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Chapter 107


[Lexion’s POV]

Shortly after leaving the camp, Lexion asked the guide.

“What is Kronos doing”

– Currently, he is trying to summon the evil dragon by driving northern nobles to Asher Castle.

“Summoning the evil dragon”

– Yes.

Upon successful summoning, the traveler will be transported directly to Asher Castle in Bael.


-When an evil dragon is summoned, there is a possibility that the monsters will invade Bael simultaneously.

“Damn it!”

Lexion spat out a curse.

All he could do right now was hurry back to Bael.

The problem is that Tiarozety has purified Seirin, and his current physical condition is the worst.

However, he didn’t care about his physical condition, but rather worried about Tiarozety’s safety.

Power went into his hands as he rode the horse.

It was around the time when I moved around without a break and left the mountain ridges.

-Kronos succeeded in summoning.

We are now moving to Bael.


With the guide’s guidance, the surroundings of Lexion were wrapped in a pillar of light.

When I woke up, I was at the top of Asher Castle.

Lexion held his breath in bewilderment.

I was glad it was a night sky.

Otherwise, everyone would have seen him summoned.

Lexion immediately grabbed the sword and broke the barrier magic that surrounded the castle of Asher.

* * *

[Tiarozety’s POV]


When I recited the starting word, the dagger shone and the jewels heated up.

The jewels soon crumbled like sand.

‘Is it a success’

As soon as I was about to feel relieved, I thought the summoner was flashing, and a pillar of light was erected.

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“Hey, what is this…!”

Obviously, I thought the medium was destroyed.

However, the pillar of light was erected at the same time as the destruction, so it was impossible to determine whether it was a success or a failure.

Kronos looked at the pillar and grinned.

“Ahaha! Success! It’s a success!”

As if convinced of his victory, a happy face.

On the other hand, the faces of me and my companions were hardened.

What’s going on now’ 

I glanced at the book, but it gave no instructions.

Meanwhile, the pillar of light began to lose its light.

After a while, the place where the pillar of light disappeared was empty.

There was no evil dragon.

The twinkling and beautiful night sky could only be seen from the ceiling that was drilled open with pillars.


Kronos alternately looked at the sky and the place where the light pillar disappeared with a puzzled face.

It was because he thought the summon was successful, but he couldn’t even see the evil dragon’s nose.

‘That’s a relief.

I succeeded!’

I slumped down in relief and sighed.

It seemed that the door was closed before it even opened as I had succeeded in breaking it right before the summons.

I haven’t felt any signs of the beasts yet.

Kronos muttered with a distraught face.

“Hey, this can’t be happening I thought I succeeded….”

It was then.


With a loud roar, the barrier magic that sealed the entire Asher Castle began to crack.

Kronos looked up at the ceiling in bewilderment.

Eventually, the cage-shaped magic seemed to vibrate loudly, and in an instant — it cracked.


Kronos stumbled in the aftermath of the forcibly destroyed magic.

Since the large-scale binding magic was destroyed, it was clear that he suffered internal injuries.

I looked up to see who had broken the spell.

In the black night sky, unexpected mana powder flew sparkling.

And I saw a familiar figure.

Dark hair against the moonlight fluttered in the wind.

The fragments of shattered magic fell like stars, allowing a glimpse of his face.


I was astonished to learn that it was Lexion who was falling fast this way.

‘How can Zion at this hour… …’

I haven’t heard anything about you coming back.

Even if I had left, I was bewildered that he could come back so quickly.

‘Did you work too hard because of me’

Lexion approached Kronos as soon as he landed lightly on the floor.

“Uh, uh uh.”

While Kronos hesitated, Lexion covered his mouth and murmured softly.

“Don’t say anything.”

Kronos rolled his eyes in agony at Lexion’s harsh warning.

Still, he nodded vigorously.

After a while, Kronos drooped.

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Lexion threw Kronos to the floor with a dry expression.

Contrary to the momentum earlier, Kronos fainted helplessly.

Like a person who is deprived of his power.

But no one noticed this.

Lexion immediately took the mana control ball out of his pocket and placed it on Kronos’ wrist.

It was an action to prevent Kronos from waking up and using magic.

Lexion commanded Chris, who stood still.

“Chris, activate the barrier right now!”

“Ah, yes, sir!”

Chris activated the magic tool without even being flustered by Lexion’s arrival.

With the binding magic gone, the restrictions on behavior were lifted.

