly and murmured evasive words.

I asked Alois, grasping at straws.

“Do you know anything about the Duke’s condition”

“Kun must be looking for a soul to replace the evil dragon.

Agnes’s soul was already ruined.

He needs another soul to become the next evil dragon to keep Sullivan bound.”

“What do you mean tying up Sullivan”

“Because Kun wants to monopolize Sullivan.

The medium of the absolute evil, the evil dragon and the book are very good means.”


“Maybe the duke’s contractor is Kun.

That’s probably why the duke became the evil dragon.”

“Then my contractor…”

“It must be Sullivan.”

Alois finished her words with a glance at the book.


TL/N: Woah woah woah whut so much backstory!


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