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A lot has changed since Lexion disappeared.

First of all, Kronos was imprisoned in the dungeon of Sparrow Castle and we tried to purify him with a purification stone.

Like a member of the evil dragon’s family, Seirin’s wounds and severed hands have already been regenerated, leaving only a few scars.

There was no damage to her life, but she was half crazy because of exposure to malice for a long time.

It could have been different if I had finished the purification, but I was silent.

I was going to do that because others didn’t know exactly the difference between the purification stone and my power.

Afterwards, Seirin voluntarily took care of Kronos.

Seirin said she cries every time she saw Kronos’ scar.

It was only me, Gregory, Chris, Alois, and Seirin who saw Lexion’s condition that day.

Everyone thought that his transformation into an evil dragon proceeded differently due to his evolved evil dragon power.

However, it was not possible to announce it hastily, so we kept quiet about Lexion coming to Bael.

However, I can’t hide it from everyone, so I only told Arnold.

When Arnold heard of Lexion’s condition, he was greatly discouraged.

Even so, I was grateful for him calmly taking over Lexion’s vacancy.

Now that I think about it, it was fortunate that I saved all of the Brandt family.

If Arnold had died, it would have been very hard to get through the difficulties now.

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I remembered a conversation I had with Arnold.

‘I didn’t know that the Duke’s words meant this.’

‘What did the Duke say’

“He said to take good care of the North and Miss Tiarozety.’

‘… …’

‘I think that’s why he rushed to connect the Northern Alliance to the Defence Wall.

Even if things go wrong and the Duke goes wrong, we can protect the North.’

As Arnold said, Lexion had prepared for many things.


Even before he came to pick me up from the south, he had persuaded the lords of the north to start working on connecting the defense wall.

Thanks to the previous attack by the evil dragon, the defense wall has been completed with the approval of the lords who were not able to be convinced.

As a result, the North is now the safest fortress.

The capital was breached, but the north was not.

Upon hearing this news, the people of the Empire fled the long way to come to the north.

Solidarity has also strengthened within the north.

It was because there was a defensive wall and the Sparrow family was tightly united with the North.

The northern lords knew that Lexion had not yet come from the expedition.

It was a thoroughly hidden fact that Lexion came to Bael for fear that the northern union would crumble in the absence of Lexion.

If they knew that Lexion had become the evil dragon, it would shake the northern union.

After Lexion disappeared, the evil dragon’s thoughts became stronger, and the evil beasts infested from time to time.

Due to the defensive wall, the allied forces were barely surviving by joining forces to subjugate the demons, but they were at a disadvantage as the long-term battle progressed.

So the alternative that came out was to subdue the evil dragon.

“They’re forming a subjugation team.”

Daisy replied as I muttered to myself.


Prince Gregory seems to be trying to find the evil dragon with the Black Knights and the Imperial Knights.”

“… …”

“The Duke has decided to join us in the middle, so he can’t come to Bael.”

Daisy, who didn’t know Lexion had become like that, secretly conveyed the news of Lexion, in case I wanted to see Lexion.

Of course, it was a false rumor spread by Gregory and Arnold.

It is true that the Black Knights who left for the expedition joined, but Lexion was not among them.

‘They still don’t know that Lexion is the evil dragon itself.’

If they had known, they would have announced the state of Lexion right away.

It was because the evil dragon itself could not be purified, although they did not know how he became the evil dragon.

In the end, it means that there is no choice but to seal or kill.

I felt my throbbing forehead and recalled my conversation with Gregory.

In fact, I knew that a subjugation squad would be formed even before Daisy told me about it.

Because I was also offered to join the subjugation squad.

“Lady, it must be difficult, but I hope you’ll join the subjugation expedition.’

‘Is it to purify the Duke’

‘Yes… … yes, that’s right.

I’m sorry.

I only know how to ask difficult requests.’

‘Please give me a little time to think.’

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It had already been a week since I received the offer.

Now I had to make a decision.

‘In the end, it turned out the way the book wanted it to.

I’ve joined the subjugation force again, and Lexion…’

I bit my lip, not wanting to think about the story behind it.

There was only one thought in my mind.

My choice, my ending that I’ve never talked about.

‘No matter what happens, I will never leave Lexion alone.’

It was the moment when I was about to make up my mind and speak.

