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The full-frequency energy testing device was a huge metal rhombus.

It was about six meters long and wide, and eight meters tall.

There were a total of eight sides.

Every surface was a testing unit.

As long as you released your strongest attack in any direction, it would be able to give you an energy value in the shortest time possible.

Whether it was pure power, energy field power, supernatural power, or mind power, as long as it was exerted on it, it would be able to give an energy value.

Of course, this energy value was not displayed in numbers.

Instead, it was displayed in a form similar to a power-up bar in a game.

An energy grid that could display a subdivision was only 99 bars at most.

Every three bars was a major level, and every 21 bars represented a major realm.

For example, a punch.

The energy bar had only lit up three bars, which meant that he was a Level F genetic liberator.

If he could light up four energy bars with a single punch, he would be a low-grade Level E genetic liberator.

Using three energy bars as the advancement slot corresponded to the ability level of the Blue Star.

What was worth mentioning was that there was an S-rank in the extra-terrestrial.

If a punch or attack exploded and the energy bar lit up by 20 bars, he would be a mid-grade Level S genetic liberator.

If it exceeded 21 bars, he would reach the level of a genetic mutant! The ability evaluation on the Blue Star was more based on the ability level of the genetic newcomers.

Actually, there were many problems.

For example, many auxiliary abilities or supportive abilities that could be activated with two or three genetic base points could be added to the energy evaluation system.

A portion of the genetic newcomers abilities were determined to be false.

At the same time, the genetic ability chain had another universal law—the more genetic base points a genetic ability chain had, the stronger the related abilities.

For example, the Genetic Miracles 72-point Great Genetic Ability Chain could only determine four abilities.

Low-level instantiation, high-level instantiation, item control, and high-level item control.

However, who knew if the 72-point Great Genetic Ability Chain was strong

Therefore, on the Blue Star, the ability level determined by the Genetic Committee could only represent the strength of genetic newcomers to a certain extent.

Similarly, the energy outburst value tested by this full-frequency energy testing device could not completely represent the strength of the genetic newcomers.

However, it was more valuable than the ability level determined by the Blue Star Genetic Committee.

Just as Chief Instructor Black Tower had said—the lowest limit! At the very least, this value could test the lower limit of a genetic newcomers ability value.

As for the upper limit or the eruption after the ability combination, this required a deeper communication and understanding between the students.

The test was very fast.

The first student in the first row approached the full-frequency energy testing device curiously and slashed down with his saber.

Only ten energy bars lit up.

This meant that the energy outburst value of this students slash was only equivalent to a low-grade Level C genetic liberator.

He was a weakling among weaklings in the extra-terrestrial.

In fact, if he was really at this level, he was not qualified to come to the extra-terrestrial.

Of course, many people, including Xu Tui, sensed that this student had not unleashed any energy field during his first attack.

It should be an ordinary attempt.

Soon, the second saber slashed down! This slash caused everyone to sense a violent explosion of energy.

22 bars!

His energy bar exploded to 22 bars.

This represented the energy outburst value of this students slash.

It was equivalent to the burst value of a low-grade Level F genetic mutant.

Xu Tui immediately checked the information.

This student had only been registered as a Level B genetic liberator and had not undergone genetic mutation.

He should not have the time to mutate his genes before coming to the Extra-terrestrial.

In other words, this student had unleashed the lethality of the Genetic Mutation Realm with the strength of the Genetic Liberation Realm.

He did well.

In the last attack, the Extreme Branch student used his run-up, jump, and energy field power to slash down again.

He even used his Instant Strike ability.

23 bars!

A teacher immediately made a record.

The final burst of strength was equivalent to a mid-grade Level F genetic mutant.

He could be considered a student whose explosive strength was stronger than his true cultivation realm.

This was also a better state.

According to the general opinion of the Extraterrestrial Genetic Evolution College, students whose strength outburst value was stronger than their true cultivation realm were geniuses.

Miraculously, this full-frequency energy testing device had an extremely unique texture.

Whether it was slashing, burning, or being struck by lightning, it could swallow all the attacks without any resistance.

There would not be any recoil or even sputtering.

It was a little like a bottomless pit of energy.

The speed of the test was rather fast.

Eight students could undergo the test at the same time.

