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‘That’s a relief, that’s a relief.

Ejis worked.’

I was about to burst into tears of relief.

As long as he can breathe, I’ll be able to save it somehow.

I grabbed Lexion’s hand and put it on my cheek and sobbed.

The cold air from the gauntlet touched my cheek.

Because of that, I couldn’t feel his warmth, so my heart was worn out.

“Zion, ar, are you okay Eung”

I whispered informally without thinking that there were others.

Lexion looked distressed.

“Ti, Ti… I have something to say…….”

It was the moment he struggled to open his mouth.

Seirin, who was trembling, shouted.

“N, no, Miss Tiarozety! He, step from him, step away from him!”

Everyone stared at her when I was told to step back from Lexion.

“Seirin, even in this situation, you……!”

Gregory frowned and tried to scold Seirin.

Then, Seirin vigorously shook her head and explained.

“It, it’s not like that……! I, I saw it! Through the pillars of light, Le, Lord Lexion was summoned!”



Seirin trembled in fear, but did not stop talking.

“I’m, I’m sure I saw…… I’m right that he was summoned!”

The audience froze coldly at her sudden remark.

I got angry thinking she was lying.

“Stop! How long are you going to bother the Duke”

“N, no! Miss Tiarozety.

Be, believe me, I really……!”

It was the moment Seirin was about to appeal with an unfair expression.

“Titi, I’m sorry…….

I guess I can’t stand it any longer.….

The consciousness….”

Lexion murmured so softly that only I could hear.

And at that very moment.

– Traveller! Hurry up and finish the purification of Kronos Arden Werbel!  Otherwise, Lexion Sparrow will regain his strength and run away!


I was dazed by the guide’s explanation.

I didn’t know how Kronos’ purification and Lexion’s recovery were related.

Besides, this was Bael.

He had no reason to run away.

“What, What does this mean”

It was a moment of confusion and mumbling.


Gregory quickly dragged me back.

Chris, too, took a hint and made a big break from Lexion.

Dark energy slowly rose around Lexion.

His clear sword, which I had seen before, was not the color of his aura.

A murky, dark energy circulated around Lexion.

After that, his dark eyes began to turn gold.


When I called his name, he looked at me.

His eyes looked very sad.

He seemed to bite his lower lip, but then he fled into the sky.

It seemed like he was running away from me.

Soon after, black wings, like those of the evil dragon, spread out on his back.

“Th, that!”

Everyone was stunned by the change in Lexion.

It was because he, a transcendent, seemed to have become an evil dragon.

No, it was distinctly different from previous evil-dragonized humans.

A sense of intimidation as if facing a real evil dragon.

Golden eyes and black wings.

It was as if he had become a vicious dragon itself.

“Ah, ahh….”

I kept groaning because I thought of a hypothesis I didn’t want to think about.

Maybe it was because I abused my power or because of the shock, but I couldn’t stand it any longer and let go of consciousness

Chapter 13.

True or False

It was midnight when I opened my eyes.

I had a splitting headache.

Every muscle in my body screamed as if my bones were about to break.

In a quiet room.

A familiar chill enveloped my body.

It was the chill I felt when I collapsed from exhaustion after using my strength.

‘It’s been a while since I’ve been sick like this.’

In my previous life, I lacked stamina, so whenever I used my strength, I would pass out or suffer from body aches.

I had never been like that in this life, so it seemed that I was careless.

No, I wasn’t careless.

Lexion collapsed in front of me, and there was no way I could keep my sanity.

I blinked my eyes without turning on the light.

Then, while reflecting on what had happened right before fainting, I pondered where the hell had gone wrong.

While purifying Kronos, Lexion fell, and Ejis was used, but it was ineffective.

After that, Lexion, who became an evil dragon, escaped.

I couldn’t easily understand what I did wrong in the series of events.

One thing was for sure, Lexion knew something.

‘He said he couldn’t hold out.

What did that mean’

He said that the expedition to the Hawk Mountains was already being completed with ease.

What happened in the meantime

I raised my body halfway up and leaned my upper body against the headboard of the bed in a question that I couldn’t stop thinking about.

It wasn’t like this, but I thought it would be better to ask the book directly.

The surroundings were dimly lit by the lanterns Daisy had kept to keep it from getting dark.

