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Cheng Shuyu only confirmed the news when she overheard Di Jingkuns conversation with his assistant.

She realized that her daughter was now being raised as a young miss of a wealthy family.

Then, she learnt that the girl that was inside her house was the child of that wealthy family.

Thats when everything changed.

The hatred that Di Jingxuan and his wife had towards Di Zhong was not something that could be dealt with by just a simple apology or by giving Di Jingxuan the throne.

Even destroying the royal family would not be able to compensate for what had been done to their family.

Di Zhong was the one who caused Di Jingxuan to lose both his parents and the reason why his children were separated from him.

As the king of Country B, he had always been very careful.

In order not to give others the chance to harm him, he had been very cautious in his life.

He would only allow his most loyal staff to be next to him.

He even had a food test, like the king of Country Z in the olden days.

Other than ensuring that the food tasted good, they would also have to make sure that there was no poison.

It wasnt difficult for them to send in an assassin to kill this old man, but everything would be over once this man dies…..

With the incident of their parents, as well as everything that has happened to their children, how could they allow the royal family of Country B to get away with it all so easily!

It was a coincidence that Di Jingan brought himself here.

Even if Di Ranle did not plagiarize Jing Jie, they would still find a way to get their hands on Jingan.

Di Zhong rushed in, and it was all done in only less than an hour.

He didnt even get the chance to meet the king of Country I and he had to leave.

Di Zhong was furious as he sat inside the plane.

“Your highness, they will not be forgiving you.

They should know who they are up against.

Prince Di is your grandson.

They are the ones who have embarrassed the royal family.

They went after Prince Di and gave no mercy.

This is something unacceptable!”

The one speaking to Di Zhong was the main butler, who was also the man that Di Zhong trusted most.

He was also a man in his seventies and he knew everything about the Di family.

Di Zhong was furious as he said, “You! If it wasnt because you told me to get rid of Sang Mo and the child, Di Jingxuan, why would he hate me now!”

The butler was mad as well, but he still answered arrogantly, “But I dont think that we had done anything wrong then.

We can only say that it is your brilliant genes that got passed down to Young Master Xuan.

Otherwise, how could a peasant like Sang Mo, who is uneducated, give birth to such a brilliant son


“The bloodline of the royal family is most important.

If Young Master Xuan and Miss Li gave birth to a child of their own, wouldnt their children be more brilliant than what they are now If the bloodline isnt important to the royal family, then what is

“The young miss of a wealthy family would already be on top of the world as soon as she was born.

She would also be taught a number of things from a young age.

They are the best choice for raising excellent offspring.

It is not something comparable to random women out there.

“Think about it!If Young Master Heng did marry Miss Li, they would havegiven birth to a more brilliant son.

Then, they would then give birth to more gifted and excellent descendants to the royal family! Can you imagine how powerful the royal family would be

“But look at what has happened now.

That wild woman, Sang Mo, was the one who gave birth to Young Master Xuan, and look at how his children have been disrespectful to you.

“Look at Princess Ranle, Princess Yale They have the most prestigious blood running in them.

Have they even been rude to you

“Think of how that brat, Di Jinqian, has been making things difficult for you.

Isnt this the difference that comes from two different bloodlines

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