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Di Yunmo finally had the chance to say, “Can we leave now”


Di Jinqian held onto Zhan Lichuans hand.

Then, all six of them left with a luxurious car.

Di Zhong remained standing on the same spot, feeling awful.

He stumbled a little but there was no one to catch him.

This was because all of his men had been injured.

In fact, it has been a long time since he walked out of Country B.

Country B wasnt a big country.

They had already been trying their best to flatter the other countries.

However, as he grew older, Di Xunheng had been the one who had been dealing with the foreign affairs and greeting the representatives of other countries.

Following that, Di Xunheng got sick and it was Di Jingchen and Di Jingan who took over the role.

His mindset was still stuck in the olden days.

As long as the peasants heard of the royal family, no matter if it was the king, queen, prince or princess, they would look up at the royal family.

It was as if the royal family were superior.

However, after meeting Di Jinqian and her siblings, he finally learnt his lesson.

He should have been the one to beg them for mercy.

He shouldnt have put on such an act or simply say that the children of the Di family would be honored and grateful to have accepted such a role.

As for Di Yunxi, he did not lie.

After watching the contest in the morning, the audience continued watching how the King of Country B embarrassed himself by trying to look for his missing family members.

After seeing how he had failed to find himself an heir, they quickly searched for relevant information on the murders that Di Zhong had committed.

As expected, this piece of news soon became the hot topic of every single country.

The Di family of Country Z had found all the evidence needed to prove that Di Zhong had hired assassins to kill Di Xunrens wife, Sang Mo and also attempted in killing Di Jingxuans wife, Xie Qingyan.

It was a complete coverage of these two incidents.

For the attempted murder of Xie Qingyan, the videos provided were high definition.

Sang Mo died 50 years ago.

They might have had satelite back then, but they could not be used by the wealthy men who sponsored them.

Plus, there were a large number of them that had been replaced.

Therefore, they had very limited evidence, but it was enough to tell the story.

Even if Di Zhong could manipulate his way out of this incident, the fact that he tried to kill Xie Qingyan was still true.

Most importantly, Xie Qingyan was pregnant and she was about to go into labor.

Di Zhongs men were still trying to kill her with no regard for the babies that were in her womb.

This was also why Xie Qingyan ended up giving birth alone in the hospital.

She was being hunted down by the assassins, but she went into labor.

After freeing herself from them, she ran to the hospital alone so that she could give birth to her children.

Di Jingxuan was also dealing with the men that Di Zhong had sent.

He couldnt be at both places, which gave Di Jingkun an opportunity, as he had been following them the entire time.

When Xie Qingyan gave birth to a pair of twins, Di Jingkun took both of them away.

He placed the boy in a rural area so that he would grow up suffering, and as for the girl… He threw her away.

Fortunately, Cheng Shuyu picked up the girl as she was trying to look for her daughter.

She had thought that Di Jingkun had killed their child, which was why she secretly saved Jinqian, who had been thrown into the river.

She raised the child until she was a few years old, when she realized that this young girl was not her child.

Once she confirmed that this young girl was not related to her, she finally realized that her biological daughter had been taken away.

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