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“Hey, Esol.

How about coming this way Then I’ll save the guys here.

With broad generosity.”

I couldn’t figure out why Kronos was suddenly picking on me.

If I were to follow the will of the evil dragon anyway, I would be better off dead.

Because I am the protagonist of this book, the antagonist of the evil dragon.

I focused Kronos’s attention on me so that Seirin wouldn’t be noticed.

I was thinking of destroying the summoning medium as soon as there was a gap.

“What does it mean to come over there

“It’s literally.

I thought I should take you alive.”

“Where the hell”

I fixed my gaze on Kronos and extended the ends of the words.

Fortunately, he answered my questions directly and without any doubt.

“Of course, to the evil dragon.”

“Did the evil dragon tell you to bring me”

“That’s not true… What”

It was at that time when Kronos was muttering.

Serin stuck a sword in Kronos’ back.

Suddenly, she was full of tears.

Even though the situation was unavoidable, stabbing her brother with her own hands seemed like a shock.

But even though Seirin’s hands were trembling, she didn’t stop.

Rather, she stabbed his sword even deeper.


As a result, blood flowed from the mouth of Kronos, who had been pierced through the abdomen.

It was a wound that would quickly heal for him who had become an evil dragon anyway.

He staggered, grabbed the sword, and glared at Seirin as if to kill her.

“You… … !”

As soon as Seirin met his gaze, she slumped down.

“Heug, heueub……!”

She could have been killed by Kronos if she stayed, but it seemed that her legs had lost their strength.

At that time, Gregory did not miss the chance and rushed at Kronos.

At the same time, Chris lifted Seirin and stepped out of range.

“Argh! My, my hand!”

In Gregory’s surprise attack, Kronos’ hand was severed, and the jewel rolled around at my feet.

The medium is also based on the evil dragon’s thoughts.

– Use Asta to break the summoning medium right now!

Without hesitation at the guide’s cry, I struck the jewel with my dagger and shouted the starter word.

* * *

[Lexion’s POV]

Midway through the Hawk Mountains.

Lexion and the Black Knights were exhausted from the tight expedition schedule.

Fortunately, the expedition was all over.

The only thing left to do was to return, but the knights were exhausted, so they planned to take a day off before departing.

Lexion left them and tried to go to Bael first.

He was informed that the Imperial Knights would return smoothly, but something was unclear.

He was about to call Aiden.

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Lexion suddenly felt pain and grabbed his chest.

Subsequently, he felt like his whole body was losing strength, so he was greatly shaken.


Eventually, Lexion fell to the floor and let out a cough.

Red blood poured out of his mouth.

It was hemoptysis.

With trembling hands, Lexion took out a handkerchief and wiped his mouth.

Even though he suddenly coughed up blood, he was very calm because he knew the cause of the pain.

‘Is it Titi… … ’

It seemed that Tiarozety was attempting to purify.

Unlike the purification stone, ‘Asta’ was fatal to the evil dragon, and the current evil dragon, Lexion, was also suffering the aftermath.

From the moment Lexion became an evil dragon, the main body of the evil dragon became himself.

After taking several deep breaths, he said to himself quietly.

“Titi… …take it easy.”

Then, with a bitter smile, he wiped the blood off the floor.

It was obvious that Aiden would make a fuss if he saw it.

‘That’s a relief.

If I called Aiden and coughed up blood, he might not have let me go first.’

Lexion was not in good shape during the last expedition.

It was because the act of rebelling against the evil dragon would injure himself.

The weaker the evil dragon’s power, the more it affected him.

Fortunately, he was still able to control the power of the evil dragon.

But he didn’t know when the evil dragon would take his lead and run rampant.

It was only a matter of time before he was completely assimilated with the evil dragon if he let go.

Lexion took the bracelet out of his arms and fiddled with it.

It was a cheap bracelet he shared with Tiarozety, but it was a precious item to him as it was the first gift he received from her.

He kissed it.

Like it’s Tiarozety.

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‘I can’t just hide it like this.’

Lexion knew the moment he reached the Hawk Mountains.

That I can no longer handle it.

I didn’t know it would end up like this.

A reversal of a relationship where they have to kill each other and die.

In order for Tiarozety to return, he must kill himself, and in order for himself to be by her side, he must destroy her world.

But will she be able to smile happily in a world where only the two of them are left


Titi is never that kind of person.’

Lexion sighed while rubbing his face.

He wanted to be happy with her, not to drag her down to misery and keep her by his side.

Even if it was mud, I wanted to roll with her in an unavoidable situation, not in the mud I created.

Lexion kept trying to weaken his will in this damn situation.

