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“You can even reduce the interval between its uses.

However, I felt that it was very difficult to mutate other superpowers from a theoretical basis.

Both Mr.

Shang and Mr.

Ji had said before that time was also a type of superpower.

It is also the most difficult superpower to master and control.

“Of course, its also meaningful to increase the duration of your Time Distortion.

However, for you now, the increase in your strength is very small.”

This was probably because the person involved was confused.

An Xiaoxues words stood at a different height and angle.

She directly denied the ability of Time Distortion that Xu Tui wanted to mutate the most.

Xu Tui had also learned it.

“Miss An, in that case, the Mountain Formula is not the most suitable.

After all, it is a relatively simple ability.

So its spiritual radiation” Xu Tui asked.

An Xiaoxue shook her head again.

Xu Tui did not understand what was going on.

“Xu Tui, let me ask you two questions.

What do you think the source of your powerful strength is” An Xiaoxue asked.

“The source of such powerful strength now”

Xu Tui immediately thought of the illusory introspection, but that was not it.

That was one of the reasons why his cultivation speed was so fast.

There was only one reason why he was so powerful now—mind power.

Because he had cultivated the Genetic Miracles 72-point Great Genetic Ability Chain, Xu Tui had mind power that far exceeded his peers.

That was why he could easily break through the Prodigy List.

Moreover, after An Xiaoxues reminder, Xu Tui realized that no matter what ability it was, mind power was the foundation of everything.

Even the mutated mental whip and mental hammer still originated from mind power.

If Xu Tuis current mind power had shrunk by half, the mental hammer would definitely not be able to knock An Xiaoxue out.

On the other hand, if his mind power increased by a certain percentage, the power of his mental whip would increase again even if it did not mutate.

“Miss An, are you asking me to mutate the 72-point Great Genetic Ability Chain that is related to mind power However, this Great Genetic Ability Chain did not meet the requirements for mutation.

I have not mutated this great genetic ability chain.

“Moreover, for a large genetic ability chain with more than 20 genetic base points, the medicinal power of a strengthened Enhanced Origin Energy Targeted Mutation Elixir cannot be strengthened in a direction,” Xu Tui said.

An Xiaoxue shook her head again.

“I know.

I didnt ask you to mutate the Great Genetic Ability Chain.

It was impossible for this Great Genetic Ability Chain mutate without three to four bottles of Enhanced Origin Energy Targeted Mutation Elixir.

“Im giving you a direction to choose from.

It would be best if it was a genetic ability chain that could increase your mind power.

That way, it would increase your overall strength to a certain extent.

“You have to know that in your current mind power state, every one to two percent increase is a considerable increase! Other students would be able to catch up to your powerful mind power in two to three years.

However, the extent of this mutation was not something that other students could catch up to.

It can even be said to be a permanent difference!”

Xu Tui nodded thoughtfully.

He roughly understood what An Xiaoxue meant.

“Second question, what do you think is more important Strategy or tactics” An Xiaoxue asked.

“For a battle or a local war, tactics are definitely important.

However, in terms of a battle or long-term planning, strategy is definitely important…”

At this point, Xu Tui immediately reacted.

“Miss An, are you saying that the direction I want to choose to strengthen the mutated genetic ability chain is the difference between tactics and strategy Strengthening the Mountain Formula, spiritual radiation, and the Time Distortion ability actually meant that I had chosen a tactical direction.

It might affect the outcome of a single battle.

“Are you asking me to choose a genetic ability chain that has strategic significance and can increase my strength in the long term” Xu Tui asked.

“There are only a few genetic ability chains that have long-term strategic significance and can increase my mind power to a certain extent.”

Although the conditions were a little vague, most of the genetic ability chains were eliminated.

There were only a few genetic ability chains left.

The Major Heavenly Cycle Genetic Chain was one of them.

However, it had nothing to do with mind power.

It could not increase the power of other abilities at the same time.

Then, Xu Tuis remaining choices were basically clear.

“Mental perception” Xu Tui suddenly looked up at An Xiaoxue.

Hearing this, An Xiaoxue nodded gently.

“I think that in your current state, strengthening your mutated mental perception will increase your current strength to a certain extent.

It will also be very important to your future growth.

“Of course, you might not think so.

I dont want to convince you.

Im just giving you a reference direction.

However, before you reject my suggestion, calm down and think about the extent and importance of your mental perception in your cultivation and battle.

Then make a decision after that.”

There were some problems that were difficult to discover without thinking deeply.

For example, everyone had become used to the tap water on the Blue Star.

It could not be more ordinary.

For many people, waste was almost the norm.

However, once the water supply was cut off, especially for more than three days, they would realize that life was in chaos.

All the living facilities were in a mess.

They could not wash the bowls, so they could only drink bottled water.

The smell of the washroom could be said to be divine…

Xu Tui had obtained the ability of mental perception very early.

However, as he became stronger, his mental perception ability grew like an appendage.

It had been participating, but that seemed to be it.

At this moment, Xu Tui realized that it was different.

To him now, mental perception was extremely important.

Without mental perception, the accuracy of the flying sword would be greatly reduced.

Without a large-scale mental perception, the range of the flying sword would decrease drastically.

Without his mental perception, the range of Xu Tuis other superpower abilities would shrink in a straight line.

His accuracy would also decrease.

Without his mental perception, the Butterfly Flight that he had just mastered was also useless.

Microscopic perception was also included in mental perception.

Without mental perception, the ability of the School of General Senses would probably not be able to improve any further.

On the contrary, what if he strengthened his mental perception

All of Xu Tuis related abilities would be unleashed to a greater extent.

His strength would be enhanced as a whole.

It could be said that mental perception was the foundation of Xu Tuis future development.

Strengthening the mutation would never be a waste.

No matter if Xu Tui broke through to the Genetic Evolution Realm in the future or even the Genetic Transmutation Realm, mental perception would always be his most basic thing.

The powerful mental perception brought Xu Tui countless benefits.


Xu Tui understood.

This was probably a strategic choice.

“Got it”

“Got it!” Xu Tui nodded heavily.

“Yes, in the long run, there are more benefits to strengthening your mutated mental perception.

It is more strategic! Of course, its also because you have two Enhanced Origin Energy Mutation Elixirs.

Otherwise, the mental whip would still be the only choice,” An Xiaoxue said.

“Thank you, Miss An.” After thanking her, Xu Tui prepared to leave.

Before he left, Xu Tui suddenly said, “Miss An, I was really doing artificial respiration CPR yesterday.

I dont have any other thoughts.”

An Xiaoxues pretty face instantly turned red.

Her eyes were filled with embarrassment.

“I forgot.

Why did you mention it!”


Xu Tui had just left An Xiaoxues dormitory when Ah Huang started cursing at Xu Tui through the earpiece.

“Youve already performed the CPR, but you dont have any other thoughts.

Are you telling Xiaoxue that you dont like her or women”

Xu Tui was speechless.

He stopped in his tracks and scratched his head in confusion.

“Why dont I go back and tell Miss An that I actually do…”

“Thats awesome! If you want to die, dont bring me along.

I dont want to become a dog for the rest of my life!” Ah Huang was anxious.

“Uh… Forget it.

Ill quickly inject this bottle of Enhanced Origin Energy Targeted Mutation Elixir.”

Xu Tui felt that this was too complicated.

In the dormitory, An Xiaoxue thought about what Xu Tui had said before he left.

She fell into a daze.

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