“Daisy, maybe for this subjugation… …”

“Miss Tiarozety, it’s Alois.”

Alois came unannounced.

She’s been calling me to meet me for a while, but I didn’t accept her because I was in a hurry.

She entered the room at the same time as she knocked on the door, apparently determined to come.

Alois’ expression was very serious.

Daisy was startled and tried to dissuade Alois.

“Miss Alois, if you come in all of a sudden like this…”

“It’s all right, Daisy, would you like to take a break  I’ll call you if I need you.”

“Ah, yes… “

Daisy looked at me, hesitated, and withdrew.

She seemed to notice the subtle atmosphere between me and Alois.

I asked Alois, offering her a seat.

“What’s up without an appointment”

Alois said with a serious look.

“Don’t we still have something to talk about”


“Actually, I thought you would come first, but I didn’t know you wouldn’t contact me this much.

It’s so hard to meet again.”

Alois clicked her tongue and complained,

I tilted my head, not knowing what Alois meant by the question.

Then suddenly.


Suddenly something came to mind and I let out a shallow exclamation.

Alois’ behavior came to mind belatedly when she went to find the summoning medium.

‘Why did I forget about it all this time’

I couldn’t think of anything else because of the shock that Lexion had become the evil dragon.

When I looked suspiciously at her, Alois smiled lightly.

“I guess you just remembered.”

“I forgot.”

“I thought so.

So I came here myself.”

Alois answered calmly and moved her gaze toward the bookcase.

To be precise, it was the bookshelf that had 『Evil Dragon’s Opponent』 inserted.

I followed her and stared at the bookshelf.

Then, from her bosom, she set the paper on which the spell was drawn on the table.

The spell floated in the air and flashed for a moment before disappearing.

“What did you just do”

“I blocked the book from hearing so it wouldn’t interfere.”


I flinched at Alois’ mention of the ‘book’.

Then Alois asked, smiling.

“Are you still going to claim that book is a bible”

“……what does it look like in Alois’ eyes”

“It says, ‘The Opponent of the Evil Dragon.”


I looked at Alois, speechless.

Having said the title of the book, it became clear that Alois could see the true nature of the book.

‘What happened’

The character recognized the book.

That means Alois is also an Awakened like Lexion.

“Are you an Awakened person”

When I asked carefully, Alois blinked.

A vague attitude, as if hearing an unfamiliar word.

‘Is she not an awakened person’

Waiting for a long time to respond, she said.

“I don’t know what the Awakened is, but I know how that book came about.”

“What do you mean, how did a book come into being”

“The origin of the book.”


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I opened my eyes in surprise at Alois’ words.

The origin of the book.

That meant that she was aware of the very existence of the book.

“The origin of the book”

“I know the real owner of the book.”

‘… … Wasn’t this world itself a place created by books Everyone has no ego’

It was confusing.

I couldn’t understand how she, who was just a character, said she knew the origin of the book and its owner.

It feels like the common sense I knew was being overturned.

The shock didn’t go away easily because I had believed it for a long time.

Obviously, the book tried to manipulate me as a traveler to complete the ending of the world.

While attaching a watcher called a guide.

Alois’s words were even more incomprehensible because she even showed omnipotence capable of regression.

I opened my mouth and rambled.

“That can’t be true.

The book clearly states that people here do not have free will… …”

I stopped talking.

It was because it could sound crazy to others.

But Alois took it seriously.

“Miss Tiarozety was tricked.”

“However, the strange phenomena I saw were not lies.”

When I raised my voice in tears, Alois took my hand.

“Calm down, Miss Tiarozety.”


“I’ll explain it in detail.”

When Alois comforted me, I inhaled deeply and exhaled repeatedly.

Seeing that I had calmed down, Alois opened her mouth.

“I don’t know what the book explained to Miss Tiarozety, but the book is just a book.”


“The reason why there is no free will is that the soul sealed in the book is good at controlling the mind.”

“It’s mind control…… ”

As I muttered with a blank face, Alois said.

“There are two souls sealed in that book.”

“To be exact, it is the soul of a wise man with insight into the future and the archmage who coveted her.”

Alois stared at me with her sunken eyes and continued.

“It’s natural that Tiarozety was fooled.

The souls sealed in it are those called the strongest.”

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