I even had the stupid idea that if I died, it would all end and be better.

‘Would something have changed if I had known how to get out of the book’

It was when Lexion, who thought of absurd thoughts, laughed self-deprecatingly 

–  There are newly updated contents in the synchronized book.

Do you want to check

The guide’s gloomy voice echoed.

I didn’t see it for a while, and then suddenly appeared and I was puzzled by what he said.

As Lexion nodded, the guide said.

– ‘Lucid Dreams’ has become possible as a reward for Tiarozetyi’s purification of Princess Seirin.

“Lucid dream”

– She can get a glimpse of the consciousness of the evil dragon and his followers through the evil intentions that she absorbed.  Through repeated purifications, Tiarozety can approach your dream in more detail.

‘So the last time Titi had a dream…’

It was only then that Lexion learned what caused Tiarozety to dream of the evil dragon.

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In the process of absorbing and purifying evil, it seems that she took a step forward in the consciousness of the evil dragon.

“The fact that lucid dreams became possible…”

― Unlike being passively dragged into a dream, she will be able to dig up information by moving on her own.

If that’s the case, you might soon find out that I’ve become an evil dragon.

The guide said as Lexion grabbed his head in a complicated situation.

– Currently, Tiarozety is exploring the consciousness of Kronos, one of the followers.


Lexion’s eyes widened when he heard that Kronos had become his family.

It was because it was something I hadn’t heard of.

Lexion asked urgently.

“Does that mean the capital has been overthrown”

-The capital is already under the control of the evil dragon.

Kronos, who participated in the search party, abandoned the opportunity to escape and gave himself up to the evil dragon.

“… …”

-Kronos is following the evil dragon’s will and has now seized the imperial power by raising a rebellion.


At the information pouring in, Lexion let out a dejected laugh.

“Ha, haha.

When the hell….”

Even if he became an evil dragon, nothing changed.

‘How could it be that the evil dragon is not even aware of who has become a subordinate.’

Lexion groaned in absurdity.

The guide continued to explain whether or not he knew Lexion’s burning heart.

– In the aftermath of Traveler becoming an evil dragon, the evil dragon has become even stronger.

“Because I’m a transcendent”

– That’s right.

Lexion questioned the guide’s easy answer.

“Why is Kronos aiming at the North Is there a case where the family goes against the will of the evil dragon”

– In principle, it is impossible, but when the unconscious mind and awareness of the evil dragon collide, the unconscious mind is more affected.

“Do you mean that my unconscious mind is driving Kronos”

– That’s right.

Your desire to block Tiarozety’s ending is driving Kronos.

“Stop talking nonsense! Are you talking like that even though you know what my estate and Titi mean to me”

When Lexion strongly resisted, the book took a step back.

– Calm down.

Intense emotions are bad for your health.

“If this happens, it’s like I’m holding them back.”

Lexion clenched his fists and let out a hot breath.

After a while, Lexion, who had calmed down, warned with stern eyes.

“I’m going to Bael right now.

If you touch even one of Titi’s fingertips, I’ll tear you apart and burn you.”

With those words, he called Aiden, and Aiden arrived.

Aiden tilted his head at the sight of Lexion in armor.

“Did you call…… Sir, where are you going”

“I’ll go back to Bael first.”

“You’re leaving now”

Aiden looked at Lexion with a surprised face.

He looked puzzled because they had decided to leave after a day off.

Besides, he’s going to go ‘first’.

That meant that Lexion would return to Bael alone.

It was an expedition made day and night.

No matter how transcendent he was, there were human limitations.

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However, Lexion had no intention of wasting time.

Knowing that Kronos had become a member of the evil dragon’s family, he felt impatient.

Moreover, I felt guilty for the fact that my unconscious was driving him.

Lexion nervously opened his mouth.

“I’m worried about Bael.

The knights may depart after a good rest.

Considering the situation, you can take another day off… …”

“No, I’ll go with you.”

“Forget it.

it’s a schedule that went too far in the first place.

If you go back without a break, it will only hurt your morale.”

Lexion dissuaded Aiden from accompanying him.

It was because it was difficult to talk to the guide freely if everyone moved together.

Aiden tried several more times, but Lexion didn’t listen.

In the end, Aiden was ordered and gave up.

“Okay, don’t overdo it.”


When Lexion went out of the barracks, the coachman had a horse waiting in advance.

Without hesitation, he climbed onto his horse and asked.

“I’ll go back first, so please take care of the rest, Aiden.”

After that, Lexion pulled the reins and rode off.

TL/N: Finally seeing Lexion again after a while! I feel so drained for him D:



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