Each students time ranged from ten to thirty seconds.

Xu Tui looked at the students who were taking the test.

He suddenly looked forward to his energy outburst value.

At the same time, he was also thinking about a question.

How many energy bars did Miss An lit up It was definitely above 42 bars, right Or even 50 bars

Most of the students tests were not eye-catching.

What was more eye-catching was the strength test of the famous students on the Prodigy List.

Especially when a certain student realized that the energy outburst value tested of the student on the Prodigy List was inferior to his, he regretted it!

He regretted not challenging this student.

Perhaps he would be able to obtain this ranking However, would he be able to win if he really challenged him

It was hard to say!

Just as Chief Instructor Black Tower had said, the energy outburst value tested was only a lower limit.

It only measured the energy outburst value of a single ability.

Some students whose abilities had already become a system would definitely have combat strength that was higher than the energy outburst value.

Putting everything else aside, just Xu Tui alone.

The effect of Xu Tuis current mental whip combined with other abilities was definitely not as simple as 1 1=2.

A target could not be killed by an Earth Spike or a mental whip.

However, a Mental Vibrating Whip and an Earth Spike might be able to kill him.

This full-frequency energy testing device tested the lowest limit of every students energy value.

Soon, a highly popular candidate appeared.

The fourth prodigy, Andrew.

He was a supernatural being from the European Sector.

According to his information, he was a Level F genetic mutant.

The flames exploded three times in a row.

Andrew used a total of three different fire-type superpowers.

The energy outburst values were 27 bars, 29 bars, and 34 bars.

This caused the students queuing for the test to exclaim.

This was the student with the highest energy outburst value among all the first-year students.

The maximum energy outburst value of 34 bars was equivalent to Andrew having the strength of a low-grade Level B genetic mutant.

But his information was that he was a Level F genetic mutant.

The energy outburst value far exceeded the strength of the information.

Of course, this was also related to his month of improvement in the extra-terrestrial.

However, the energy outburst value of the third and second prodigies also proved Chief Instructor Black Towers words.

This test was only a lower limit.

It could only show the testers strength to a certain extent, but it did not mean everything.

The third prodigy was Nite from the American Sector, the Extreme Branch.

His maximum energy outburst value was 31 bars, and he had the explosive strength of a low-grade Level C genetic mutant.

This test value was lower than the energy outburst value of the fourth prodigy, Andrew, which was as high as 34 bars.

In terms of value, Andrew was stronger than Nite.

However, in the Prodigy Arena, Andrew had fought a total of four battles with Nite.

Andrew won one and lost three.

The second prodigy was Cherkin from the Russian Federation.

He was from the Extreme Branch.

His maximum energy outburst value was 32 bars.

He was slightly stronger than the third prodigy, Nite, but he was still lower than the fourth prodigy, Andrew.

However, at the same time, in the Prodigy Arena, the fourth prodigy, Andrew, and the second prodigy, Cherkin, fought a total of five battles.

But Andrew had lost all five battles!

The energy outburst value was only a reference value that represented the lowest limit.

It was not all the strength of a genetic cultivator.

Similarly, even if the energy outburst value was the same, there was still a difference in strength.

For example, the sixth prodigy, Darkwin, who had once been pierced by Xu Tui.

The energy outburst value was 31 bars.

Just like the third prodigy, Nite, he was also lower than the fourth prodigy, Andrew.

However, when Darkwin faced Nite, he lost both battles.

He challenged Andrew three times and won one to two.

The victory was a little difficult.

Another example was the fifth prodigy, Peter.

His energy outburst value was only 30 bars.

He was considered having the lowest energy outburst value among the top six geniuses.

However, when he faced the challenge of the sixth prodigy, Darkwin, he lost one out of five battles.

Basically, it was hard to say who would win if the energy outburst value had a difference of one or two bars.

Under normal circumstances, if the difference was two or even three to four bars, the outcome would be uncertain.

Of course, there had to be a first prerequisite here.

He did not hide anything.

It was hard to say that none of the students who were tested were hiding their strength.

There might be an old schemer who was hiding his strength.

However, this reference strength was mainly used to choose teammates.

There was no point in hiding it.


Suddenly, Xu Tui realized that the person in front of him was empty.

It was his turn!

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