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The entire room was dead silent.

Gu Siyang gasped.

“Position, all-in!”

It was already very rare for an average person to bet on a single win and even rarer for someone to win consecutively.

Yet, this person had actually–

How small was the probability


So, Saints bet this round is the highest odds for the entire venue, and because his principal is the highest, so–”

So, he was naturally number one.

Who else could beat him

Gu Siyang was dumbfounded.

“Then, how much… did he earn”

Without even thinking about it, it was definitely an extremely shocking figure!

More importantly–

“He only bet on one match! Just one match, yet he crushed everyone!”

Gu Siyang muttered in a daze,

“… I thought that Gambler was already powerful enough.

He won two matches in a row, and he bet all his money on the last match, and he won in a row.

Who knew that there was someone even more powerful”

Shen Li stared at the plate of fragrant and sweet cheese puffs and suddenly lost her appetite.


He had actually bet on the position, and he had hit all of them accurately!

Last year, she had lost because her capital had not been as good as his, so this year, she had specially changed it to a winning streak.

She had thought that she would win for sure, but she had not expected–

“He actually guessed all the positions of the top three horses.

This is really not just due to luck,” Gu Tinglan sighed, “Moreover, he bet on the positions and even determined the ranking.

Although the odds are increased to the highest, at the same time, the risk also increased several times.

Within the top three placings, if his guess is even wrong by one horse, this ten million USD will all be lost.”

Not many people dared to take such a huge risk.

Gu Siyang held it in for a long time before saying, “… Even if he is rich, isnt this too willful”

To be able to make the young master of the Gu family say this, it could be seen that this persons actions were really inhuman.

Ten million US dollars had been used just for a bet, and it had been on such a small probability!

This was either too crazy, or he did not care about the ten million US dollars at all and was ready to just throw it all away.

Shen Lis gaze was fixed upon a spot, and she did not move.

Of course, she knew why Saint had done this.

She had invited him, and he had accepted the challenge.

This was his return gift.

From the beginning until now, the word “arrogant” had been written all over this persons body, from head to toe.

He was telling her that he had been able to beat her three years ago, and it would be the same this time!

“Ah Li”

A low and lazy voice sounded, calling back Shen Lis consciousness.

She looked up and met Lu Huaiyus gaze.

“What are you thinking about Why are you so lost in thought”

He had noticed that she had been about to eat the cheese puff, but then she had put it back and was staring at the small plate of desserts in a daze.

Shen Li shook her head.

“Nothing, I just feel that this person…”

“Sis, you feel that this person is very powerful as well, right” Gu Siyang let out a long sigh and stuffed a cheese puff into his mouth.

As he ate, he muttered, “Sigh, why is the gap between some people so large”

The corners of Shen Lis lips moved, but she did not respond to his words.

Yu Pingchuan also walked over and extended his hand toward the plate of cheese puffs.

As he did so, he surreptitiously looked at Shen Li, afraid that she would stop him.

Fortunately, Shen Li seemed to be thinking about something else and did not notice him.

He took one without batting an eyelid, but just as he was about to eat it, he was stopped by Lu Huaiyu.

“Elder Yu, the sugar content in this is quite high.

Are you sure you want to eat it”

Yu Pingchuans heart skipped a beat.

He quickly looked at Shen Li and sure enough, he met her gaze.

He was stunned into silence.

Shen Li calmly said, “Senior Brother, do you really want to eat that”

She was asking a question, but it was clear that she was not really asking Yu Pingchuan this question.

Yu Pingchuan opened his mouth, but the hand that was holding the cheese puff trembled slightly.

He… he felt a trace of bitterness in his heart!

However, for some reason, he felt that there was a dangerous aura coming from Shen Li at this moment.

His instincts forced him to obediently put the cheese puff back.

“No, no! I just, I just saw that it was made very delicately and beautifully…”

Yu Pingchuan lowered his voice.

Shen Li nodded, and her tone was calm as she spoke.

“Then you should take a look.”

Yu Pingchuan remained quiet.

Gu Siyang finally sensed that something was wrong.

The hand that he was using to hold the cheese puff stopped in mid-air.

For a moment, he could neither advance nor retreat and felt very embarrassed.

What, what was going on

Wasnt he just eating something Why did he feel a chill running down his back

He gave Yu Pingchuan an inquiring look, but Yu Pingchuan pretended not to see it.

What a joke.

At this time, he could not even protect himself.

How could he care about anything else

Gu Siyang was also panicking.

Oh, right, he had just been preparing to eat this just now.

Could it be that she was unhappy because he had eaten it first

Thinking of this, Gu Siyang planned to put the cheese puff back.

However, just as he moved, she heard Shen Li say calmly, “These guys should have eaten their fill.”


Gu Siyang was confused.

He was about to ask a few questions, but when he saw Shen Lis calm expression, his heart trembled and he subconsciously swallowed back those words.

“Oh, oh! Okay!”

He silently pulled the plate over.

After eating three, he felt a little sick of them.

However, his sister had told him to eat all of them.

How bad would it be if there were leftovers

Gu Siyang took a sip of Earl Grey tea to relieve the taste.

Then, he sneaked a glance at Shen Li.

After a moment, he asked tentatively, “Sister, didnt you bet on Number Three to win alone”

Why did she still not look very happy even after winning money

Shen Li collected her thoughts.

“No, I was just thinking that it would have been better if I had bet more just now.”

“Thats right!”

When Gu Siyang mentioned this matter, he was also extremely emotional.

“Didnt you just tell Teacher Yu that Number Four could possibly get second place If you had bet on a winning streak, you would have really made a huge profit!”

Why had he not listened at that time

His words made Yu Pingchuans eyelids twitch.

Gu Siyangs ability to tactlessly bring up sensitive topics was becoming more and more profound.

However, the person involved clearly did not realize this.

He stuffed another puff into his mouth and said in a somewhat muffled voice, “However, Sister, dont think too much.

If you really want to talk about losses, Second Master Lu has even more! He even guessed that Number Eight would be able to achieve third place just now! His foresight is so accurate, but in the end, he only bet on Number Three to win alone.

Its a real pity for you Second Master Lu!”

A string in Shen Lis mind suddenly tightened.


Lu Huaiyu had indeed said this to her just now: If Number Eight performed well, it was very likely that it would place third.

For ordinary people who participated in betting, it was very rare to be able to guess the first placing, let alone guess the second or even third placing.

She slowly raised her head and looked at the man sitting beside her.

Three competition days, more than ten matches.

Every bet that Lu Huaiyu had placed had all been successful.

She had never seen such astonishing accuracy and unparalleled eyesight in anyone else.



Lu Huaiyu seemed to have sensed something and looked over.

The corners of his lips curled into a casual smile.

“Whats the matter”

An absurd guess appeared in Shen Lis mind!

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