Subsequently, a fairly solid defensive wall, though not as strong as the capital of Bael, began to surround it.

It was the moment when the barrier unfolded as if it were surrounding the entire northern part, starting with Bael.

I thought the door of the monsters opened wide outside the barrier, and the beasts came over.

And they tried to invade Bael immediately but were blocked by the barrier that was activated first.

My eyes widened at the sight.

‘Why did the demonic door open’

The Witchbeast’s Gate was something like link magic that was activated when an evil dragon was summoned.

‘Wasn’t the summoning a failure’

As soon as I was about to have such doubts, the demonic beast’s door was forcefully closed again.

‘What the hell is this… ’

I just stared blankly at the ceiling in an incomprehensible situation.

Meanwhile, Lexion led the Black Knights and ran to the remaining demonic beasts outside.

Various colors flashed across the sky.

The screams of the demonic beast and the sound of the wind pierced into my ears as sharply as a knife.

Fortunately, the door to the beast opened and closed for a short while, so the subjugation seemed to be over soon.

It was then.

The guide began to lead.

– Cleanse Kronos right now.

In case of refusal, a penalty will be applied.

‘Oops! Kronos!’

I belatedly remembered that I had left Kronos unattended.

In the first place, this episode was meant to stop Kronos.

I immediately stretched out his hand to Kronos and recited the starting words.


Blue light shimmered around Kronos and me.

Perhaps because of being exposed to the evil dragon for a long time, the concentration of malice inherent in Kronos’ body was very thick.

Even if it was purified, it was not known whether it would be in good condition.

It was around the time I gritted my teeth and endured to purify Kronos.

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“Your Excellency!”

With Chris’ cry, Lexion fell from the sky.

Next to me.


The floor was dented with a tremendous roar.

I was shocked to see Lexion collapsed, covered in blood.

“Le, Lexion”

I called him in a trembling voice, but he didn’t open his eyes.

He fell from a height that would kill an ordinary person instantly.

Luckily, I was holding my breath as he temporarily protected himself with an auror.

A black aura around him collapsed while running powerlessly.

I got close to Lexion instead of purifying Kronos.

Without a moment’s hesitation, I immediately recited the starting words.


I wondered if the blue light would wrap around Lexion, and then it vanished powerlessly.

I was bewildered by the situation in which Ejis was not used well, so I recited the starting words over and over again.

“[Ejis! Ejis!]”

When I repeatedly recited the starting words, the trauma recovered little by little, but that was it.

The speed was less than half of my normal strength.

‘Why, Why Why isn’t it working!’ 

My body trembled.

Lexion’s closed eyes were so heartbreaking that my thoughts didn’t work out properly.


As I abused Ejis, my body began to suffer more and more.

Suddenly, my hands were trembling.

I was still trying to use Ejis, but Gregory pulled me back.

“Stop it! Lady!”

“L, L, Let go of me! N, not yet… Zion’s eyes…!”

I couldn’t speak properly and tried to reach out to Lexion.

“Damn it! I told you not to!”

Gregory seemed to be spitting low curses, and then hugged me and widened the distance from Lexion.

“Stop it! There’s no blood on your face! Are you going to die”

Unlike the sharp-tempered voice, the hand that hugged me trembled with fear.

However, no matter how much he worried about me, I could only see Lexion lying down in my eyes.

‘Why, Why isn’t it working It’s never done this before….’

Completely in panic, I sat down helplessly.

Gregory didn’t let me go, holding me in fear that I might run to Lexion again.

Then Chris came down and shook Lexion.

“Your Excellency! Your Excellency, are you all right!”

He shook it urgently, but Lexion didn’t even move.

“Miss Alois! Please bring me a doctor! Right now!”

“I, I understand!”

Alois, who was protecting Seirin, ran quickly.

Meanwhile, Seirin was trembling and unable to speak as she alternately looked at Lexion and the sky.

She seemed to want to say something, but no one cared about her.

I struggled in Gregory’s arms and resisted because I couldn’t wait and see.

“Let me go! I, I can…”

It was then.

“Ti, Ti…”

Lexion, who seemed to have fainted, called my name with difficulty.

Gregory only let me go after realizing that Lexion was conscious.

I crawled closer to Lexion.

Gregory was right.

After recklessly using Ejis in succession, I had no strength in my body.

Even moving was difficult, but I did not stop and approached him.


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