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He would never allow Di Yunxi to continue talking.

If Di Yunxi continued, he would soon expose the news that the royal family of Country B was bankrupt.

He had no other choice but to do so.

Di Zhong turned to the reporters and said, “Im so sorry for doing this in front of the media, but they have been rude, so this is the only thing that I can do now.”

With that said, Di Yunxi told them, “From now onwards, do not say a thing, and leave with me.

I will speak to your father about how he has raised all of you.

As for the heir of the throne, he will be the one to decide if he will be inheriting it.”


Suddenly, there were painful cries that emerged from his behind!

There were bullets that silently appeared out of nowhere, and all of them hit the fingers of the bodyguards who were holding guns.

All of the index fingers of these bodyguards had been shot off their hands.

As their guns dropped onto the ground, all of them screamed, and the reporters quickly moved back.

Although shootings were incidents that commonly happen in Country I, this was the King of Country B.

No matter what happened, he still represented the country!

Di Zhong was so shocked that his face turned pale.

However, when he saw his unfilial grandchildren smiling at him, his face flushed in rage.

He was the king of Country B, and his actions represented the country.

When he told his men to raise their guns, he only wanted to stop his grandchildren from talking to the reporters.

He was forced to do so.


Who would have thought that these unfilial grandchildren would attack him instead

Not only did they fight against him, but they also spilled blood.

“King Di Zhong, you are really something.

You got so many reporters here and even pulled out your guns here in Country I.

It looks like the king of Country B is allowed to start violence here in Country I.”

Di Zhong had never been this humiliated as he answered in rage, “I have never thought of causing any violence here.

I am bearing the responsibility of your great grandfather to help your parents teach all of your manners since all of you seem to not have any respect.”

“First of all, our grandfather has already broken ties with you.

You have never cared for or protected us ever since we were kids, so we arent your grandchildren.

“Second, since we are not your grandchildren, you have no right to teach us a lesson.

Third, the person who seems to have no respect is you.

You are the one who brought guns to threaten the VIPs of Country I.

You shall be receiving a ticket from Country I very soon.”

Di Jinqian smiled as she broke the news to Di Zhong.

Di Zhong was speechless.

“Well, that wouldnt be an urgent matter.

Before we talk about the ticket, I just wanted to inform everyone else about something.

The Star has just made a loss of 4 billion in the Central, and they have no money left now.

Although they just announced that they are worth 12 million earlier, they have already lost all of it after making bad investments through the years.

The Star is already now at the verge of bankruptcy.

King Di Zhong…..how are you planning to pay back all 14 million of compensation that you have just promised to the family of the victims”


Di Yunxi still exposed the truth that Di Zhong was unwilling to.

He glared at the children of Di Jingxuan in rage, and there was one thing that he couldnt understand.

All of those who grew by his side were all useless.

They were arrogant and evil.

However, those who didnt turned out brilliant.

Most importantly, Zhan Lichuan had also joined this group of siblings.

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