I looked around and saw the book lying on the bedside table.

‘Did Daisy leave it’

It came to me out of the blue, but it didn’t matter now.

I picked up the book and said.


At my call, the book sparkled and unfolded.

– Traveller, did you call

“I want to use a lucid dream.”

If Lexion was really attacked by the evil dragon, I might be able to confirm his condition through a lucid dream.

The guide said in a clear tone.

– Of course.

You can select a dream target with the effect of partially purifying Kronos.

Which one would you like


That’s what it meant when it said that some of the restrictions could be eased when accepting the main episode.

It was a relief.

The way to dream of anything and find Lexion was a little reckless.

Besides, what the guide said before collapsing kept bothering me.

I asked with a nervous face.

“Do you have Lexion Sparrow If there is, I want to enter his dream.”

– Let me check.

At the guide’s short answer, I laid back down on the bed and closed my eyes.

After a while, sleep came with a light notification.

– Entering the dream.

* * *

A few hours later.

I let out a hot breath and jumped up, leaning my upper body forward.


“Lexion…… Why, why didn’t you tell me Heueb.”

I collapsed and sobbed.

I was gasping for breath, but I couldn’t stop crying.

Through a lucid dream, I peeked into Lexion’s consciousness.

As a result, I found out his true settings.

Evil dragon, Lexion Sparrow.


That was his new role.

I couldn’t calm down easily.

It was because the emotions that Lexion must have felt so far were conveyed to me through the dream, and I kept feeling sad.

How can a book be so cruel to us

It seemed to me that the book thoroughly concealed his settings.

Even to Lexion, the party involved.

It had inflated like a balloon before Lexion even felt it.

He, too, seemed unaware that the consequences of his accumulated penalties would lead to this.

In Lexion’s dream, he was always fighting the guide.

Just like me.

‘That’s why Lexion limped when I first used Asta that day.’

‘The reason he injured his shoulder at Brandt Castle was because I broke the piece of thought that was on Hegel’s shoulder… …’

I became devastated at the fact that I, no one else, had been attacking Lexion all this time.

If only I had noticed the meaning of fragmentary clues.

If only I had been more observant.

If only I had been careful.

I wouldn’t have put you through so much.

As only regrets piled up, tears kept falling.

And the mistakes that followed kept coming to mind.

Now I know why Lexion collapsed at Asher Castle.

‘Lexion got hurt because I tried to purify Kronos.’

Because he became the evil dragon.

It was like that because I used Asta, which was lethal to evil dragons.

Maybe he hadn’t been feeling well since Seirin had already been purified.

It was dizzying to think that if Kronos had been purified as it was, I might have lost Lexion.

It was a mistake from ignorance.

Because the book thoroughly hid his settings from me and planned the development to kill him, the evil dragon.

I didn’t know the situation because Lexion hid it.

But I couldn’t blame him for that.

I could see why Lexion tried to hide the book so much.

Because he knew I wouldn’t be able to stand the situation where I had to kill him.

As far as I know, there is no other solution.

So he seemed to be trying to solve things on his own terms.

As if I hid from him the fact that my soul could be annihilated if I continued on like this.

TL/N: Mentioned in chapter 70


‘I didn’t know that and made you get penalties.’

The more he fell against the evil dragon’s will, the more his consciousness would be eaten.

The process must have been very terrifying and painful.

You couldn’t tell me a single word that you were having a hard time and you suffered.

It was painful.

I couldn’t forget the sad eyes he made before he ran away.

And the golden eyes that I saw in the evil dragon’s dream.

‘You promised me we’d roll in the mud together.

Why, why are you alone… Why do you want to go to that mud alone, leaving me’

Tears kept welling up because I felt sorry and upset at the same time.

Moments later, I buried my face in my hands and sobbed.

“I can’t.

How can I kill you I’d rather die with you.”

If he had been by my side right now, I would have hugged him.

But he wasn’t there with me.

My heart ached madly at the situation where Lexion left alone.

But it was already spilled water.

If the water could not be collected back, it had to be dealt with somehow.

Even if it means drying spilled water and pouring new water.

TL/N: Omg Tiarozety finally finds out the truth!! Wonder how she will deal with all this.


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